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Republic Mobile Surgical UnitsRMSUs (pronounced "Rimsoos") for short—were small field hospitals used extensively during the Clone Wars to patch up injured clone troopers and other personnel. They were staffed by a full contingent of surgeons, nurses, and medical droids, and could be set up close to battlefields and taken down for relocation with less than an hour's notice. Aside from the general medical facilities, staff offices and housing, Rimsoos also housed a cantina, which served as a place for soldiers, surgeons, nurses, media, and the like to unwind and socialize.[1] On the planet Drongar during the Clone Wars, there were a total of fifteen of these units.[2]

In the aftermath of the Declaration of a New Order, the RMSUs were renamed Imperial Mobile Surgical Units, or "Imsoos".[3]


In theory, the RMSUs had the facilities and equipment to fix even the most catastrophic wounds, containing such equipment as antisepsis fields, bacta tanks, and even cloning tanks in which organs could be grown to replace damaged ones. In practice, however, they were often critically undermanned and under equipped, with resupply infrequent and inadequate.[1][4]




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