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"Death to the Imperial Remnant. Death to the New Republic. Long live the Restored Empire. Long live Palpatine!"
General Vota[1]

The Restored Empire, also known as the Kaarenth Dissension, was a splinter faction of the Galactic Empire in the Outer Rim Territories created by Ennix Devian after the Battle of Endor that became prominent after the Imperial Reunification, refusing the authority of the Imperial Remnant. The members of the Restored Empire were informally known as the hard-liners.



Supreme Commander Ennix Devian.

The Restored Empire symbol was a modified Imperial crest with an additional inner circle.

It was led by Supreme Commander Ennix Devian, an admiral and former Imperial Assassin. General Vota, Bulger, Durrei, Klemp, and Trooper Lonkin were all members.

The Restored Empire base was a secret Clone Wars-era military base on the planet RZ7-6113-23.


When Darth Vader and Palpatine died over Endor and the Galactic Empire fractured into myriad factions, Ennix Devian, a personal hitman of the Emperor, concluded that in order for the Empire to restore itself it needed a group that truly believed in the ideals of the Human High Culture, so Devian founded the Kaarenth Dissension. The Kaarenth Dissension was dedicated to "the sacred Restoration of the True Empire of Palpatine." His first move was to seize control of two incompleted Worldcraft but, too expensive to finish, Devian rerouted them to opposite ends of the galaxy: one to the Moddell sector and the other to Spawn Nebula. The Worldcraft on Moddell, which had been deliberately modified by Devian to be modeled after the infamous Death Star superweapons as part of a feint against the Alliance of Free Planets (the successor group of the Rebel Alliance), was destroyed by Rebel agents and Star Tours's passengers.

The Kaarenth Dissension resurfaced following the Battle of Bilbringi and Operation Shadow Hand under the public control of the silver-tongued Meres Ulcane. The Dissension now was dedicated to incite the various alien races of the Outer Rim Territories against the New Republic. A fleet of warships and accompanying repair station was constructed in the Spawn Nebula. Meres Ulcane proved to be a motivational speaker, and managed to stir up a great deal of animosity towards the New Republic. The Dissension successfully launched a strike against a New Republic communications center on the gas giant Galaan.

Kaarenth Dissension

The early logo of the Kaarenth Dissension prior to reformation as the Restored Empire

However, Meres Ulcane was eventually discovered on Betha II, and fled back to the Spawn Nebula. The New Republic tracked him, and engaged the Kaarenth Dissension in a operation that wiped out much of its fleet. Ulcane himself was killed in the destruction of the repair station, in truth the second worldcraft.

In 13 ABY, calling his group Restored Empire, Supreme Commander Devian organized a complex plot to destroy the New Republic and take control of the Imperial Remnant.

The first phase of his operation was an attempt to assassinate Leia Organa Solo and her children on Coruscant. The attack failed due to the intervention of Mirith Sinn, but it was without consequence for the following operations.

Another part of Devian's plot included the bounty hunter Boba Fett, the Yuuzhan Vong Nom Anor and the former Royal Guard Kir Kanos. While Devian hired Fett to bring Kir Kanos to the Restored Empire headquarters, Nom Anor hired a team of thieves to attack the class-3 toxic weapons dump on Nyara in order to retrieve a chunk of zinethium. Devian wanted to use this destructive material to destroy the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and eliminate the Republic government. As expected, Kir Kanos refused to join the hard-liners who imprisoned him. Devian later let him escape and sacrificed some stormtroopers to convince Kanos he was really free. Kir Kanos immediately departed to Coruscant to warn the Republic but he was unaware that Devian had embedded the zinethium inside the shuttle, predicting Kanos would travel to the galactic capital. This time, it was Jedi Master Luke Skywalker who prevented the attack.


Devian's fleet attacks Orinda.

Devian later learned that Republic and Imperial diplomats, including Kanos, Mirith Sinn and Feena D'Asta, had planned to meet to discuss a truce between the two factions. The Restored Empire stormtroopers who attacked the meeting were all eliminated, but D'Asta was killed.

Shocked by the death of Feena D'Asta and suspecting a Republic betrayal, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon ordered the Imperial Navy to attack the Republic in retaliation, leaving the Imperial capital Orinda insufficiently defended. The ancient but massive Restored Empire fleet was able to destroy the small defense fleet and attack the planet.

Military forces[]

"Numerous weapons and ships scheduled for decommission of destruction were rerouted here over the years, repaired and maintained. [sic] I have an armada of Venator-class Star destroyers, and even more Acclamator-class assault ships ready to be loaded with troops."
Supreme Commander Devian to Kir Kanos[2]
Restored Empire tattoo

Soldiers in the Restored Empire had the insignia tattooed on their bodies.

After the Battle of Endor, the Kaarenth Dissension gathered starships in the Spawn Nebula in order to create a secret armada. These vessels included TIE/LN starfighters, assault shuttles, system patrol crafts, frigates, Strike-class medium cruisers and one Imperial-class Star Destroyer.[3]

Although using stormtroopers, the rest of its military hardware appeared to consist entirely of vehicles and vessels used by the Grand Army of the Republic, including:

Following the end of the Clone Wars, numerous weapons and ships scheduled for decommission or scrapping were rerouted to the Restored Empire's base, constituting with the years a massive military force.

Other ships included TIE/sr starfighters and Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles.



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