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"Return of the Return of the Jedi" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[1]

Official description[]

The Freemakers wind up in the middle of the Battle of Endor where Rowan has his final confrontation with M-OC....

Plot summary[]

Rebuilding the StarScavenger[]

Following the Skirmish on Shantipole, the Freemakers and Quarrie rummage through the wreckage of the StarScavenger and the Arrowhead. Kordi Freemaker says they are stranded on Shantipole but tells them not to panic but to assess. Zander Freemaker points out that they have destroyed the StarScavenger. Roger tries to strike a positive note by saying that they destroyed the Arrowhead as well. However, Kordi points out that M-OC took its kyber crystal which he can use to protect the second Death Star.

Rowan Freemaker adds that the second Death Star works because he gave Darth Vader the location of the crystal planet. Quarrie says that they have no way of warning anybody. Roger says that the good news is that the odds of things getting worse are 7,826 to one so that things can only get better. Kordi tells Roger that he needs to work on his pep talks while Quarrie adds that certain defeat comes from not trying at all. Rowan says that M-OC took all the important parts and asks what can he build.

Zander tells his brother he can build another "Ugly" while Kordi adds he can do it. Rowan decides to picture what he is building and not the pieces that he is building with. Using the Force, Rowan builds a new ship out of the wreckage. At Roger's request, he agrees to build a wider charging station so that Roger doesn't bump his elbows. Rowan builds an elongated version of the StarScavenger, earning the praise of Kordi and Quarrie. Quarries tells Rowan that the ancient Force Builders would have approved. Zander praises his little brother for incorporating the best of both ships and says let's go save the galaxy. Roger is delighted by the wider charging station.

M-OC's mission[]

Exiting hyperspace in his hyperspace transport ring, M-OC flies to the second Death Star, which is orbiting Endor. Aboard the Emperor's Tower, the Emperor Palpatine walks to his throne, flanked by two Imperial Royal Guards. He is pleased that everything is unfolding as he has foreseen. He believes that the Arrowhead is his and that the Freemakers are gone. He is hopeful of luring the rebels into a trap by attacking his fully-operational Death Star. The Emperor is also pleased that Darth Vader is bring his son Luke Skywalker whom he hopes to turn to the dark side of the Force.

The Emperor's good mood is interrupted when he discovers that his throne is squeaky. A Royal Guard oils his throne. Before the Emperor can bask in his glory, M-OC appears outside the tower's viewpoint and tells him that there is a flaw in his plan to defeat the Rebellion. The Emperor believes his plan is flawless because he came up with him. When the Emperor says that M-OC can't be here because he is expecting company, M-OC tells his master that he has secured the Arrowhead crystal but the Emperor is preoccupied with Skywalker.

M-OC tells the Emperor that he plans to use the Arrowhead crystal to defend the Death Star's main reactor from rebel attack should the shield generator on Endor fail. Preoccupied with Skywalker, the Emperor tells M-OC to do whatever he wants to do and that he doesn't care. M-OC departs, leaving the Emperor to receive Darth Vader and Skywalker whom he has been expecting. Shortly later, M-OC flies into the second Death Star's main reactor core in his arachnid starship and uses the Arrowhead's kyber crystal to form a deflector shield around it. He vows to serve his master well.

Departing Shantipole[]

Back on Shantipole, the Freemakers prepare for their stomach-churning ride to breached the planet's charged upper atmosphere. Kordi quips about leaving her stomach behind while Roger says that they have to break through the atmosphere. Quarrie calculates that they have enough momentum to break through. As the StarScavenger ascends into the charged upper atmosphere, the StarScavenger loses power due to the electronic storms and plunges downward. Roger tumbles as the ship descends while Quarrie quips about his preparations.

Zander struggles with the control. Fortunately, the StarScavenger regains power and narrowly avoids crashing into the Shantipole landing field. The Freemakers rocket through Shantipole's atmosphere into space. As they ascend, Kordi tells Zander that she teases him a lot but that today he really is "Zander Freemaker Superstar Pilot Guy." Zander thanks Kordi and asks where they are piloting to. Quarrie tells them that they are heading to Sullust where the rebel fleet is massing.

Retrieving the Kyber Saber[]

However, they find that the rebel fleet has already left. Quarrie suggests contacting Admiral Ackbar but the Freemakers and Roger are reluctant to contact him after all the trouble they have caused including the loss of the Arrowhead. Kordi instead contacts Lieutenant Valeria, whom she reasons is less eager to shove them through a black hole. Valeria is initially reluctant to talk to them since she could be court-martialed. She tells Kordi that the rebel fleet is heading to Endor to launch a surprise attack on the second Death Star.

At that moment, Valeria and the rest of the rebel fleet exit hyperspace above Endor. Rowan tries to warn Valeria that the second Death Star is fully operational and that M-OC is there but is cut off by static interference. Valeria discovers that the Death Star's shield are up while Admiral Ackbar realizes too late that they have stumbled into a trap. Rowan, Kordi, and Zander realizes that the rebels' sneak attack has backfired.

Zander wants to set a course for Endor but Roger asks what they will do there. Zander says that he don't but they can't sit back and let the Rebellion be destroyed. Quarrie points out that the StarScavenger is no matched for the Death Star and Rowan adds M-OC. Kordi says they need something to even the odds. Rowan realizes that they need the Kyber Saber. Roger points out that it is ironic that they are over the planet where he destroyed it. Roger thinks the Saber would come in handy right now.

Rowan realizes he did not destroyed it even though the others saw him throw it into a lava pit. He tells them that he can still sense the kyber crystals and that they are still there. Rowan says that destiny led them to this place and to this moment. He says he has to get the Kyber Saber. The Freemakers land on Sullust. Rowan stands on top of a cliff and uses the Force to summon the pieces of the Kyber Saber from the lava pit and reassemble it. Rowan grabs the hilt of the Kyber Saber but it is burning hot. Roger, who has metal hands, retrieves the weapon and tells Rowan to let's go and save the Rebellion.

Into the thick of battle[]

While traveling through hyperspace, Zander tells the others to get ready. Rowan replies that he is ready for anything. When the StarScavenger exits hyperspace, they find the rebel fleet under attack from Imperial forces. The Freemakers outrun two TIE interceptors to reach the second Death Star, which is still protected by the Endor shield generator. Since the shield prevents starships from entering the Death Star, Rowan decides to use the StarScavenger's newly incorporated embersteel Blade to break through the shields. When Zander points out that it needs a kyber crystal, Rowan uses the Kyber Saber to power the Blade.

The StarScavenger uses the Embersteel Blade to break a hole through the shield. However, the ship loses its lateral controls and crashes into a hangar bay, ploughing through several parked TIE fighters. Kordi and Zander pretend to surrender to the stormtroopers but Rowan uses the Kyber Saber to assemble a giant blaster out of crates and hurl the troopers aside. He also traps some storm troopers inside solar collectors. Rowan is jubilant about wielding the Kyber Saber but is stunned by a stormtrooper, who is able to shoot straight.

The stormtroopers quickly take the Freemakers and Quarrie prisoner. The stormtrooper commander tells his men to take the prisoners to the detention level where Lord Vader will deal with them later. He also tells an Imperial weapons technician to deliver the Kyber Saber to the Emperor at once. Inside the detention cell, Roger recalls his earlier calculation that the odds of things getting worse were 7,826 to once. Roger quips about them beating the odds.

Kordi fears that if the rebels lose the battle while Rowan adds that the Empire will vaporize them. Zander refuses to give up hope and hopes that the rebels will knock out the shield and blow the Death Star to dust. Kordi points out that they will get blown to dust with it. A despondent Zander sees her point.

Becky to the rescue[]

Just then, the doors to their cell open and an Imperial weapons technician enters with the Kyber Saber. She tells them that they have to get out of here now and frees them. When Zander asks who she is, the technician removes her helmet, revealing herself as Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher. She tells Zander that she loves him. Becky explains that she joined the Empire when he left the Wheel but decided to change sides after learning that Zander fights with the rebels. She tells Zander that she has had a crush on him forever and the two embrace. Becky tells the Freemakers and Quarrie to find a ship and that she will find them on Endor. Zander is smitten and collapses.

After escaping the detention block, the Freemakers and Quarrie sneak up on a command center. The Imperial officers stationed there have just received word that the rebels have taken out the Endor shield generator. After the officers head down a turbolift to battle stations, Quarrie tells them that there is nothing better than a huge galactic battle to provide a distraction. Kordi then contacts Lieutenant Valeria and tells them she is on the Death Star. When Admiral Ackbar orders the rebel fighters to enter the Death Star, she tells the Freemakers to flee faster than a womp rat because they are coming into the reactor core.

The Freemakers wants to escape but Rowan reminds them that M-OC is still committed to ensuring the Emperor's victory. Rowan realizes that M-OC is going to try and stop the rebel attack at the Death Star's reactor core. Quarrie agrees that the main reactor core would be a good place to mount a last line of defense. Rowan says that he can sense M-OC and that he must stop him. Zander and Kordi says that they will defeat M-OC together but Roger is unwilling to risk the lives of his family. He uses the Force to shove them into a turbolift and tells them to take care of themselves because he has a job to do, as he takes the other turbolift down on his way to the Death Star reactor core.

Final match with M-OC[]

Rowan confronts M-OC at the Death Star reactor core. M-OC remarks that he calculated that Rowan had a one in three chance in coming. M-OC is confident that the rebel attack will face because he believes he is invincible in his current form. Rowan is defiant and attacks M-OC with the Kyber Saber. While Rowan advances on M-OC, Zander says that he can't believe what Rowan did to them. Roger is not surprised since he knows Rowan well. Exiting the lift, the Freemakers try to find their ship StarScavenger only to run into three stormtroopers, who chase them.

While recognizing that the Kyber Saber has upgraded Rowan's powers, M-OC taunts him that he is invulnerable in his arachnid form. Rowan is unable to breach the deflector shield generated by M-OC's Arrowhead kyber crystal. M-OC unleashes a multi-faceted attack with all his weapons and blasts at Rowan. Meanwhile the other Freemakers lead their stormtrooper pursuers on a chase and cross a bridge. After they have crossed, Kordi manages to stop the advance by threatening to touch the control panel. When one of the stormtroopers says that they will still blast her, Kordi deactivates the bridge, causing them to plunge into the depths of the Death Star. Kordi quips about the trooper's honesty.

The Freemakers reach the hangar bay where the StarScavenger is parked and fight the stormtrooper sentries stationed there. They then depart aboard their ship with Kordi firing up the converters and angling the deflectors. Zander tells the others to hold on to their bricks, as the StarScavenger departed on its way to the Death Star's reactor core to pick up Rowan as he defeats M-OC. In the Death Star's reactor core, M-OC manages to drive Rowan to the edge of the platform. Rowan manages to hide behind the reactor core. M-OC boasts that as long as he has his kyber crystal, he is invulnerable.

Realizing that he has been going about it the wrong way, Rowan uses the Kyber Saber to call to M-OC's Arrowhead crystal. When M-OC questions his unorthodox move, Rowan retorts that he is taking back his crystals. A tug of war between the two ensues. M-OC says they have reached a stalemate that he cannot win but Rowan counters that he is trying to distract him from protecting the reactor core. M-OC vows to finish Rowan quickly and taunts Rowan about his lack of focus.

M-OC attacks Rowan with his flamethrowers, missiles, and many other countless weapons which Rowan is able to avoid. However, M-OC uses hologram recordings of his siblings Zander and Kordi to distract Rowan and blasts him with a sonic cannon, knocking the Kyber Saber out of his hand. M-OC pins Rowan down with one of his magnetic legs and taunts him that just as he predicted, family is his weakness. However, M-OC is distracted along with Rowan saw the Emperor plunging to his death down the Death Star reactor core. With M-OC distracted in which that he's shocked for the loss of the Emperor, Rowan hurls the Kyber Saber into M-OC's Arrowhead crystal.

M-OC says this was not in his calculation before exploding, disabling the deflector shield protecting the reactor core. Rowan realizes he won but that the rebels will blow up the second Death Star with him on it. Rowan is about to resign himself to death when he hears the screech of the StarScavenger's engines. Zander says they have got their little brother while Kordi opens the scoop. Rowan boards the StarScavenger shortly before the Millennium Falcon and several rebel starfighters arrive and blast the reactor core. The Freemakers and Quarrie escape the second Death Star as it explodes. Rowan is delighted his family came back for him and embraces them. The StarScavenger joins the rest of the rebel fleet in fleeing to Endor.

Victory celebrations[]

The Freemakers, Quarrie, and Valeria join the rebel celebration at Bright Tree Village. Quarrie tells Valeria that the X-wing's design could do some tweaking. Zander and Becky share a kiss while Roger chats with C-3PO and R2-D2, asking what they did to advance the cause of freedom.

Rowan asks his siblings where they go from here. Zander says they don't know because it is a pretty big galaxy. Kordi says that she has a feeling that it would need a lot of rebuilding. Roger quips that it would need a whole lot of rebuilding. Rowan suggests they could help with that.

Rowan then meets Luke Skywalker, whom he calls Master, and shows him his Force Building powers by levitating and reassembling a chest in the presence of the rebels. Wedge Antilles is impressed and asks who he is. Kordi tells Wedge that Rowan is their brother. X-wings fly overhead as fireworks explode in the skies above Endor.


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Notes and references[]

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