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The Rescue of Domina Tagge was a small engagement on the edge of the Yavin system. While on the routine patrol, the Blue Flight under the command of Luke Skywalker noticed a civilian vessel under the attack of several TIE/LN starfighters. The Rebels destroyed 3 of those TIEs and Skywalker ordered his men to escort the civilian ship to Yavin base, while he followed the last surviving TIE. When Luke saw that it was headed towards the Star Destroyer, building up speed to jump to hyperspace, he remembered General Dodonna's orders to avoid one-sided engagements and returned to the base as well, where he discovered that the person they rescued was priestess Domina, member of the Order of the Sacred Circle, who asked the Rebels to send an envoy to Monastery so the Order could decide which side to join in the war.


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