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Tauntauns, a type of reptomammal

A reptomammal was a type of species that possessed both reptilian and mammalian traits. Examples of reptomammals included Clawdites, rancors, tauntauns, and Vurks.

Biology and appearance[]

Reptomammals were a type of reptile defined as reproducing through live birth like a mammal, rather than laying fertilized eggs like other true reptiles. Reptilian characteristics could include leathery or scaled skin, claws, slit-pupiled eyes, or a forked tongue.[1]

Clawdites had singular pregnancies and gave birth to live offspring. Rancors had thick skin, and although they were reptomammals, they laid clutches of two eggs at a time. They did not suckle their young, but they did care for them. Tauntauns were warm-blooded and commonly fur-covered, with subspecies of scaly tauntauns that lacked fur and lived in the ice caves of Hoth. Vurks gave birth underwater.[1]

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