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"One of our associates ran afoul of some competitors and got himself caught. So, I'm puttin' together a crew to spring him."
―Ranzar Malk to Din Djarin[3]

During the era of the New Republic, a team of mercenaries and a bounty hunter led by Migs Mayfeld launched a mission to rescue prisoner[3] X-6-9-11,[5] Qin, from a New Republic Correctional Transport, the Bothan-5. After Qin was successfully liberated from his holding cell, the group attempted to betray one of their members, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, by locking him in the cell due to altercations between him and the rest of the group in the time leading up to the rescue mission. Din managed to escape confinement and locked the three mercenaries who betrayed him in a cell before escaping the prison ship with Qin.[3]

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