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"Republic HoloNet News Special Inaugural Edition 16:5:241" is a segment of the in-universe HoloNet News department published in Star Wars Insider 84. It was written by Daniel Wallace with Pablo Hidalgo, and featured illustrations by Joe Corroney. Its articles covered events that occurred within the few days after the creation of the New Order.

This article's title features an erroneous "16:5:241" Great ReSynchronization date, as the article's text shows that the correct date should be 16:5:24.


  • The Full Text of Palpatine's Glorious Speech
  • Palpatine's Triumphs: A Celebration
  • COMPOR Reorganized
  • Sixty-Three Senators Arrested in Collusion With Jedi Insurgency
  • Updated: The Arrests; Is Your Senator A Traitor?
  • Trade Federation Signs Treaty: Nationalization Underway
  • Topline Data
  • Meet Your Regional Governors: Part One In A Series
  • Citizens Urged to Register For Their Safety
  • The New Empire: How Can You Help?
  • Headlines
  • Be Alert!
  • Final Update


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