Double Blind is the fifty-fourth issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. In its collection, it was combined with Jedi: Aayla Secura. It was published on June 4, 2003 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

While the rest of the Jedi have become generals and are leading armies in the Clone Wars, Quinlan Vos has remained in the shadows. Sent undercover by the Jedi Council to spy on the Separatists, the Council now fears that Quin has gone too deep. Is he still an agent for the Republic, or has he turned traitor? When Quin disobeys an order to return to Coruscant, another Jedi is sent to bring him back… or end his treachery!


  • "VOS" can be seen in Aurebesh on Quinlan Vos' chest.
  • After Quinlan is arrested by Agen Kolar, a green neon sign says "[panel ends]DARK", and a pink sign next to it says "JD[panel ends]," and below that "EI[panel ends]" (the I (Isk) is barely visible). If the symbols are read vertically, the sign says "je" and "di," ergo "Jedi"; together, the two signs form the words "Dark Jedi," foreshadowing Quinlan's fate later in the series.
  • When Quinlan runs off to Aruk the Hutt's cantina, an orange neon sign says "EAT AT ARUK."



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