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Rescue at Glare Peak is a Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying game adventure module. It was released by Fantasy Flight Games on September 13, 2014 as part of "Rebellion Day," a special promotional event for retailers. The adventure was written by Sterling Hershey and Dan Clark, and includes four pre-generated characters.

Publisher's summary[]

“Count me in.” –Leia Organa

The Rebel Alliance needs all the heroes it can get. Will you be one of them?

This September 13th is Rebellion Day, and it's your opportunity to celebrate Star Wars roleplaying by participating in the dramatic, introductory Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ adventure, Rescue at Glare Peak.'

Designed for two to five players (one of whom assumes the role of Game Master), Rescue at Glare Peak challenges you and your friends to complete a daring rescue mission while the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Opening crawl[]

Rescue at Glare Peak
It is a time of civil war. The Rebel Alliance has
scored its first major victory against the Galactic
Empire by destroying the fearsome Death Star.
Chased from their once-secret base on Yavin 4, the
top Rebel commanders are on the move, one step
ahead of Imperial pursuers.

On the planet Trivar II, a new Rebel resistance
group must save agents of the main Alliance Fleet
from Imperial forces before DARTH VADER arrives.
Capture and interrogation could reveal the secret
movements of the Fleet and Rebel High Command,
endangering the Rebellion itself...


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  • Aered Argyris (First appearance)
  • Doleth Arnoko
  • Jaxon Brand
  • Deflector (First appearance)
  • Ferlan (First appearance)
  • Gronil (First appearance)
  • Hal Hull (First appearance)
  • Lelsk
  • Lomeer (First appearance)
  • N3-3PO (First appearance)
  • N4-3PO (First appearance)
  • Lina Naras (First appearance)
  • Fren Nurook (First appearance)
  • Tol Pirilian (First appearance)
  • Olom Roskom (First mentioned)
  • Tracer (First appearance)
  • Unidentified female Sullustan (First appearance)
  • Unidentified orange R2 unit (First appearance)
  • Unidentified Rebel general (Glare Peak) (First appearance) (Appears in hologram)
  • Darth Vader

Droid models



  • Alderaan (Mentioned only)
  • Outer Rim Territories
    • Trivar II (First appearance)
      • Dawnlight (First mentioned)
        • Dawnlight Rebel safe house (First mentioned)
        • Unidentified Dawnlight news stack (First mentioned)
      • Glare Peak (First appearance)
        • Blasted Asteroid
        • Glare Peak Rebel safe house (First appearance)
        • Hal's Goods and Services (First appearance)
        • Trivar II Imperial Detention Center (First appearance)
        • Viewpointe Residential Tower (First appearance)
    • Yavin 4 (Mentioned only)

Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology


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