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"I support our brave soldiers whether they come from the clone factories, or from any of the thousands of systems loyal to the Republic."
Senator Padmé Amidala, addressing the Senate in a speech speaking against the creation of more clone troopers[4]

The Republic Military, also known as the Republic Forces and during the Clone Wars as the Republic Armed Forces, was the Army, Naval and Starfighter forces of the Galactic Republic. The Military was lead by the Minister and Ministry of Defense, while Republic officers, soldiers, troopers, crewmen, and pilots made up the military. They were organized into the Republic Army, the Republic Navy, and the Republic Starfighter Corps. The Republic Senate Guardsmen and their successors the Senate Guards, were not part of the Military. It was dissolved during the Ruusan Reformation and replaced by the Judicial Forces. However, it was reestablished as the Republic Armed Forces—also known as the Grand Army of the Republic—during the Clone Wars, and eventually reorganized into the Imperial Military.



Positions in the Republic Military during the Jedi Civil War, from left to right—Republic trooper, pilot, officer and naval officer.

After the Seventh Battle of Ruusan and the death of Lord Hoth, the Ruusan Reformation disbanded the Republic's military forces and replaced them with the Judicial Forces. It also placed the Jedi Order under the Senate's control.

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems posed a huge threat to the Republic, the issue of recreating the Republic Military became a large debate and eventually became the Grand Army of the Republic when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was voted emergency powers by the Senate. The Grand Army made up one part of the Republic Armed Forces ("RAF"), which was headed by Republic High Command, which, until the Battle of Coruscant, was under the command of the Jedi High Council and Galactic Senate, and only afterward came under the total control of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. After the Declaration of a New Order, the Republic Military was transformed into the Imperial Military.






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