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The Retail Caucus, also known as the Retail Clan, was a conglomerate of hundreds of corporations that specialized in creating commercial goods for public consumption. When the Retail Caucus came into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, it also brought with it its own private droid army, adding its distinctive battle droids into the swelling ranks of the military commanded by General Grievous. Retail Caucus droids were towering brutes with barrel shaped bodies and spindly limbs that participated in battles from Christophsis to Malastare.


Prior to the Battle of Naboo, the Retail Caucus was largely a financial institution, managing the money and investments of its component companies and relying on the Trade Federation to ship and protect its goods. When Count Dooku approached it for financial backing, the Caucus joined what later would become the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It fronted the credits to fund dozens of battle droid and starship manufacturing plants across the galaxy in exchange for 10% of all produced equipment and, as a result, became a military power almost overnight.[1]

In 22 BBY, the first year of the Clone Wars, the Retail Caucus, with their LR-57 combat droids, assaulted the planet Christophsis under the command of General Whorm Loathsom. They were eventually defeated in combat by the Republic forces sent to liberate the planet.[1]

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