"Some have traveled far, some are close to home. But we all are one. We are all the Republic, and this fair is for all of us. This day is for all of us. Together we will experience new things. Together we will witness marvels from across the sectors. Art. Music. Drama. Innovation. They belong to us and they bring us together. This is a chance to understand one another; to realize once again what we all bring to the Republic, each and every one. This is our time. And it is only the beginning."
―Lina Soh[1]

A poster for the Valo Republic Fair.

The Republic Fair was a series of events hosted by the Galactic Republic.[1] Sometime before being sent to Port Haileap, Avon Starros went on rides at a Republic Fair.[2] As part of her Great Works, Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh held a Fair on Valo[1] around 231 BBY,[3] which attracted dignitaries and visitors from across the galaxy. The Jedi Order also heavily participated in the event. However, the Valo Fair was attacked by the Nihil, a dangerous group of marauders who had caused the Great Hyperspace Disaster the year before, with many deaths.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

"Think the World Fair for the Republic. It's right out there on the frontier. It's showing all the great things that happen in the Republic. It's a chance to see the excitement, the new technologies available. And this is Star Wars, so things happen."
―Cavan Scott[4]

The Republic Fair was created as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic publishing initiative. It was first mentioned in the live launch event for the initiative on January 4, 2021.[4] The Republic Fair featured in the second wave of content from the initiative, primarily in the novels The High Republic: The Rising Storm, written by Cavan Scott, and The High Republic: Race to Crashpoint Tower, written by Daniel José Older and illustrated by Petur Antonsson, both published on June 29, 2021.[5]

Scott described the Republic Fair as the World Fair for the Galactic Republic.[4] On May 5, 2021, the StarWars.com page for The High Republic unveiled a promotional poster for the Republic Fair.[6]

The Rising Storm describes the Valo Republic Fair as the first to be held in a generation,[7] which conflicts with a mention in The High Republic: A Test of Courage of twelve-year-old Avon Starros having gone on rides at a past iteration of the fair.[2]



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