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The Republic light assault cruiser was the term for armed and modified variants of the Corellian Engineering Corporation Consular-class cruiser used by members of the Judicial Forces and the Jedi Order during the time of the Galactic Republic.[1]


The name referred to both heavily modified ships exemplified by the Invincible, as well as regular Consulars that had their salon pods replaced with more modest battle pods.[1]


Republic light assault cruiser

Light assault cruiser variants fighting in the Yinchorri Uprising.

Armed Republic cruisers saw use in the Judicial Department as early as 44 BBY, when several ships were modified to become dedicated warships serving in Ranulph Tarkin's paramilitary force.[1] They fought during the Stark Hyperspace War alongside Consulars with only modest battle pods attached.[2]

A fleet comprising assault cruisers and armed Corellian Star Shuttles also aided Jedi High Council members during the fight against the Yinchorri in 33 BBY. Several assault cruisers led the attack on Uhanayih, which ultimately resolved the conflict.[3]

As the Separatist Crisis escalated, the Republic began retrofitting more standard Consular-class cruisers with advanced, offensive weaponry, in preparation for a possible attack by the Separatists. These cruisers were fitted with turbolasers as powerful, but less accurate, than those found on later corvettes such as the Tantive IV.



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