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The Restoration Period was a historical era ranging from 3995 to 3966 BBY. During this relatively peaceful time period, the galaxy struggled to rebuild following the devastation caused by the Great Sith War. With the Republic on the verge of collapse for over a decade following the war, a group of politicians decided to put into motion a series of events that was meant to restore the Republic to its prior strength. By guaranteeing the various corporations throughout the galaxy safe passage and trade along the space lanes in exchange for commercial investment in the Republic's infrastructure, the Republic was able to rebuild its military and provide much-needed goods to the people of the devastated galaxy. Hyperspace explorers once again began to scout the galaxy seeking to discover newer and safer routes. Across the galaxy, planets began to rebuild, commerce resumed, and the Republic's military might was restored.[1] However, at the same time, the defeated Mandalorians who had been on the losing side during the Great Sith War began to slowly prepare for their revenge against the Republic. Small bases, such as the Unity base on the planet Caillte were built in secret during the last months of the Restoration.[2] The Mandalorian Wars eventually put an end to this short period of relative peace.[1]



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