This article is about the intelligence service. You may be looking for other definitions of Republic Security.
This article is about the intelligence service. You may be looking for the Republic Service Organization, also abbreviated as RSO.

The Republic Security Organization (RSO), also called the Republican Security Organization, was a state security and intelligence agency of the Galactic Republic during its later years. It was responsible for the overall safety and security of the institution of the Galactic Senate.[1]

This responsibility included safeguarding the Senate Building itself, protecting the Supreme Chancellor, and recruiting and managing the Senate Guard. The RSO drew from a pool of applicants that were from across the galaxy to fill the ranks of the Senate Guard. However, they preferred those that were Humans and from the Core Worlds which proved to be controversial.[1]

The RSO came under investigation around 32 BBY and when Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor, he made radical changes to the membership of the RSO upon the advice of the Loyalist Committee and the Director of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, Armand Isard.[3] Later, Isard was named to head an intelligence reform of the four largest of the Republic's intelligence services, of which the RSO was one.[4]

After the Declaration of a New Order, the RSO was assimilated into Imperial Intelligence.[2]



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