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"I got good news and bad news for you, little brother. The good news is that Uncle Antan is still alive. The bad news is that those vacuum-sucking Viraxo are holding him."
―Emon Azzameen's pre-mission message[src]

The younger members of the Azzameen family undertook a rescue of their uncle Antan Azzameen following his capture by the Galactic Empire.

Shortly after the Galactic Civil War Battle of Hoth, Tomaas Azzameen worked to provide a supply of bacta to the Rebellion, but was killed along with his eldest son Galin in a raid on the XQ2 Platform Hospital to which he made a delivery. After discovering Tomaas Azzameen's treason, the Empire issued warrants for the entire family and confiscated the assets of the family and their company, Twin Suns Transport Services. Tomaas Azzameen's brother Antan moved quickly to secure as many of the family's assets as he could before they were confiscated, but he was captured while doing so.

After the remaining Azzameens escaped Imperial custody, the eldest surviving brother, Emon Azzameen, discovered that his uncle Antan had been turned over to the Azzameens' rival family, the Viraxo. Emon Azzameen and his youngest sibling Ace traveled to a Viraxo facility to extract their uncle, and after fighting through planetary fighters on the way in and TIE Series fighters on the way out, the brothers succeeded in freeing him.



The Empire raids the platform Hospital.

"I tried to warn your father that we were playing too close to the edge, attracting too much attention."
―Antan Azzameen[src]

After the Battle of Hoth, during the Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion was desperately in need of materiel aid.[3] Tomaas Azzameen, co-founder of the Twin Suns Transport Services company, chose to assist the Rebellion in their time of need by providing shipments of the healing fluid bacta. During a shipment to the Rebel XQ2 Platform Hospital, the Empire launched a raid to capture the platform. As a result, Tomaas Azzameen and his eldest son Galin were believed to be dead,[6] and the Empire charged the entire Azzameen family with treason. Warrants were issued for the family members' arrest, and all assets of the family and their company were seized.[7]

Tomaas Azzameen's brother Antan, now the sole surviving elder of the family, scrambled to hold onto any assets he could. To this end, he and his eldest nephew Emon Azzameen travelled to an Azzameen cargo facility, while his niece and youngest nephew Aeron and Ace Azzameen went to Twin Suns Station to gather family heirlooms and a shipment of warheads. The younger Azzameens escaped an attack by the Empire and their rival family, the Viraxo, with whom the Empire was closely working to capture Azzameen assets. Upon their rendezvous at Azzameen Station, Emon Azzameen informed his siblings that their uncle Antan had been captured by the Empire.[7]

The Azzameen siblings left the station before the Empire could capture them, fleeing to the relative safety of the Alliance Fleet,[7] whereupon Ace Azzameen joined the Rebellion as a starfighter pilot[8] while his brother and sister continued to operate independently against the Empire and against the Viraxo family.[9] Following Ace Azzameen's combat trials and first full mission as an Alliance pilot, his brother sent word to Ace's new home on the Calamari cruiser Defiance with news[4] that an Azzameen-affiliated mole in the Viraxo ranks had informed Emon that their uncle Antan was being held at a Viraxo platform. The mole had arranged for Antan Azzameen to be held in a cell close to the station's uppermost airlock. The younger Azzameens immediately got to work on rescuing their uncle.[9]

The missionEdit

"That's the spirit! Kick them where it hurts!"
―MK-09 to Ace Azzameen[src]

Ace Azzameen departed the Alliance Fleet in the YT-2000 light freighter Otana with the family's Droid MK-09 in the gunner position.[9] Ace and Emkay then proceeded through hyperspace to a rendezvous with Emon Azzameen in the Firespray-class Andrasta. From the rendezvous point, the Azzameen transports jumped to the Viraxo Industries platform,[4] intending to sneak through the traffic around the platform and dock with a minimum of fuss.[9]

Unfortunately for the Azzameens, their attempt at stealth failed almost immediately. A squadron of Planetary Defender starfighters moved to intercept the Azzameens, but the two transports were able to elude the fighters. The Otana docked with the platform, and MK-09 retrieved Antan Azzameen while Emon continued to engage the station's starfighter screen and Ace took defensive shots at them from the upper turret of his docked transport.[9]


The Condemnation arrives at the Viraxo platform.

By the time Antan Azzameen had been brought aboard the Otana, Imperial forces had arrived to assist their Viraxo allies. The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Condemnation dropped out of hyperspace three kilometers from the platform and launched TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/IN interceptors. Emon Azzameen suggested that his Andrasta could distract the TIEs while the Otana made a run for the jump point, then the ships could reunite at the original rendezvous point. This plan was a success, though a few TIEs caught up with the Otana and were destroyed by MK-09's skillful shooting.[9]

Back at the rendezvous point, the Otana and Andrasta docked with each other, and Antan Azzameen was transferred from Ace's to Emon's ship so the elder brother could carry their uncle to safety while the youngest Azzameen returned to the Alliance.[4]



Ace Azzameen's trophy room after the battle of Endor, including Antan's dueling sabers

"I'll need some rest, but you can be sure we'll strike again."
―Antan Azzameen[src]

Ace Azzameen returned safely to the Defiance, whereupon he received a promotion from cadet to flight officer[9] and a new mission, to reconnoiter the task force led by the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter,[2] the very ship which had captured Azzameen's home.[7]

Antan Azzameen recovered from his captivity, and sent Ace a gift of his prized Jar'Kai dueling sabers.[9] He and the rest of the Azzameens continued their covert campaign against the Viraxo, culminating in a failed attempt to assassinate Viraxo patriarch K'Armyn Viraxo,[10] after which Antan would betray his family to the Empire to ensure his own safety.[11]

Behind the scenesEdit

The rescue of Antan Azzameen appears only in the personal computer game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, which was developed for LucasArts by Totally Games and released on February 28, 1999,[3] and its official Prima Games strategy guide, which was released on May 3 of the same year.[9] X-Wing Alliance was included in the continuity now known as "Legends" along with most other Star Wars materials produced before April 25, 2014.[12]

The official strategy guide presents the mission in a narrative format from the point of view of the Azzameen family's droid, MK-09. While the game allows for alternative strategies, this article assumes the guide's narrative is accurate. While the mission includes bonus goals of destroying the Viraxo Industries platform and even the Star Destroyer Condemnation, these options are not included in this article's summary of the mission. As the destroyer and station appear only in this mission and have no further references in Legends continuity, which has since been discontinued, it is possible they could have been destroyed, but the strategy guide states that the Azzameens fled without doing so.

The strategy guide also conflicts with the game in a more explicit fashion, in that the strategy guide states that a mole was responsible for both providing Antan Azzameen's location and moving him close to the top airlock, while in the in-game briefing states that Antan Azzameen's location was discovered through Aeron Azzameen's slicing of Viraxo computer systems and the mole only arranged to simplify Antan's removal from the station. The guide also implies the plan to split up before jumping back to the rendezvous was formulated on the fly, while the game includes the plan as part of the mission briefing. In both cases,this article assumes the newer narrative source takes precedence over the older game level.



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