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In 4 BBY,[source?] the human gambler Lando Calrissian rescued his puffer pig, who had been stolen from his Lothalian farm by the Varluk Organization. Calrissian traveled to Zyzar aboard Captain Rikarda's freighter, the Stellar Sun, and inflitrated the building in which the Organization detained his pig. Calrissian first attempted to enter through a window, but was quickly detected by two guards. Using a specially modified blaster pistol, the intruder managed to stun the guards, which allowed him to strip one of them of his armor. In disguise, Calrissian managed to locate his puffer pig, but was soon confronted by Ango Croom, the organization's leader. Croom told Calrissian that he needed the pig to discover new raw materials underground, and that he would keep the gambler's as payment for his debts. When Calrissian refused that arrangement, he deliberately put the pig under stress so that she would inflate. Using the diversion to his advantage, the gambler retrieved his confiscated blaster and started a firefight with Croom's men. Although outnumbered and unable to escape on his own, Calrissian was saved in extremis by Captain Rikarda, who picked him and his inflated pig up.[2]


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