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"Good luck Obi-Wan. And may the Force be with you!"
―Asha to Kenobi before the mission[src]

The Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi undertook a rescue mission in the city of Theed on Naboo after escorting the Queen home from her mission to speak to the Galactic Senate. The mission took place during the Invasion of Naboo in the year 32 BBY and was executed under the cover of darkness. Asha, a servant who had become a leader of the Naboo Resistance, contacted Kenobi and asked him to rescue several Security Force pilots who had been captured and were being held in the Palace Observatory. Kenobi started near the Theed Royal Palace and defended himself against B1-Series battle droids. After disabling the alarm, he faced E4 baron droids. Kenobi then crossed the bridge to the Observatory and eliminated a pair of Trade Federation assassin droids. He then rescued the pilots, and the squad leader agreed to join with the Resistance. Kenobi retraced his steps, leading the pilots back to the Palace. Kenobi struck down more droids, including bomb droids. Once near the Palace, Kenobi fought with the resistance against 2 more baron droids and finished his mission. The next day Kenobi and the pilots joined in the battle to retake Theed.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

In the year 32 BBY, the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi undertook a rescue mission in the city of Theed, which was occupied by the Trade Federation. He worked with the Naboo Resistance under the command of Asha. Kenobi was tasked with rescuing Security Force pilots who had been captured and were being held as prisoners of war by the invading battle droids in the Palace Observatory.

The battle[edit | edit source]

"Thank you, Jedi. You've got to help us get back to the resistance fighters. We'll follow you, but we'll hang back until the coast is clear."
―The squad leader to Kenobi[src]
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Kenobi started near the Theed Royal Palace's waterfall and ascended up to the next level. He fought through a group of B1-Series battle droids and sliced through the alarm system with his lightsaber, disabling it.

Once in the streets, he was pinned down by two repeater cannons. He flanked the cannons and eliminated the droids manning them. Continuing along to the observatory, he faced two E4 baron droids and a squad of OOM security battle droids. He then crossed the bridge connecting the Palace to the Observatory and eliminated the battle droids and the two Trade Federation assassin droids. He also used a sniper rifle to eliminate droid snipers at the top of the Observatory. Kenobi jumped up and infiltrated the Observatory through a side window and eliminated the droids guarding the six pilots. He shut down the force field holding them in place, and the squad leader agreed to help him. The pilots held back while Kenobi retraced his steps back to the Palace. On the bridge, Kenobi fought two more assassin droids. The pilots then moved to the courtyard, where Kenobi fought more battle droids supplemented by bomb droids. With those threats taken care of, Kenobi led the pilots back toward the Palace. They then held back while Kenobi dueled 2 more assassin droids and bomb droids. Kenobi then joined up with the Naboo Resistance to fight near the Palace, and helped them take out 2 baron droids. With the mission done, Asha congratulated the young Jedi.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The next day, Kenobi, Asha, and the pilots participated in the battle to retake Theed, in which Kenobi was instrumental in taking out a quad turbolaser cannon.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This battle appears in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Obi-Wan during the game's fifth chapter.

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