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HoloNet sources claimed that the Republic Group was related in complex ways to holding companies on important Core worlds like Coruscant, Alderaan, and Corellia. In truth, the Republic Group was really a clandestine organization of covert Loyalists that worked together to restore honor to the Galactic Republic during the reign of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.


It is unknown when the Republic Group was founded, but sources state that in 29 BBY the group had purchased the Stellar Envoy, which it used to perform numerous missions.

In 25 BBY, during a renovation of the Senate Rotunda, the Republic Group took the Insignia of Unity that adorned the Senate podium. Believing that the insignia would be a symbol to rouse and reawaken those who had fallen under the sway of Palpatine, the group replaced the Insignia of Unity with a counterfeit. With the counterfeit in place, the group moved the symbol to Tandun III for safe keeping and used the Stellar Envoy as the key to retrieve it.

During the Clone Wars era the Republic Group spent time uncovering numerous traitors in the Galactic Senate by tracing credits that flowed from Coruscant to different weapons manufacturers and starship-building companies across the galaxy.

In 19 BBY, the Republic Group believed it was time to re-reveal the insignia and tasked Captain Jadak with delivering the Stellar Envoy to an ally of the group, Aren Folee. The Republic Group, however, did not know that they were being watched by the Senate Bureau of Intelligence. When the Director of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence Armand Isard made the decision to arrest all members of the Republic Group, Jadak and the Stellar Envoy were pursued by Clone shock troopers and were never able to complete the mission assigned by the Group.

Following Palpatine's proclamation of the Galactic Empire, many of the Republic Group's members disappeared or were killed. Of those who survived, some went on to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic. By 43 ABY all members, with the exception of Tobb Jadak, were dead. Several had died in the Ghorman Massacre, while others died in the Destruction of Alderaan, even more died in the ensuing conflicts between Imperial Warlords. Very few of the members died a natural death.

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