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Han Solo's frozen form is carried by repulsorlift

Repulsorlift was a technology that allowed a craft to hover or even fly over a planet's surface by pushing against its gravity, producing thrust.[1] Repulsorlift engines or "antigravs" created fields of negative gravity called 'repulsor fields' which pushed against a planet's natural gravitational field.[2]

Vehicles that utilized the repulsorlift technology as their primary method of propulsion, including speeder bikes, were known as repulsorcrafts.[1] Aratech Repulsor Company was one such manufacturer of craft that utilized this technology.[3] Vehicles that used repulsorlift technology included the Gian speeder,[4] the Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP),[5] the Flash speeder,[6] the AAT Battle Tank,[7] and the patrol transports.[8]

On starships, repulsorlift engines were a secondary form of propulsion, used for atmospheric flight and docking procedures. On many ships like the YT-1300 light freighter there was a dedicated fusion generator to power the repulsorlifts,[2] though smaller ships like the X-wing starfighter drew energy from the sublight engines to power their repulsorlifts.[9]

Repulsorlift technology could be used in everyday items such as chairs,[10] and speaking platforms.[11] It was also possible to weaponize repulser technology to create shockwaves capable of repelling enemies in a similar manner to a Force push, notably being implemented in Mandalorian vambraces[12] and clone commando armor, as well as by the Haxion Brood's bounty hunters.[source?]

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