Reuther was a male Najib and the owner of a bar, Reuther's Wetdock, on Najiba that was frequently occupied due to its proximity to the local spaceport. Reuther was also a retired bounty hunter and speaker of Old Corellian and was familiar with several Corellian customs. When Adalric Cessius Brandl came to Najiba, Reuther witnessed Brandl wielding the Force to terrorize the denizens of his bar. Brandl was seeking passage to Trulalis, but it was illegal to fly when the Children of Najiba were near the planet which they conveniently were. Not wishing harm to the local Najibans, Reuther went to find a pilot to take Brandl off-world. Reuther found Captain Thaddeus Ross, an old Corellian friend. Thaddeus agreed to take Brandl away from Najiba, and the two departed in his ship, the Kierra.



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