This type of Republic command ship was used by the Republic Navy in 3997 BBY.[1]



The command ship Reliance I leads a Republic fleet above Empress Teta.

Command ships of the Great Sith War were designed with several long engine banks arranged vertically at the stern, with several lesser banks placed along the sides of the vessel. They were similar in design to the Republic battleships which served alongside them.[1]

The ship was equipped with shields divided into separate areas, with a forward shield used in head-on confrontations. The command ship also had a medical bay filled with Bacta tanks, for quick treatment of wounded personnel.[4]

Snubfighters were carried onboard these vessels, capable of taking off at a moment's notice when threatened by enemy fighters.[4]

The command tower was a high-rise spire located halfway on the centerline of the hull. Going by the bridge of the Reliance I, Republic command ships of this class had multi-level bridge areas with extensive panoramic windows, and at least one gun turret for point-defense. The bridge also had atmospheric containment shields for use in an emergency, such as breaches in the superstructure.[1]


During the Great Sith War, a ship of this kind, Reliance, led a fleet of Republic warships in the Battle of Koros Major. It sustained damage by Chaos fighters during the battle.[1]

By the time of the Mandalorian Wars, many Republic warship classes had been replaced by newer and more efficient designs. The prevailing command ship among prominent Naval officers then, was the Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship and the smaller Centurion-class battlecruiser.[5]

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The Reliance I about to be hit by Chaos fighters.



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