A repulsor coil or lift coil[2] was an integral component in the building of a repulsorlift engine. The repulsor coil was the component that produced the anti-gravitational field. The repulsor coil used a radioactive outburst to excite the electrons on the ground, disrupting the polarized magnetic thereby manipulating gravity. The effect of this gravity manipulation can be modified a great deal. Repulsor technology can therefore be utilized in everything from capital ships to door systems.

In racing vehicles, like Podracers, speeder trucks, and hoversleds, repulsor coils were used to bolster the vehicle's repulsorlift engine and keep the vehicle at altitude while at low speeds.[1] Repulsor coils were an important product of the planet Bakura whose repulsor coils were exported to help in the construction of the Death Star II.

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