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"Korriban, ancient birthplace of the Sith. We believed ruins were all that remained of their evil empire."
Satele Shan[10]

Return is the third trailer released by BioWare for the Star Wars: The Old Republic.[10] Released on June 6, 2011,[8] the video depicts the Sith Empire's effort to retake its ancient homeworld of Korriban, taking place 38 years before the beginning of the game. The trailer focuses on Darth Malgus and his struggles against Galactic Republic forces, as seen in the previous two trailers, Deceived and Hope, both of which take place 28 years and 14 years after Return, respectively.[11] The video, released at E3 2011,[12] runs at six minutes and twenty seconds.[10] The trailer was re-released on November 8, 2021 in 4K.[9]


On a Republic space station orbiting Korriban, two Jedi, Satele Shan and her master Kao Cen Darach, along with Jace Malcom and a Republic trooper, are escorting Nico Okarr, a smuggler they have captured, who had been smuggling Sith artifacts out of Korriban and keeps on wanting to have his ship back. Suddenly, Satele Shan states that she feels a great darkness. Moments later, a fleet of Sith capital ships and fighters comes out of hyperspace and begins to attack the space station. Satele's master immediately recognizes it as the return of the Sith Empire and expresses the need to warn the Republic.[10]

Because the space station does not have any ship capable of outrunning the Sith, the smuggler suggests using his ship, which supposedly is the fastest in the sector. As the Jedi clear the hangar area of Sith soldiers, Okarr aids the two troopers in fighting off an attack from a Sith boarding party. In the midst of the fight, Malcom's comrade is killed, and Okarr defeats the remaining Sith soldiers while Malcom closes the door. While preparing to board Okarr's ship a Fury-class Imperial interceptor lands in the hangar, and two Sith emerge. Corporal Malcom and Okarr board the smuggler's ship and prep it for launch, while Satele and her Master attempt to hold off the two Sith: Darth Malgus and Lord Vindican in a heated lightsaber duel. The ship gets off the ground, and the Jedi are able to push the Sith aside momentarily. Kao Cen Darach instructs Satele to escape in the ship, saying "You must walk a different path", and returns to face the two Sith.[10]

Shan throws her master her double-bladed lightsaber and leaves on the ship. Malcom and Shan man the quad laser cannons aboard Okarr's ship as he pilots the craft through an asteroid field, evading Sith fighters. The Jedi Master skillfully duels both Sith, severely wounding the Pureblood Vindican by stabbing him in the stomach with one of Shan's lightsaber's blades. Malgus takes his wounded master's lightsaber along with his own and re-engages the Zabrak. They fight each other blow for blow; however, Malgus quickly gains the upper hand, and after disarming Master Darach he finally kills him by slashing him across the chest with both blades.[10]

Satele feels his death, but fights on holding off the Sith long enough for them to make the jump to Hyperspace. With the duel over, Malgus approaches his master, telling him that he failed because Okarr's ship escaped, and word will go to the Republic that the Sith have returned. Vindican, however, says that this is only the beginning. Malgus then says, "Yes. After a thousand years, Korriban is ours again. Welcome home". Malgus then turns on his lightsaber and kills Vindican.[10]

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Kao Cen Darach is seen to catch Satele's saberstaff with his right hand (wielding his own lightsaber with his left) and fights much of the duel in this configuration. However, for several seconds the lightsabers have inexplicably switched places, with the saberstaff in his left hand and the single lightsaber in his right hand. The same also occurs with Malgus.[10]


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