The Republic Defense Coalition (RDC) was a defense service of the Galactic Republic during High Republic Era that had the ability through a series of treaties with signatory member-worlds to temporarily allocate their planetary military assets during a major emergency due to the Galactic Republic not maintaining a standing military force. These planetary defense forces would remain under RDC control until the crisis was neutralized, after which they would be returned to their homeworlds and RDC activities would end.


By the time of the Great Hyperspace Disaster in 232 BBY,[4] the Republic did not require a standing military force, as both the expanding Hutts remained quiet and the Mandalorians had not caused trouble for some time. Instead, the RDC relied on its Emissary-class cruisers as well as smaller craft for support. However, should a serious threat emerge, the RDC could activate the treaties it had signed with Republic worlds such as Alderaan and Chandrila, asking for ships and personnel which would be returned once the emergency had passed.[1]

In 232 BBY, the Hetzal system was threatened when a freighter ship called the Legacy Run was torn apart in hyperspace, causing anomalies to shoot towards the system's three inhabited bodies. Ships of the RDC had been present in the Outer Rim for a conclave between the Jedi Order and the Republic on the Starlight Beacon space station and, as such, the Third Horizon was sent to save the star system, with Jedi Master Avar Kriss in charge of the operation.[1]

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