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In 21 BBY, Chairman Notluwiski Papanoida and his son, Ion, rescued Che Amanwe Papanoida from being held by Trade Federation–employed bounty hunters in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

After subduing a bounty hunter, Greedo, who helped kidnap the Chairman's daughters, both the Chairman and Ion traveled to Tatooine, where they were told one of their daughters was being held. Holding Greedo at gunpoint, Ion and the Chairman entered the alleged place where their daughter was located, and attempted to use Greedo to free their daughter. Later, when Che Amanwe was brought out, she spotted her father, and proceeded to say the word "father" aloud, alerting the bounty hunter's associates and other patrons in the cantina of the scheme.

Greedo then confirmed the patrons' suspicion, and sprinted away to take cover. Immediately, Ion gunned down the Weequay closest to Che Amanwe, as almost everyone else present readied their blasters. The Chairman then shot and killed both an Aqualish and a Twi'lek, wielding two blasters. After numerous shots were exchanged between the two groups, Che Amanwe knocked a Quarren unconscious, and stole his weapon. The Chairman shot another Weequay dead, while his son killed two who were remaining.

A few moments later, Che Amanwe, shot a Gotal in the arm, presumably killing him. With nearly everyone else in the cantina dead, the family gathered together, one step closer to being reunited.



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