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"Have I become him?"
"No. You have chosen not to.
―Reva and Obi-Wan Kenobi[4]

Reva was a force-sensitive human female who was a member of the Inquisitorius under the title of Third Sister, during the early reign of the Galactic Empire, and was briefly the Grand Inquisitor. Prior to the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Reva held the rank of Jedi Initiate during her time in the Jedi Order. Ambitious and reckless, the Third Sister quickly rose through the ranks of the Inquisitorious despite being ostracized and distrusted by the her peers. Though she willingly served the Empire and harried fugitive Jedi and other Force-sensitive individuals, Reva was driven by an ulterior motive. Haunted by the trauma from her past, the Third Sister sought to exact revenge on the Commander-in-Chief, Darth Vader, for his slaughter of the Jedi during Order 66, which had taken away the only family she had ever known.

Reva was only a Jedi youngling at the time of the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars. She and her fellow initiates were in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at the time it was attacked by the Sith Lord Darth Vader and his 501st Legion, and she watched as her friends were slain. Though Reva was struck by Vader's lightsaber, she survived by playing dead. Years later, she resurfaced and joined the Inquisitorious of the Galactic Empire, both of which had the Dark Lord counted among its leaders. Because she knew that Vader had been the Jedi Anakin Skywalker before joining the Sith, Reva, christened as Third Sister, became obsessed with locating his former Jedi Master, the fugitive Obi-Wan Kenobi, as a means of exacting revenge by entering the Dark Lord's good graces and then stabbing him in the back. To lure her quarry out of hiding, the Third Sister arranged the kidnapping of Princess Leia Organa, the daughter of Senator Bail Organa, who she believed would turn to his old ally for help.

Though Reva came close to capturing Kenobi when he rescued Leia on Daiyu, the Third Sister was prevented from doing so by the intervention of the Grand Inquisitor, who had had enough of her rashness. The Third Sister unexpectedly turned on the Grand Inquisitor and left him for dead but lost the Jedi Master and the Princess when they fled the planet. Having been notified of his old mentor's resurgence, the Dark Lord offered the Third Sister the opportunity to prove herself worthy of assuming the position of Grand Inquisitor at his side if she found the Jedi Master. Kenobi was tracked down to Mapuzo, where Reva discovered that he had help from a Jedi-ferrying network known as the Path, and took Leia hostage once again to root both Kenobi and his new allies out. With the Princess in captivity in the Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur, the Third Sister laid another trap for the Jedi Master when he and Path member Tala Durith infiltrated the base to rescue the young girl. Reva planted a tracking device onto Leia's droid and allowed Kenobi and Durith to escape with Leia so she could uncover the Path.

Impressed with her, Lord Vader awarded the Third Sister the rank of Grand Inquisitor, and had her oversee the attack on the Path's headquarters on Jabiim. There Third Sister confronted Kenobi, who realized what her true intentions were. The Jedi Master convinced her that they could defeat the Emperor's Fist together, giving her the chance to slay him with a seeming distraction provided by his and the Path's escape. The Third Sister made an attempt on the Dark Lord's life but was outmatched and left for dead by him and the much-alive Grand Inquisitor. While lying in the dirt, found a transmitter that belonged to Kenobi, which played a message from Bail Organa. Using information from that message, no longer an Inquisitor, a vengeance-hungry Reva traveled to Tatooine to kill Luke Skywalker, one of the offspring of the unaware Vader who had been under Kenobi's watch. As she prepared to kill him, however, she realized that she would become like the Dark Lord and decided to return the boy to his guardians. Reva was again met by Kenobi, and at his advice she looked to let go of her past and move on with her life, leaving her ultimate fate a mystery.


Order 66

"We thought he was there to help us. I tried to help them, but I couldn't. I was too weak. When he left, I played dead. Hid with the bodies. Felt them go cold. They were the only family I knew… and he slaughtered them."
―The Third Sister remembering Darth Vader's attack on the Jedi Temple[2]

A Force-sensitive human female, Reva was once a Jedi who lived at the the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a youngling. In 19 BBY, she and several other younglings were training under the instruction of Jedi Master Minas Velti.[1] As the Sith Lord Darth Sidious issued Order 66, his apprentice, the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker led the 501st Legion in an assault on the Jedi Temple.[5] Clone troopers entered the room Velti, Reva, and the other younglings were in and began to fire at Velti, who quickly cut them down and led the younglings away. The group made their way through the temple halls as the Jedi Master protected them from the clones until she was killed by them, leaving her charges to fend for themselves.[1] They ran from the fighting until they came across Skywalker himself. Reva and the other younglings assumed he was there to help, but became horrified when he started slaughtering them, having not realized he had turned to the dark side as the newly-christened Darth Vader. Reva was able to survive by hiding under the corpses of the other younglings in the group she was with.[2]

Turning to the dark

"You came to us from the gutter. Your ability gave you station but all the power in the world can't mask the stench beneath."
―The Grand Inquisitor on the Third Sister[3]

Reva eventually escaped the Jedi Temple and turned to the dark side. Wanting revenge on Vader, currently acting as the commander-in-chief of the Galactic Empire's forces, she joined the regime's Inquisitorius as an Inquisitor, in order to get close to him. Becoming known as the Third Sister,[2] she was tasked with hunting the last of the Jedi Order. The Grand Inquisitor wrote her off as "least of them", recalling that she had come to them from "the gutter" and that her dark side ability was the only reason she was able to remain within the Inquisitorius' ranks.[3] Much like the Third Brother, the specific actions the Third Sister carried out in the name of the Galactic Empire remained a mystery.[6] Reva formulated a plan to kill Vader by bringing in his former mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Dark Lord of the Sith,[2] seemingly with the goal of winning his approval,[3] only to kill him while he was distracted with Kenobi.[2] This plan led to her becoming fixated on capturing the Jedi Master.[1]

A hunt on Tatooine

"Tell me where the Jedi is, or this man and his family die! The Jedi are cowards. They failed you, abandoned you. There is no point in protecting them. They would not do the same for you. But you can save this man. Save his family."
―The Third Sister to the people of Anchorhead, while threatening Owen Lars[1]

The Third Sister's attempt to cut down Nari is stopped by the Grand Inquisitor.

In 9 BBY,[7] the Third Sister was dispatched to the desert planet of Tatooine alongside the Grand Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother, tasked with locating the Jedi Nari. While her superior attempted to intimidate the locals in a saloon, the impatient Reva interrupted him by throwing a knife at the saloon owner. Before it could kill the saloon owner, Nari, who was in the saloon, caught it with the Force. The Third Sister tried to cut him down with her lightsaber, only to be stopped from doing so by the invisible grip of the Grand Inquisitor, who instead wanted him alive for interrogation, allowing Nari to escape. The Third Sister then attempted to give chase, but was halted by the Grand Inquisitor, who reprimanded her for her recklessness and fixation on Kenobi, while the Fifth Brother instead chased the fugitive Jedi.[1]

The Third Sister and Fifth Brother later went to Anchorhead, and began to ask for information. Much to her companion's irritation, she began to threaten the townspeople, at one point severing the hand of a local who claimed the Empire had no power over them on Tatooine. Reva focused her attention on moisture farmer Owen Lars, announcing to the crowd that she would kill the man and his family if no one spoke up about their knowledge about the Jedi, at which point the Fifth Brother intervened and forced her to stand down. Afterwards, he pulled her aside and chastised her for overstepping and continuing her pursuit of Kenobi in spite of the Grand Inquisitor explicitly forbidding it.[1]

Bait for Kenobi

"Lord Vader will be pleased... You didn't know? He's alive, Obi-Wan... Anakin Skywalker is alive. He's been looking for you for a long time and I will be the one to deliver you to him."
―The Third Sister to Obi-Wan Kenobi[3]

The Grand Inquisitor confronts the Third Sister for having Leia Organa abducted.

Defying the misgivings and demands of her peers, the Inquisitor Reva hired a group of bounty hunters to kidnap the adopted daughter of Alderaanian Viceroy Bail Prestor Organa, Leia Organa, hoping to attract Kenobi's attention and lure him into the open. She ordered the bounty hunters to bring the Princess to Daiyu, where she intended to confront the Jedi Master.[1]

On Daiyu, the Third Sister was once again confronted by the Grand Inquisitor, accompanied by the Fifth Brother and the Fourth Sister, who ordered her to stand down while he took over her operation of hunting down Kenobi. Additionally, he berated her for kidnapping the daughter of an Imperial Senator in order to achieve her goal, though she argued that they had done worse. The Grand Inquisitor then told the Third Sister that she would be punished for stepping out of line at a later point in time.[3]

Once again disobeying her superior's orders, the Third Sister placed a bounty on the Jedi Master's head, intending for the credit-purposed lowlifes and mercenaries to draw him out to her, while she waited on the rooftops of the city. After seeing an exchange of blaster fire between Kenobi and several bounty hunters, she began to run towards him. When she eventually reached the ground level she was stopped by the con artist Haja Estree, who pretended to be a Jedi in order to stall her and aid in Kenobi and Organa's escape. The Third Sister instead probed the charlatan's mind and discovered that her target would be making their escape from Daiyu via a cargo shipyard.[3]

The Third Sister intercepted Kenobi in a hangar on Daiyu.

The Third Sister soon confronted her quarry at the shipyard, revealing to him that she intended to keep him alive so she could deliver him to Lord Vader, revealing to Kenobi that he was still alive, and admitting that she was privy to her master's true identity as Anakin Skywalker. The Grand Inquisitor soon arrived and interrupted the Third Sister, bidding her to move out of his way and to watch and learn as he personally retrieved the Jedi Master. Briefly feigning obedience, the Third Sister stepped aside, only to stab the Grand Inquisitor in the abdomen, mockingly remarking that she had no intention whatsoever of letting him take all the glory of her achievement. Kenobi took the distraction to escape on a cargo ship with Organa as Reva watched on and yelled threats at him.[3]

The Third Sister contacted her master to provide an update on the Jedi runaway. The Dark Lord told her that if she captured him, the position of Grand Inquisitor would be hers, but if she failed, she would not live to regret it. Afterwards, she met with the Fifth Brother and the Fourth Sister, where she instructed them to send out all the remaining Probe droids they had. The Fifth Brother questioned her authority and claimed that he was the next in line for the Grand Inquisitor's position, to which the Third Sister explained that she had just spoken with their master personally, and that he had asked her to lead the hunt. Despite his reluctance to following her orders, the Fifth Brother obliged.[8]

Probes were sent to Mapuzo in order to locate the Jedi Master and, once discovered, the Third Sister, the Dark Lord and the other Inquisitors journeyed to the planet to confront the runaway Jedi. Reva watched as Vader tried to lure out Kenobi by killing some of the townspeople in a mining village and at one point tried to interfere, in which the Fifth Brother stopped her and reminded her of their orders to stand back. As the townspeople were being rounded up, the Third Sister found a safe house belonging to a network known as The Path, where Force-sensitives escaped Imperials and given new identities. In the safehouse, she saw the emblem of the Jedi scratched onto a wall, bringing back painful memories she had; along with discovering a tunnel leading to the spaceport. Realizing that her quarry likely headed down it, the Third Sister made her way to the spaceport and killed the pilot waiting for them there. As her quarry, consisting only of Leia, arrived, Reva kidnapped her once again.[8]

Invasion of Fortress Inquisitorius

"You were warned what defeat would bring! I will tolerate your weakness no longer."
―Darth Vader to the Third Sister[9]

Leia was brought to Fortress Inquisitorius on the moon of Nur, where the Third Sister attempted to interrogate the young Princess for the location of The Path. However, despite claiming that Kenobi was killed on Mapuzo and that no one was coming to save her, the girl refused to cooperate and remained defiant to the Inquisitor. Before Leia could be tortured for answers, however, Kenobi and Tala Durith were able to distract Reva and rescue the princess.[9]

As the trio attempted to escape, the Third Sister chased after them despite the Fifth Brother demanding the fortress locked down, accusing her of bungling the situation. Flanked by stormtroopers and purge troopers, she was able to confront the three, cornered a hangar, but before they could be executed, a pair of T-47 airspeeders arrived and rescued the three, though the Third Sister was able to knock one out of the sky. Reva's bungling of the situation caused an infuriated Lord Vader to confront and Force choke her in anger upon his arrival, preparing to kill her for her failure. However, her master was placated when she revealed that she installed a Homing beacon inside Leia's droid L0-LA59 and that it would lead them to Kenobi and whoever is with them.[9]

Promotion to Grand Inquisitor and siege of Jabiim

Having impressed Lord Vader by tracking the Princess and the Jedi Master to Jabiim, which housed the Path's main fortress, through Leia's droid, Lola, the Third Sister, aboard the Commander-in-Chief's personal Star Destroyer flagship, the Devastator, was elevated to the rank of Grand Inquisitor.[2]

Lola, having been reprogrammed while Leia was held hostage, snuck into the base's defenses and locked everyone inside while Reva and Vader's troops, arriving on the Imperial shuttle Scythe, started bombarding the blast doors, beginning the attack on Jabiim.[2]

Soon, Kenobi tried to parley with Reva, deducing that she was present during the night of Order 66 and witnessing Vader leading the attack against her fellow younglings herself, having initially thought he was there to help fend off the clones. She revealed she survived Order 66 by playing dead and Kenobi soon realized that Reva did not truly serve Vader, but instead sought to bring justice to her fallen younglings by gaining his trust and then betraying him. However, the Third Sister, distrusting of the Jedi Master as he was not at the Temple to help her and her "family" escape, rejected his help, pointing out that the Dark Lord had been his own Padawan and asking why he did not stop him.[2]

After a brief but fierce exchange of fire between the Imperial troops and the members of the Path, which saw their leader Tala sacrifice herself against the oncoming troops, Kenobi decided to surrender with the intention of bringing Reva to Vader himself, asking her if she will let him slaughter more civilians - including children - and offered her to stop him again. When asked if the Dark Lord would see it coming, the Jedi Master reassured her that he would be too fixated in settling the score with his old mentor.[2]

Soon, Kenobi was able to escape with the Path and Leia, leaving Vader, who had just reached the fortress, behind, open to Reva's attack. The Inquisitor snuck up behind him with the intention to assassinate her master, but the Dark Lord, sensing her, stopped her before she could do the deed. Reva, imbued with rage, tried to charge at him, but she quickly underestimated Vader's true powers and was knocked down multiple times. They quickly engage in a lightsaber duel, though the Third Sister, momentarily haunted by memories of the Dark Lord slaughtering her fellow younglings, kept her guard down and was momentarily stabbed through the torso, weakening her. Reva, realizing that the Grand Inquisitor survived his injuries, was relieved of her title of Grand Inquisitor due to her treachery and left to die. However, she endured and was able to activate a holoprojector of a message from Bail Organa intended for Kenobi of his plans with Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker, a farm boy living on the desert planet of Tatooine who happened to be the son of the unaware Vader.[2]

Mission to Tatooine

With Kenobi and the Path occupied with Devastator opening fire on them, Reva set off for Tatooine on a mission to hunt for Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker, tracking them to the Lars Homestead. After he was informed by Dardin Shull, Owen, returning to the homestead, told his wife, Beru Whitesun Lars, about the incoming attack, and prepared to fend off against Reva.[4]

Reva soon entered the homestead, where she was ambushed by Owen and Beru opening fire on her. The former Inquisitor was able to enter the interior of the homestead and disarm the farmer after a brief scuffle, but his wife got the jump on her, buying enough time for the boy to make a run for it. With Reva dead set on killing Luke as revenge, she initiated a pursuit against the young farm boy.[4]

Reva followed Luke into Beggar's Canyon, where she was finally able to halt the boy in his tracks by using the Force to dislodge the rock he was standing on. With Luke now unconscious, Reva moved in for the kill, but was haunted by flashbacks of Vader during the siege on the Jedi Temple and herself as a youngling in Luke's place. Reva stopped herself before she was able to deal the killing blow, and instead returned, albeit wearily, to the Lars homestead, with an unconscious Luke in her arms.[4]

Kenobi, who had returned to Tatooine after an intense duel against Vader, faced Reva and reassured her that she did not fail, nor fall to the dark side like her cruel former master, but brought peace and honor to her fallen younglings by showing mercy to Luke and was now free to choose her own destiny. Tearfully laying down her lightsaber, Reva chose her destiny: to be free.[4]


While the Inquisitorius was extinct by the time of the Battle of Scarif[10] in 0 BBY,[11] the Third Sister's fate remained a mystery, much like that of the Third Brother.[6]

Personality and traits

The Third Sister was extremely violent, making use of threats and even dismemberments for lack of respect.

The Third Sister had brown eyes, dark skin, and black hair.[1]

The Third Sister was highly ambitious. Thus, her mind was set on tracking down Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, with her fellow Inquisitors assuming she hoped his capture would gain her Lord Vader's favor and therefore improve her station. Her aspiration, however, put her at odds with the Grand Inquisitor[3] and Fifth Brother[1], both of whom found her to be rash and unbalanced, in addition to looking down upon her as the "least of them."[3] Reva was aware of Darth Vader's former persona of Anakin Skywalker due to his raid on the Temple. Her desire for revenge blinded her to the hypocrisy of her own actions; she wanted revenge on the Dark Lord for killing the Jedi she saw as her childhood family, only for that quest to lead her down a path where she was willing to kill children and families herself if it meant avenging her own.[2]

In the end, despite having gone to kill Luke, Reva couldn't bring herself to do it, as she realized doing so would have made her just like the one who killed her family, and she dreaded becoming him. She chose mercy and tearfully returned Luke to his uncle and aunt, and was assured by Obi-Wan that she had found her way out of the darkness and could at last be free.[4]

Powers and abilities

Although very skilled on her own right, the Third Sister could not match a Sith Lord.

The Third Sister was skilled with her lightsaber, being able to cut off hands and stab people with it. Most notably, she was able to effectively block blasts from a T-47 airspeeder with her lightsaber.[1][9] The Third Sister was also extremely agile as shown when she was jumping across the rooftops of Daiyu and when she evaded some of the strikes of her former master after betraying him.[3][2] Unfortunately, her lightsaber skills ultimately proved futile when she faced Vader, who was able to effortlessly evade each of her strikes despite Reva being very quick on her feet. The only strike that she landed on her duel against Vader was one that managed to knock the saber the Dark Lord was using out of his hands, though her adversary quickly recovered.[2]

Reva also displayed the ability to use the Force, being able to lift and throw an explosive at an airspeeder that was trying to escape Fortress Inquisitorius.[9] She was also able to Mind probe people and use the Force to collapse an antenna tower while chasing Kenobi.[3] Despite this, the Third Sister was very defenseless against attacks from other Force-users, as she was easily kicked back by the Grand Inquisitor after he blocked her lightsaber strike with the Force, she was also prevented from sitting on a chair by the Fifth Brother and was almost Force choked by the Dark Lord, being easily immobilized on all three occasions.[1][8][9]


Before she became a Jedi hunter, she had possession of a droid. However, it was taken away from her, like many of her past belongings and acquaintances.[9] During her time as an Inquisitor, the Third Sister wore black armor with a cape,[1] and wielded a red-bladed Inquisitor lightsaber.[1]

Behind the scenes

"Reva is a boss. I mean, really like a full-on athlete. She is on a mission and will conquer that at all costs when given the opportunity."
―Moses Ingram[12]

The character of Reva was created for the Disney+ limited series Obi-Wan Kenobi, where she was portrayed by Moses Ingram.[12] Her younger self was portrayed by Ayaamii Sledge,[2] who was credited as a Jedi Youngling in the series. While she was first mentioned only as the Third Sister in "Darth Maul and Other Dark Side Followers," a 2021 issue of DeAgostini's Star Wars Encyclopedia reference booklets,[6] the character was first pictured and fully revealed as Inquisitor Reva by an article published by Entertainment Weekly magazine on March 9, 2022, providing a first look at the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.[13] StarWars.com later confirmed that the newcoming Inquisitor character was, in fact, the Third Sister.[14]

The story for Obi-Wan Kenobi was crafted by director Deborah Chow and writer Joby Harold, who described Reva as a ruthless and ambitious Jedi hunter, and stated that the character will have a very significant role in the upcoming series while contributing to the legacy of Star Wars villains "in a really interesting way." Additionally, actress Moses Ingram said that her physically-demanding character could accomplish her mission "at all costs when given the opportunity." Ingram also expressed that she hoped the look for Reva's hair, which was finalized after a lot of conversations, would allow Black children with kinky hair to wear their natural hair in Halloween costumes.[15]

Reva's surname has been given in a YouTube video posted by Disney Plus, the automatic captions rendering the name as "Savander." As this spelling is not official, it is not included in this article.[16]


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