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This article is about the Rebel Alliance shuttle and transports. You may be looking for the Rescue Boat.

Rescue 1 was the callsign of several starships used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, including a Lambda-class shuttle and a Gallofree Yards transport during the Galactic Civil War.

Lambda ShuttleEdit

When the Rebels learned that some of Bevel Lemelisk's Death Star design team were leaving Coruscant on the CR90 corvette Godar, after a meeting with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, and being transferred to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Immortal, Hamo Blastwell planned a mission to capture them en route. Rescue 1 was dispatched, along with a Y-wing from Red Squadron, flown by Keyan Farlander and two X-wings from Blue Squadron to carry out the mission. The Rebels hoped that their capture would slow down the completion of the Death Star.

The Immortal launched TIEs to assist the escorting Assault Gunboats, but the Rebel fighters were able to hold off the Imperials while Farlander disabled the Godar and Rescue 1 conducted the boarding operation. After Rescue 1 captured the personnel and fled into hyperspace, Farlander destroyed the Godar before following the other Rebels.

GR-75 TransportEdit

There were actually a number of GR-75 transports serving in the Alliance under the callsign of Rescue 1—Of note were Rescues 1 through 3, which served at the prison raid at Bakura, where they evacuated prisoners from the Battle of Hoth. They were unarmed, and Rogue Squadron leader Wedge Antilles had to protect them during their offloading and subsequent escape. One transport, presumably Rescue 3, was destroyed during escape by the defected Captain Sarkli.

For the Attempted ambush at Geonosis, another transport, presumably Rescue 4, was added to the transport roster. When Sarkli's gunship and two other gunships of a similar make entered realspace in Geonosis's asteroid belt, Rescue 1 's navicomputer was unable to chart an escape vector in time, and was destroyed. All other ships made it to safety.

None of these ships' names have ever been revealed.


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