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The Republic Diplomatic Corps was a division in the Galactic Republic government that helped deal with other systems, in and outside the Republic's borders.


The RDC was a branch of the Republic government that helped it to function along side the many varying traditional government of systems in and outside the Republic's borders. They worked to help senators and ambassadors of the Republic function with other senators and ambassadors.

Republic Diplomatic Corps consisted of various species that worked in several different rolls. Jedi Consulars where also known to work closely with them.


This organization existed as far back as the Cold War where Minister Plennid was a member and was tasked with aiding in the efforts at securing an alliance with Bareesh the Hutt. However, the bodyguards assigned to the minister was killed and the diplomatic efforts faced opposition from the Kintan Kings criminal gang.

Davim Cross also worked for the Republic Diplomatic Corps.



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