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The ancient Republica Galactica was the galactic government brought to an end by trader barons and corrupt politicians, heralding the rise of the First Galactic Empire.

The Republica was founded with the help of a man named The Skywalker, thousands of years before the Empire.

At its height, it consisted of over a million worlds. The leaders of the power and transport guilds suborned the Great Senate as it grew too unwieldy to administer the state. This conspiracy was discovered by the Jedi, who were counter-accused of treason. Several Jedi were tried and sentenced to death. Members of the Senate then orchestrated civil disorder and terrorism, spurring popular support for the creation of a police state and later the Empire. The Emperor himself was a mere puppet.

The Holy Rebellion of '06 saw the fall of the Republica's guardians, the Jedi Bendu of Ashla in a conflict with the Black Knights of the Sith. The Sith became the bodyguard of the Emperor, led by the Master of the Sith, the power behind the throne.

The last remnants of the Republica fled to the Outlands systems and the Great Rift to escape the tyranny of the Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Republica Galactica was a concept introduced into the second draft for the Star Wars movies. It survived into the story synopsis and third draft. It was omitted in the fourth draft.

The concept would evolve in the expanded universe and the prequel movies to be the Galactic Republic. An intermediate version appears in the novelization of Episode IV, which again mentions the guilds and a puppet emperor. The involvement of corporate interests in Lucas's draft reappears with the factions of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The nomenclature of Republica canonically appears in various contexts associated with the Old Republic. See 500 Republica, Republica House and Republica Building.



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