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"Return of the Kyber Saber" is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on August 29, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

The exciting battle for the Kyber Saber comes down to Rowan vs Naare vs the Emperor![1]

Plot summary[]

Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader on Empire Day

Empire Day[]

On Coruscant, the episode opens with an image of a red balloon emblazoned with the face of Emperor Palpatine rising to the top tower of the Imperial Palace, which was formerly the Jedi Temple. After gazing down at the festivities, the Emperor turns to receive gifts from a long line of Imperial officials led by Darth Vader. However, Palpatine is dismayed by the gifts which turn out to be mugs saying that Palpatine is the best Emperor in the galaxy.

He tells Vader to spy on a Rebel outpost on Mygeeto and then smashes a mug presented by an Emperor's Royal Guard. Shortly later, Palpatine receives news from the Sith acolyte Naare that she is currently en route to find the last Kyber Saber crystal. After Naare assures him that there will be no trouble from Luke Skywalker or Rowan Freemaker, Palpatine boasts that this will be an Empire Day worth remembering. He whines when an Imperial officer brings him another mug and wonders whether they were having a sale of mugs.

Naare and the Kyber Saber[]

The fortified Imperial Palace

At the Freemaker Garage in the the Wheel, Rowan uses the Force to rebuild the StarScavenger and the Blazemaker Mark II while Zander and Kordi Freemaker watch in awe. Rowan collapses from the exertion of focusing on the Force but reassures Kordi that he is alright. Zander commends his little brother and says that they should now go after Naare. Kordi responds that they will never get to her in time to stop Naare from reforming the Kyber Saber. Rowan replies maybe but that pursuing Naare is not part of his plan.

On the planet of Rowan's hiding place, Naare disembarks from the Eclipse Fighter with Roger's head. The B1-series battle droid implores her to look inside herself, asking her whether she is evil or just misunderstood. Naare decides that she is evil and tosses the head back into the fighter's cockpit. When she enters the cave, she finds the last Kyber Saber crystal and uses the Force to reconstruct the ancient weapon. Testing the mettle of the Kyber Saber, Naare uses it to carve up a row of mountains and destroy a nearby planetoid. While she admires its power, Roger begs to differ inside the Eclipse Fighter.

Back at the Freemaker Garage, Rowan devises a plot that involves impersonating the Emperor and tricking Naare into giving the Kyber Saber to him. Zander and Kordi think that Rowan's plan has a poor chance of success until Rowan convinces them that the fate of the Galaxy rests on three kids. Before departing, Kordi proposes the use of a wild card. Meanwhile on the uncharted planet, Naare uses the Kyber Saber to destroy a nearby planet. While celebrating her victory, she is contacted by the Emperor who demands his Kyber Saber. He vows to wipe out the Rebellion before dinner as well as anyone he doesn't like. The Emperor is enraged to see Naare using the weapon; remarking that he would not let Vader let alone a "second-rate" Sith like Naare touch it.

Naare responds that she is wielding the most powerful weapon in the Galaxy and asks the Emperor why she should give it to him. While the Emperor struggles to come up with an answer, Naare tells him that she is coming to give him the weapon and tear him into a thousand pieces. The Emperor tries to make amends but Naare responds that when she arrives on Coruscant she would be the Empress. Palpatine responds that would be a problem.

Infiltrating Coruscant[]

Naare takes the Kyber Saber for herself

Meanwhile, Rowan and his siblings arrive on Coruscant. Rowan observes that half the Galaxy has gathered for Empire Day. Upon seeing the Imperial Palace surrounded by numerous Imperial Star Destroyers, AT-AT walkers, and stormtroopers, Kordi remarks that getting into the Palace will be a problem. After parking their ship, Rowan convinces his siblings that they should go underground since the Empire controls the skies and the ground. The Freemakers climb down the sewers with Zander commenting about the smell. Kordi adds that stormtroopers can't stand the smell.

The Freemakers quickly run into a Probe droid. Zander attacks the droid with his wrench and manages to knock it into the sewers with the help of Rowan's Force powers. Meanwhile, Naare reaches Coruscant in her Eclipse Fighter and discovers that the Emperor has several TIE fighters and Gozanti cruisers lying in wait for her. However, Naare destroys the Imperial forces by firing her starfighter's laser cannons and wielding the Kyber Saber. Naare remarks that the Empire never appreciated her skills while Roger comments that the Emperor is now going to bow to her.

Back on Coruscant, Rowan uses a grappling gun to erect an improvised flying fox in order to cross a trench. The Freemakers cross the barrier while several DLC-13 mining droids float above. While trying to cross the flying fox, Zander falls into the trench but Rowan uses the Force to command a floating droid to levitate him. Zander hugs his younger brother and thanks him for saving his life. Meanwhile, Naare tells Roger he is watching history as she destroys two Imperial Star Destroyers. Roger wishes that he had hands to cover his eyes. Naare laughs triumphantly.

Rowan's plan[]

Rowan takes on Naare

At the Imperial Palace, Palpatine grumbles about sending Vader to Mygeeto and contacts the Sith Lord via hologram. Vader reports he has found the rebel fleet. The Emperor demands that Vader return to Coruscant immediately. Meanwhile, Rowan uses his lightsaber to cut a hole into the Palace. The Freemakers then run into two stormtroopers. Instead of dazzling the stormtroopers with fancy talk, Kordi immobilises them with a chain. When Zander and Kordi give her the odd stare, she reminds them they are on a tight schedule. Rowan then dons the "Emperor Palpatine" robe that he got from Naboo. Kordi warns Rowan not to underestimate Naare.

Via hologram, Naare tells Palpatine that he is next. When an Imperial officer reports that he has analyzed that Naare poses a serious threat, Palpatine replies that he is not Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin before ordering an evacuation. Rowan makes his way to the Emperor's throne room while corresponding with Zander by comlink. He runs into the Emperor and his entourage. However, Palpatine mistakes Rowan for a decoy and lets him enter the throne room. Inside the throne room, Rowan contacts his siblings and tells them that they don't need to distract Palpatine because he has left the building. Zander thinks that things are going their way for once until Kordi points out that Naare has arrived on her Eclipse Fighter.

When she lands, she hurls Roger's head out of the cockpit. Kordi picks up Roger's head and embraces him. When Rogers tells them that the bad news is that Naare has the Kyber Saber, Zander responds that the good news is that Rowan is going to impersonate the Emperor and steal it from her. Roger then informs the, that Naare has other plans. A bored Rowan plays with his voice modulator when Naare enters the room. Naare then proceeds to attack the fake Emperor and destroys furniture with the Kyber Saber.

Showdown with Naare[]

Zander flies his Blazemaker II

After a few blows and swings, Naare realizes she is fighting Rowan and is shocked that he's still alive and asks where the emperor is, thinking that Rowan is in league with the Emperor. Rowan replies with, "Still alive. Don't know. And eww, no!" But before she can kill him on her own, the building is blasted by a phalanx of AT-AT and AT-ST walkers led by Palpatine. However, Naare tosses them aside with the Kyber Saber and her Force powers. Palpatine jumps out of his walker before it hits the ground. Naare destroys more TIE fighters with the Saber.

Zander and Kordi flee aboard the StarScavenger with Roger's head while civilians flee the Imperial Palace. Standing at the pinnacle of the Jedi Temple, Naare declares herself Empress of the Galaxy. Several civilians including Furlac and Wick Cooper voice their objections and boo her. Losing her temper, Naare uses the Force to levitate their platform before sending a shock wave that destroys it. Wick plummets to the ground while throwing out his credits. Kordi and Zander fly their ship to the rescue and draw the civilians into their cargo bay. Wick thinks he has died and asks if this is the afterlife.

Meanwhile, Kordi tries to contact Rowan but hears nothing from him. The Freemakers land the passengers on a platform before returning for Rowan. Zander and Kordi contact Rowan, who has dug himself out of the rubble, and tell him they have to get offworld before Naare tears the planet apart. However, Rowan is determined to stop Naare since he can control the Kyber Saber. He calls out to Naare, who tells him that he has more lives than a Loth-cat. Rowan tells her that he can call out to the crystals and uses the Force to dismantle the weapon and summon it to him. He then reforges the Kyber Saber and fights Naare, who draws her Sith lightsaber.

Rowan uses the Kyber Saber to build walls to block Naare but she slices through them with her lightsaber. After a brief fight, Rowan uses the pieces of rubble to hold Naare in a tight grasp. He toys with the idea of taking revenge on his defeated enemy. Palpatine then encourages Rowan to execute her and offers to train him as his Sith apprentice. However, Rowan refuses to give in to the dark side and decides to spare Naare's life. Rejecting Sithhood, Rowan leaps onto the waiting StarScavenger nearby and tells the Emperor he can't have the Kyber Saber. The Emperor sends TIE fighters after the Freemakers. Rowan enters the cockpit as Zander tells them to hang on. A bodiless Roger laments having no hands.

Escaping Coruscant[]

The Freemakers join the Rebel Alliance

With TIE fighters on their tail, Zander flies his Blazemaker Mark II and uses Rowan's lightsaber to lead them on a wild chase. Meanwhile, Kordi and Rowan take the StarScavenger split up. Back at the Imperials Palace, Naare joins the Emperor in cheering for the TIE fighter pilots to get the Zander's ship until he blasts her with Force lightning. Zander laughs at having fooled the Imperials and tells Rowan that the Blazemaker Mark II is the ship of his dreams. Kordi and Rowan use one more trump card to play by using the Kyber Saber to redesign the StarScavenger. This fools the Imperial fighters and the Freemakers are able to escape into hyperspace. The Emperor can only frothe in rage as the TIEs search in vain for the StarScavenger. Before fleeing into hyperspace, roger asks them if they could reattach him to his body.

Back on Coruscant, the Emperor orders all ships to search for the Freemakers. Naare tries to sneak a way only to be captured by Dengar, Baash, Raam, and Graballa, who seek revenge for her double-crossing. Whenever Vader arrives, he finds the Imperial Palace in ruins and the Emperor enraged at the loss of the Kyber Saber. The Emperor declares Rowan Public Enemy 27 after learning that the Empire has other targets including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and R2-D2. Vader tries to comfort his master by reminding Palpatine that the second Death Star is nearing completion when he hears the news. Palpatine blames Naare for everything and wonders where she is.


Naare, meanwhile has been frozen in carbonite and hung on the wall of Graballa's lair. Baash, Raam, and Yeppau struggle to hand Naare's frozen body. The Hutt crime lord acknowledges that his cousin Jabba every now and again has the right idea. Elsewhere, Rowan decides to destroy the Kyber Saber by hurling it into river of lava. Kordi and Zander suggest that Rowan can use the Kyber Saber for good but Rowan admits that Master Baird Kantoo was right and that a warrior should know when to lay down his weapon.

Once aboard the StarScavenger, Zander asks his siblings where to go next since they are wanted in every civilized system in the Galaxy. Roger adds uncivilised systems as well. Kordi says they cannot go home to the Wheel. Rowan reminds his older siblings and Roger that no matter where they go they will still find a home in all places as long as they are together. Then, as if on cue, the entire rebel fleet jumps into view. Admiral Gial Ackbar appears on their hologram looking for the Empire's 27th "Most Wanted" fugitive, Rowan Freemaker. Rowan reveals himself and the Admiral recruits the Freemakers into the Alliance with a job offer. Kordi asks if it is a paying job before the screen pans out.


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