"Those causing the Reslian Purge believed someday a Man-Hutt would sweep evil from the Galaxy."
―Soontir Fel[src]

The Reslian Purge was the genocide of the inhabitants of several Mid Rim worlds by the Lortan Fanatics approximately from 10 BBY to 6 BBY.

The PurgeEdit

"I've often wondered what would have happened to him if he hadn't begun his Imperial service flying against such obvious evil."
Wedge Antilles on Soontir Fel's involvement in the Reslian Purge[src]

In 10 BBY,[1] expansionist Lortan fanatics who possessed a battle fleet swept across twelve star systems and destroyed everything in their path.[3] They believed that someday a Man-Hutt would sweep evil from the galaxy.[5] Among the Lortans' victims were Rrulinn, Quaensan Prime, the Dalisor Merchant Fleet,[4] and the Jiroch system, home of the Tunroth species.[3]

Reslian Purge end

Soontir Fel's 6/37th destroys the last Lortan base.

The Tunroth were primitive hunters and lacked the weaponry necessary to repel the Lortan invaders; millions of Tunroth were killed in what became known as the Reslian Purge,[1] with their population reduced to four million beings over a period of three months,[3] and most of the Tunroth Hunters perished.[6] The Galactic Empire eventually interceded in the conflict to safeguard Imperial interests,[1] with the intervention of the Imperial Navy preventing the Lortans from spreading their attacks further.[3]

The Lortans were subsequently annihilated by the Empire. Soontir Fel played a prominent role in the Imperial Navy during the last battles of the conflict.[5]


The loss of most of their population in the Reslian Purge was somewhat sobering to the Tunroth, and they were still in the process of coming to terms with their tragedy as late as 0 BBY.[3] While most Tunroth realized that the Imperial effort to bring the Purge to an end was made primarily out of self-interest, the Tunroth were somewhat grateful to the Empire for coming to their aid[4] and reluctantly accepted Imperial rule, with many Tunroth becoming supporters of the New Order. Tunroth leaders who forbade blasters in favor of traditional hunting weapons changed their views after the Reslian Purge, and the Tunroth would later stockpile blasters and other modern weapons for the express purpose of defending their communes.[1] Kiran Tatch was one of the few Tunroth Hunters who survived the Purge,[6] and it was believed that the trauma he experienced during the Purge transformed him a bitter being with little interest in anything other than the hunt.[7]

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X-wing Rogue Squadron 25: The Making of Baron Fel incorrectly spelled this as the "Resalian Purge," despite its name deriving from the planet Jiroch-Reslia. This misspelling also appears in The New Essential Guide to Characters.



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