Restuss was the second settlement founded on the Naboo moon of Rori. It was in this city that the Battle of Restuss took place between Imperial and Rebel forces during the Galactic Civil War, which left the city in ruins.


Restuss was located on the nothern shores of the Narmle Bog. Like its sister city of Narmlé, Restuss was largely surrounded by swamplands.[4] The city was built by Naboo architects in a classical Naboo style.[1]

The inhabitants of Restuss were hard-working, but suspicious of outsiders. This paranoia once protected a community that was actually extremely generous and supportive of their own kind. The inhabitants celebrated together often, and a typical night at the local cantina was often overflowing. Because the locals rarely preyed on one another, crime was virtually unknown.[4]

The Restuss starport before the Battle of Restuss

However, local politics in Restuss were hugely important. Restuss had hundreds of laws and ordinances, many of which were over a century old. Although Restuss was self-governed by elected officials, the election process was long and arduous, and often produced results that only natives to Restuss could understand. The city often seemed mired in bureaucracy. However, the laws seemed to favor the local merchants, who thrived in the city. Trade was only lightly-regulated, and the city was known for its extensive access to black market goods, including weapons.[4]

Restuss maintained a friendly rivalry with its sister city of Narmle . As the only cities on Rori, Narmle and Restuss typically competed for funds, visitors, and settlers from Naboo. Narmle's inhabitants often exhibited a sense of superiority, stemming from the fact that Narmle natives actually built Restuss. The rivalry had become heated on occasion, although it had only rarely erupted into violence.[5]


As the second settlement founded on Rori, Restuss rose from tragedy. Restuss was originally constructed to serve as a quarantine area during a devastating Brainworm Rot Plague that affected Naboo and many outlying systems. The first inhabitants were therefore doctors, missionaries, and the afflicted. When the plague was crushed, the Republic ordered that Restuss remain quarantined for several years, for fear that the disease would somehow resurface. During this crisis, the citizens of Restuss developed a deep distrust for authority. An unarmed revolt eventually ensued, and the Republic reluctantly lifted the quarantine. Huge portions of Restuss, including the hospital and detainment center, were razed to the ground in the ensuing riots. Restuss was then rebuilt around a small starport, which served as the town's primary meeting place and financial center.[4]

As a consequence of those terrible events, the city was largely removed from Naboo politics. It was not uncommon to meet a Restuss citizen who had difficulty identifying the current Monarch of Naboo. Restuss seemed even less interested in galactic dealings. During the Galactic Civil War, the Governor of Rori Ferrox rarely visited the city and the populace was not interested in the raging conflict that was taking place in some far distant corner of the galaxy.[4] Obviously, this changed when the Galactic Civil War hit them directly with the Battle of Restuss.[2]

The Battle of Restuss[]

"I am Marles Jacobe of the Corellia Times. I am investigating the military buildup here in Restuss. It has already caused the entire city to be evacuated, displacing thousands of families. And with tensions running high there is sure to be a showdown."
Marles Jacobe[src]

The Restuss starport after the Battle of Restuss.

Unfortunately for its citizens, Restuss eventually faced an even greater challenge in the years to come. During 1 ABY, the Battle of Restuss erupted, which essentially destroyed the entire city in an instant. The city was left in ruins, but a small refugee camp was erected before the battle erupted. This small camp served as the home for a number of evacuated citizens. Through these citizens, some elements of the culture and history of Restuss survived.


The following individuals were residents or visitors of the city in the time before the Battle of Restuss: Ajuva Vanasterin, Draya Korbinari, Hefsen Zindalai, Kkrax, Lord Sloan Rusper, Magur Torigai, M'Kae, Risha Sinan[3]



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