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Repulsorpods, also called Senate pods or viewing platforms, were hovering balconies for members of the Galactic Senate.


When a Senator had the "floor", the pod would be detached from its docking place in the Senate Building, and would take a position near the Chancellor's Podium, so that Senator could be in full view of the other Senators.


Darth Sidious throwing repulsorpods at Yoda

Exactly when the repulsorpods were adopted is unknown, as Senators originally sat on marble benches in the Senate Hall.[1] A Repulsorpod—or referred to in this instance as a "repulsorlift-platform"—was noted when Cerea representative Bron used one in Tecave City in defiance of local anti-technology laws.

Bron in Tecave City

During his duel with Master Yoda, Emperor Palpatine hurled multiple repulsorpods at the Grand Master, in the one of the most extreme uses of Dun Möch ever recorded.

The New Republic Senate did not adopt the practice of repulsorpods right away, possibly feeling it was too associated with the Imperial Period. The New Republic adopted the old style marble benches used during the Great Sith War.[1]

As membership in the New Republic grew, they converted to balconies, but these were not equipped with repulsors. There were rumors about adding them in under Borsk Fey'lya's administration, but were not seen until several years after the Battle of Coruscant.

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The senatorial platforms were first seen in the 1999 movie Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. They were initially created as observation platforms to host the audience of the Boonta Eve classic, but had been attributed their final function as early as 1997, during the production of the movie.[2]


Naboo delegation pod cutaway.


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