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During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus refueling station, Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and Torra Doza launched a mission to rescue Hype Fazon, Aunt Z and several others that had been captured by the First Order.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Following the First Order's role in rescuing Torra Doza from the Warbird pirate gang, Captain Imanuel Doza allowed the First Order to occupy the Colossus platform in order to protect it from pirates.[4] Unknown to many, the First Order had engineered the kidnapping of Torra in order to convince Doza to accept their protection.[5] While some residents like mechanic and former racer Tamara Ryvora welcomed the security that came with the First Order presence, others like Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and former New Republic starfighter pilot Jarek Yeager recognized that the First Order was a threat to freedom.[6]

Besides verifying the identity of the Colossus' citizens, the First Order planned to install a larger garrison and to expel any citizens deemed a threat to the First Order.[6] As time passed, Commander Pyre pressured Captain Doza into cancelling all future races for security reasons. He also grounded Ace Squadron, regarding the racers and part-time aerial defense team as a liability. This decision was unpopular with the Colossus' citizens since racing was an essential economic and social activity.[3]

As part of their crackdown on "hostile" citizens, the First Order arrested Ace Squadron leader Hype Fazon, tavern keeper Aunt Z, the Snivvian Nod, and the Aleena Grevel. Fazon had been arrested for confronting stormtroopers impounding his racer Green Ace. Aunt Z was arrested for publicly criticizing the First Order and objecting to the presence of First Order propaganda posters. Meanwhile, Grevel had been detained for kicking a stormtrooper in the shin. The four were detained in a shipping container prior to their scheduled deportation offworld.[3]

The rescue[edit | edit source]

Following the disappearance of Hype, his friend Torra sought Kaz's help in finding her friend. She refused to believe the official First Order explanation that Hype had traveled offworld without saying goodbye to his friends. The two decided to infiltrate Doza Tower to check whether Hype's ship was still there. With the help of CB-23, Kaz and Torra managed to distract the stormtrooper sentries with a crate of gorgs.[3]

Inside Hype's hangar, they found that his racer Green Ace was still there but secured by magnetic locks. Recalling that Hype had been angry with the First Order for grounding his squadron, Torra and Kaz realized that Hype had gotten on the wrong side of the First Order. Returning to Aunt Z's Tavern, Torra and Kaz noticed Aunt Z's absence and realized that the First Order was making dissidents "disappear."[3]

Kaz and Torra went to Yeager to share this information. They found him with Captain Doza, who confirmed that the First Order was detaining dissidents in the West Docks. Doza and Yeager had been meeting to discuss taking down the First Order's communication blanket over the Colossus. With the help of CB-23, Kaz and Torra made their way to the West Docks where they found their friends in a crate.[3]

Kaz came up with a plan to rescue the dissidents by stealing a First Order Atmospheric Assault Lander. When the stormtroopers led the prisoners to the transport, Kaz and Torra ambushed them. With the help of Hype and Aunt Z, they managed to knock out the stormtrooper sentries. Aunt Z then departed with the other dissidents aboard the transport to the planet Takodana where she had a friend.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Kaz, CB-23 and Torra then returned home. Returning to Jarek Yeager's Repair Station, Kaz and CB-23 were confronted by Pyre and his troopers, who had also detained the other members of Team Fireball.[3] Doza announced that they were under arrest for conspiring against the First Order. He then presented evidence that the racer Fireball had breached First Order space.[2]

Kaz, Yeager, CB-23, Neeku Vozo, and Bucket managed to escape into the lower levels. However, Tam, who was sympathetic to the First Order, did not resist and was arrested. She was questioned by the First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny, who sought to gain her trust by driving a wedge between her, Kaz, and Yeager. Meanwhile, Kaz, Yeager, and the others embarked on a mission to contact the Resistance.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The rescue on the Colossus first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season One episode "The Disappeared", which premiered on February 24, 2019.

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