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Requiem Squadron was an experimental New Republic TIE Defender starfighters group led by Wedge Antilles, as part of Ysanne Isard's plans to infiltrate Ciutric IV and defeat the Imperial Warlord known as Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel. The squadron was composed by the surviving pilots of the famous Rogue Squadron, and were piloting TIE Defenders supplied by Colonel Broak Vessery following their "deaths" at the Battle of Distna.

List of squadron membersEdit

Unit Real name Faux name
Requiem Leader General Wedge Antilles Colonel Antar Roat
Requiem Two Major Hobbie Klivian
Captain Gavin Darklighter
Myn Donos
Requiem Five Major Tycho Celchu Major Teekon Fass
Requiem Six Captain Inyri Forge Inyon Fass
Requiem Seven Captain Ooryl Qrygg Zukvir
Requiem Eight Major Nrin Vakil Captain Notha Dab
Requiem Nine Captain Corran Horn Captain Pyr Hand



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