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"The Republic Guard stormed our engine factory on Mon Calamari! Caught by surprise our bodyguards instinctively tried to protect us!"

The Republic Security Force, also known as Republic Security or the Republic Guard, was the primary police force for the Galactic Republic under the Judicial Department. Police officers with Republic Security were referred to as Republic Peace Officers.


The Republic Security Force was a law enforcement agency of the Galactic Republic. As part of the Judicial Department and answerable to the Galactic Senate, Republic Security worked below the notice of the Jedi Order to fight crime but operated above the local Planetary Security Forces. The police officers of Republic Security were referred to as Republic Peace Officers. They were charged with enforcing Republic laws, issuing traffic citations, responding to emergency calls, and apprehending criminals.[2] At times, Republic Security assisted the Coruscant Security Force on the planet Coruscant where they would patrol in squads of five.[4] Republic Peace Officers would also conduct raids on suspected criminal locations.[3]


Dannl Faytonni in a Republic Security uniform

Republic Security was in operation as early as the Mandalorian Wars.[5] During the Cold War era, Republic Security issued warrants for several high-profile criminals included Rogun Matt'rik, Nok Drayen, and Skavak.

In 3643 BBY, Agent Amille Razna was in command of a group of officers sent to Taris to put a halt to the violent scavenging that was occurring. During the investigation, Razna attempted to arrest a particular violent scavenger known as Locust. However, she and her team were captured by the gang until they were rescued later by an individual.[6]

In 30 BBY, the outlaw Aurra Sing ambushed and killed a Duros Peace Officer and his squad who were on patrol on Coruscant.[4] She later met the Quarren couple Tallet and Lekket who told her of a raid by Republic Security on their factory.[3]

Prior to and during the Clone Wars, infamous con artist Dannl Faytonni impersonated a Republic Security officer on several occasions.[7]

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The Republic Security Force first appeared in Star Wars: Republic: The Hunt for Aurra Sing comic series which began publishing on March 28, 2001 where they were mentioned as the Republic Guard. The also received an entry in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook published on May 1, 2002. They were named as the Republic Security Force in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter a game developed by LucasArts and released on December 5, 2002. They also received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia published on December 9, 2008 as the Republic Guard.



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