A resonance torpedo was a missile that was capable of causing a star to supernova by causing a chain reaction in the core. It was developed at the Galactic Empire's hidden Maw Installation and was the primary weapon of the Sun Crusher[1]. These torpedoes, in their prototype form, were used during the Battle of the Sixela system to destroy the Rebel Alliance starfleet. Years later, rogue Jedi Knight Kyp Durron stole the Sun Crusher and used its torpedoes in a rampage against the Empire.

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"With any prototype weapon of this sort, there is a one in three hundred twenty-seven chance that the weapon will fail."
C-3PO in regards to the torpedoes during the Battle of the Sixela system[src]

The resonance torpedo was purple and yellow when in a non-activated state, but when fired, it took the form of a greenish-blue ellipsoid moving at subspace.[2]

Upon detonation, a resonance torpedo dissolved metals and expanded into a massive explosion. The explosion then destabilized the fusion reactions of a star, causing it to supernova. This massive explosion would cause any nearby stars or objects of matter to explode as well, causing a chain reaction powerful enough to destroy a whole star system.[source?]

Unlike superlaser-based superweapons, resonance torpedoes, upon detonation, do leave behind organic remains, including the frozen blood of any inhabitants of the planet destroyed by it. This can be especially seen with the Caridian Nebula created in the aftermath of Kyp Durron's destruction of Caridia.

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The concept of resonance torpedoes were conceptualized during the development of the Death Star between 19 BBY and 0 BBY, as a proposed weapons system for the immense battle station. These variants were significantly larger than the final version.

Resonance torpedoes were developed around 1 ABY at the Galactic Empire's hidden Maw Installation. Rogue Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh used his knowledge of the hidden facility to acquire three of the prototype weapons. After luring those responsible for his exile, the Imperial leader Darth Vader, and the Rebel Alliance starfleet to his outpost in the Sixela system, Soresh launched three torpedoes at the system's star. The torpedoes did not travel at the speed of light, taking nearly three hours to start the chain reaction. The star went supernova, turning the system into a storm of radiation and debris. The fleets managed to escape before the chain reaction, and Soresh was killed by Han Solo.[3]

The Sun Crusher had eleven of these torpedoes. Seven were fired into the Cauldron Nebula to ignite a cluster of hot blue suns to destroy the Basilisk, and Gorgon. The Basilisk was destroyed due to being already damaged, but Gorgon escaped with reserve TIE fighters and a seared hull. One was used to destroy the Carida system while another was used to ignite a red dwarf and destroy a shipyard for Victory-class Star Destroyers.[2]

The final two were used in attempts to destroy, or at least disable, the Death Star prototype at the Battle of the Maw Installation. They were never seen again after the Sun Crusher followed the prototype Death Star into one of The Maw's black holes.[4]

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Resonance torpedoes first appeared in the The Jedi Academy Trilogy.

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