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The Resistance High Command, also known as Resistance command, was the leadership of the military forces of the Resistance during its conflict and subsequent war with the First Order.[1] It was comprised of a mixture of Rebel Alliance veterans, ex-leaders of independent defense forces and New Republic converts.[4] Members of the Resistance command believed Commander Poe Dameron's hot shot antics were testing the patience of both the First Order command and Resistance command.[1]


Following the formation of the Resistance[8] in 28 ABY,[6] the Resistance High Command based themselves on D'Qar.[2] When the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order broke out, it was from there that the Resistance launched their assault on the First Order's Superweapon Starkiller Base.[2]

During the attack on the Resistance fleet, most of the Resistance high command were killed when Kylo Ren's wingmen destroyed the bridge of the Resistance Flagship Raddus, leaving General Leia Organa as the only survivor.[5]



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