This article is about the elite Republic forces during Great Galactic War. You may be looking for Special Operations Brigade, the elite Republic forces during the Clone Wars.

The Republic Special Forces Division, simply known as the Republic Special Forces, was an elite military division comprised of the best Republic troopers recruited from within the ranks of Republic Army. They were charged with aiding the defense of the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War and subsequent Cold War. Harron Tavus was a lieutenant in the RSF during the Great Galactic War.


Republic Spec Forces

A Republic Vanguard

The Special Forces troops wore armor similar to the standard Republic trooper, but sometimes on occasions they wore heavier variants made of durasteel and cortosis that were specialized armor for elite status. Overall, however, the Clone paratrooper helmet used by the Republic some 4,000 years later during the Clone Wars seems to most resemble this type of headgear.


General Elin Garza was instrumental in the formation and training of the Republic Special Forces, and served as their commander during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. These elite troopers would sometimes cooperate with the Jedi Knights, such as Lieutenant Harron Tavus who often partnered with Jedi Master Orgus Din. The two worked closely together during the Great War and developed a friendship during the war. In some parts of the galaxy, they constituted the only military available.

By 3643 BBY, during the Cold War, Tavus led hundreds of SpecForce operatives to defect to the Sith Empire. Garza tried to keep the defections secret, possibly not to lower morale, while dispatching a new Havoc Squad to take down and kill the traitors.



Republic Special Forces Division trooper

Republic Special Forces trooper from Havoc Squad

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