Reson Nath v. Imperial Prefect Adar was a legal case that took place during the reign of the Galactic Empire. After the bounty hunter Reson Nath paid the nephew of the Imperial Prefect Adar for some information, the young man used the money to elope with his girlfriend rather than attend university as Adar had planned for him, and Adar responded by accusing Nath of a crime under the law of the Bounty Hunters' Guild chapter House Paramexor. The trial took place on the planet Denevar, with five Humans presiding over the case to decide the outcome, including Janq Paramexor, his aide Kaith and Moff Gorliz—a representative of the Imperial leader Emperor Palpatine. The charges were read out to Nath and after she had argued her case as to why she believed she was innocent, the judges ruled that, in accordance with Paramexor law, Nath and Adar should resolve the matter by fighting each other with swords.


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