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"Omega, it's Hera. You have to come back to Ryloth."
―Hera Syndulla asking Clone Force 99 for help[3]

"Rescue on Ryloth" is the twelfth episode of the animated web-TV series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode was released on July 16, 2021.[1]

Official description[]

The Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission.

Plot summary[]

Traitor of Ryloth[]

In Lessu, the capital city of the planet Ryloth, Vice Admiral Rampart and Captain Howzer walk through the detention block of the Capitol building. When they reach the cell holding Cham Syndulla and Eleni Syndulla, Rampart mocks Cham, saying he was once considered the liberator of Ryloth, but is now the traitor of Ryloth after attempting to assassinate Senator Orn Free Taa. Cham retorts that the people will not believe the Empire's lies, but Rampart is sure they will easily turn against him. He appeals to Eleni, urging her to tell them where Hera Syndulla is and promising they would ensure her safe return. However, Eleni retorts that she's seen how Rampart treats his allies, and she would prefer to be his enemy. As Rampart leaves, Howzer looks at the Syndullas with concern.


Rampart instructs Howzer to arrest all of Cham's supporters.

Rampart orders Howzer to scour the planet and arrest all of Cham Syndulla's supporters. Howzer replies that the people are not insurgents and have not committed any crimes, but Rampart insists they are a menace, as they had attacked the Imperial transport and shot Senator Taa. Howzer objects, saying he was there, and the blast that hit Taa did not come from Cham or his fighters. Rampart challenges the clone trooper, asking who was responsible, and Howzer admits he doesn't know. Rampart tells him to carry out his orders, and although Howzer promises to locate Hera himself, Rampart tells him it isn't necessary, as another squad is already looking for her. As they return to the building, the astromech droid Chopper rolls out from behind a nearby crate and begins chattering.

A call for help[]

In the mountains above her family's residence, Hera tells Chopper to hang on, and she uses her macrobinoculars to observe stormtroopers and Elite Squad troopers searching their home. The elite troopers report to Crosshair, saying there is no sign of Hera and suggesting she had fled the planet. Crosshair insists she would not have left without her parents and orders them to keep looking. Hera contacts Chopper on her comlink and tells him to meet her at her father's old command outpost to send out a transmisison.


Via hologram, Hera asks the Bad Batch for help rescuing her parents.

On the Marauder, Omega attempts to fix Gonky's prime power source which isn't charging fully, and Hunter tells her he's a defective unit. As Tech calls Hunter to the cockpit, Omega reassures the droid that they are all defective too. Tech announces they are receiving a transmission from an unrecognized frequency, and a hologram of Hera appears, telling Omega her parents have been captured and begging for their help. Hunter asks Omega why she gave Hera their comm channel, and she replies that it was for emergencies, saying that Hera's situation sounds urgent. Tech is convinced Hera may be overreacting because she is a child. Hunter reminds her it's a big galaxy and they can't help everyone, but Omega challenges his reply by stating that it's what soldiers are meant to do.

Hard decisions[]


Before agreeing to help Hera, the Bad Batch want to scout out the situation in Lessu.

The Marauder drops out of hyperspace over Ryloth and heads into a canyon area and onto a landing platform at the outpost cave. Clone Force 99 disembarks and are greeted by Chopper and Hera who have been hiding there. When Hunter asks Hera why the Empire is after her, she tells him they are arresting anyone loyal to her father. Hunter looks unconvinced, and desperately, Hera offers to pay them to free her parents. Hunter agrees to see what they're up against but offers no guarantees.

From the mountains, Hera and the Bad Batch observe the city as Rampart addresses the citizens of Ryloth, announcing that those responsible for the shocking attack on their Senator Taa have been detained, and he will make a full recovery. When Omega spots Crosshair in the city, the rest of the Batch step back to discuss the situation. Wrecker wants to fly in and blow their way out, but Echo counters that the scanners will pick up their ship, and the number of troops is similar to that on Raxus, making it a military occupation. A probe droid hovers above them, but Hunter hears it and disables it, although they know Crosshair and the Empire will already know they're there. In the city below, ES-02 hands Crosshair a datapad, showing the probe droid's image of his former compatriots.

Back at the base, Hunter tells Hera that they can't help her, especially now that the element of surprise is gone and the Empire will increase security as they anticipate an attack. Desperately, Hera offers to pay them double, but Hunter bluntly responds that credits mean nothing if they're dead, and he offers to take Hera off-world, not believing her parents' rescue to be worth the risk. Hera replies that it isn't worth it to only him walks off, followed by Chopper. Angrily, Omega chastises Hunter for his reply, and he tells her that being strategic means knowing your limitations. Omega explains that Hera is trying to protect her family and that she would do the same for Hunter and the others.

In the city, Rampart tells Howzer that he wants all, not only some, of Cham's supporters arrested. Howzer is concerned that arresting innocent citizens will provoke an uprising, but Rampart simply replies that they should be arrested too, believing peace has a cost. As they enter the Vice Admiral's office, Crosshair announces Clone Force 99 were spotted near the Capitol. Rampart says they have a battalion of troopers, but Crosshair tells him it isn't enough given the Batch's capabilities. Rampart reminds Crosshair that if his squad of Imperial troops is incapable of capturing, he will assign the task to someone who can.

A rescue plan[]

Chopper tries to speak to Hera, but she is upset, telling him she doesn't want a lecture and reminding him that Hunter was the one who gave up, not her. Omega finds Hera and tells her that Hunter means well. When Hera asks why she trusts Hunter so much, Omega describes him as her brother, as are the rest of the squad. She tells Hera that Hunter will come around if they can come up with a strategy, pointing out that Hera knows Ryloth best.

Howzer visits Cham and Eleni in the detention block. Bitterly, Cham observes the side Howzer has chosen, to which the clone reminds them that they attacked an Imperial convoy. Eleni says they were only protecting Hera, and Howzer looks around surreptitiously before confiding that he was trying to protect her, too. He begs them to reveal Hera's location so he can protect her, but they don't believe him, and Cham insists he won't make the mistake of trusting Howzer again.


Onboard the Marauder, the group prepares to attack the refinery.

At Syndulla's base, Hera and Omega outline their plan: one squad will attack the Imperial doonium refinery on the outskirts of the city, drawing reinforcements away while the other team rescues her parents. Echo asks about defenses at the refinery, and Hera tells them there are five unmanned perimeter autocannons, which can be disabled by Chopper at the command console. Hunter decides to follow Hera's lead, telling her and Omega to back up Chopper while he disables the cannons, then Tech and Wrecker will attack the refinery while he and Echo scale the Capitol wall and rescue the Syndullas.

Attacking the refinery[]

Later that night, Hera and Omega wait in position as several Twi'lek workers and astromech droids, including an undercover Chopper, disembark from a transport outside the refinery's checkpoint. Chopper mingles among the astromech droids but breaks away to reach the command console. He electrocutes an Imperial astromech droid manning the console and tries to access the network terminal. However, Chopper is unable to access the cannons, and he is cornered by two clone troopers. Hera insists that they help Chopper. While peering through the macrobinoculars, Omega says they need to take the console offline first. When Hera asks how, Omega points to one of the parked Imperial Rho-class transport shuttles and reminds Hera that she said she wanted to be a pilot.

Hera the Pilot

Hera piloting the Imperial shuttle

Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo scale the Capitol wall and knock out a clone trooper sentry. Back at the Imperial refinery, Omega and Hera infiltrate a parked shuttle. Tech asks Omega if Chopper has disabled the cannons, and Omega replies that they are working on it, warning him not to shoot down their shuttle. Hera fires up the shuttle but struggles to control the ship, colliding with another ship and scattering the craft. She manages to fly the shuttle near Chopper, who takes the opportunity to stun his two clone trooper captors in the confusion. Hera uses the shuttle's weapons system to take out the command console, and the explosion triggers a wave of explosions. Chopper fires up his thrusters and boards the Nu-class attack shuttle, and the trio fly away. When Tech inquires about the multiple explosions at the refinery, Omega confirms it was them and that the weapons are down. The Marauder then descends on the undefended refinery, with Tech piloting and Wrecker using the Marauder's weapons systems to take out the gun emplacements. The clone trooper commander calls for reinforcements.

Rescuing the Ryloth resistance[]

Captain Howzer informs Vice Admiral Rampart that the refinery is under attack. He offers to deal with it, but Rampart insists on handling it himself, ordering Howzer to guard the Capitol. Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo stun the sentries guarding the Syndullas' cell and frees Cham, Eleni, and Gobi Glie. Glie is surprised to see the Bad Batch rescuing them, believing them to be mercenaries. Hunter explains that Hera hired them, and Cham asks if Hera is safe.

While Hera enjoys flying the Nu-class shuttle, Tech says her uncontrolled maneuvering confuses both him and the Imperials. At the Capitol, Crosshair accompanies several clone troopers and Elite Squad Troopers heading towards the refinery. When Crosshair tells them to stop, ES-03 says Rampart ordered them to protect the refinery, but Crosshair points out this is not the enemy's true target. Crosshair turns to look at the Capitol building as shuttles lift off, and Howzer watches Crosshair from a balcony before walking back inside the building. As Hunter and Echo escort the Twi'leks through the prison corridors, Crosshair's troops form positions outside one of the doorways while he takes up position on a balcony.

As Hunter, Echo, Cham, Eleni, and the other Twi'lek resistance fighters approach the doorway, Howzer warns them of the trap into which they are walking, removing his helmet as he tells them of the squad waiting outside the door. Glie is distrustful, but Howzer replies that he is on their side and insists that the Empire's actions are wrong. He faces the armed Hunter and Echo, urging them to escape but that the exits are blocked, but Eleni proposes using Senator Taa's shuttle in his private tower hangar. Howzer apologizes for not stopping the Empire's actions earlier. Cham reassures him that their fight for Ryloth is not over, vowing to return. Eleni invites Howzer to leave with them because the Empire will know of his treachery; however, Howzer is unwilling to abandon his squad, and he says he will try to get through to them, urging them to leave while there is still time. The insurgents and their clone rescuers flee in a different direction while Howzer prepares to face the Imperials.

Howzer's rebellion[]


After helping the rebels escape, Howzer voices his dissention from the Empire.

Later, Hunter updates Tech about their new escape plans. Tech is relieved since they are being pursued by multiple Imperial vessels. Meanwhile, ES-04 asks Crosshair if they should move in. Crosshair orders her to stay in position and insists this is their way out. Then, Howzer exits the gate and speaks to the clone troopers, addressing them as brothers. He reminds them that they came to free Ryloth from Separatist control and that they have succeeded. Howzer tells them that they have been ordered to target the very people they have sworn to protect.

He says that he will not be a part of this any longer before throwing down his blaster. He asks if any of the clone troopers will stand with him. Several drop their blasters and shields. Watching from above, Crosshair orders loyalist clone troopers to arrest the mutineers. Just then, the fugitives escape in Senator Taa's stolen shuttle. Crosshair tries to shoot it down but misses. Hunter watches from above while Crosshair glares. Captain Howzer, along with six of his brothers, are arrested and handcuffed.

Live to fight another day[]


Hunter speaks to Cham and Eleni before leaving Ryloth.

At Ord Mantell City, the Bad Batch land their ships at a hangar with Cham Syndulla and his Free Ryloth fighters. Eleni offers to pay the Bad Batch but Hunter tells them to keep the money since they will need it, adding that similar occupations are happening on other worlds. Cham says that he hoped to have fought his last war but admits his people need them now more than ever, and he vows to begin to organize. Hunter apologizes for not being able to help, as he has his own people to look after. Eleni says that if a war is coming, it will everybody's fight, not just the Twi'leks.

Eleni calls for her daughter Hera, who has learned how to scramble a ship's signature from Tech. Eleni is impressed and says that she will have opportunity to put it to the test. Before leaving, Hera reassures her co-pilot Omega that they didn't do too badly. Omega is sad that her friend has to leave but Hera promises to see her again. She tells Omega to keep an eye on her brothers and thanks her for believing in her. Hera hugs Omega before leaving with her parents and Chopper aboard another ship.

Back at the damaged refinery, Vice Admiral Rampart speaks with Crosshair. Rampart admits underestimating his four "friends" and wishes the Bad Batch were fighting for the Empire instead of against them. Crosshair requests permission to hunt down the Bad Batch, which the Vice Admiral obliges. Crosshair smiles darkly as Rampart and his troops walk away.


When Rampart and Howzer walk through a door in the Capitol in an early scene, the clone standing next to the door is missing his left pauldron armor piece.


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