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"Before the outbreak of war, the twilight of the Republic was an era of distractions, with citizens from all walks of life following escapist pursuits. Historians rebuke the people of this last age for being taken in by such circuses when their attentions should have been focused on the malfeasances and corruption in the Senate and other governing institutions."

The Republic Era,[6] also known as the Twilight of the Republic,[1] the Twilight of the Old Republic,[7] or the era of the Republic,[8] referred to the state of the galaxy that predated the Fall of the Galactic Republic. The era began sometime after 1019 BBY and the end of the Jedi–Sith war. The era was concurrent with the Great Peace, which saw one of the longest stretches of "comfortable civilization" under the reformed Galactic Republic.[9]

One of the major events of this era was that Padmé Amidala was elected Queen and ruled as Monarch of Naboo.[1]



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