Residential Module 082 was one of hundreds of modules on the orbiting Citadel Station above Telos IV following the Jedi Civil War. The module contained, like other modules of this type, a number of small apartment pods. This module was also divided into eastern and western sections, and was located near Entertainment Module 081, the Ithorian Compound, the Telosian Czerka Corporation offices, and the Bumani Exchange Corporation, a front for the Exchange on Citadel Station.


A typical apartment in Residential Module 082.

The Jedi Exile and her companions Atton Rand and Kreia resided temporarily in apartment C3 of Residential Module 082 during the Republic investigation of the destruction of the Peragus Mining Facility. During that time, they assisted the Ithorians in their efforts to regain control of the Telosian Restoration Project and found a man named Batono, who was wanted by the Telos Security Force to testify against Czerka Corporation, hiding in another apartment in the module.

Behind the scenesEdit

The green signs above the doorway to each of the three apartment pods all say "RESIDENTIAL" in Aurebesh.


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