This article is about the military support service. You may be looking for the Republic Security Organization, also abbreviated as RSO.

"The RSO gives clones like us a place to take our buckets off. Unlike droids, you can't just fold us up and plug us into a recharge socket."
―Captain Rex[src]

The Republic Service Organization, RSO for short, was a supporting personnel unit within the Republic Military during the Clone Wars.

RSO girls tending to the clone troopers.

The organization was mostly staffed by females and its mission was to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type services to the clone troopers on leave. They attended to off-duty military members out of the Republic Service Organization center.[1] Members of the RSO were frequently depicted in the customized art of the Republic military vessels and vehicles.[2][3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Republic Service Organization was clearly derived from the United Service Organizations that inspired the Imperial Service Organization—a social network of volunteers founded in 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, who pledge to support charity organizations such as the 501st Legion in their endeavors, as well as supporting the military away from home.

The Republic Service Organization or RSO, as it is commonly referred to, was brought into the Star Wars universe by Clone Wars comic artist Tom Hodges. Hodges created the two uniforms: dress uniforms for common RSO activities and a "field uniform".



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