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"Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone."
―Darth Malak[10]

Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knight—was a Human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

Believed to have been born in the Outer Rim Territories, the man later known as Revan was born around the year 3994 BBY and studied under a number of different Jedi Masters as a Padawan of the Jedi Order. Becoming fast friends with a fellow student named Alek, the young man became a Jedi Knight and was a vocal and charismatic critic of the Order's inactivity in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior clans. Leading the Revanchist movement in defiance of the Jedi Council's wishes and taking on the name of Revan, the Knight donned the mask of a fallen Mandalorian as he joined the Republic Military's fight and was appointed Supreme Commander.

However, when Revan defeated the Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY, Revan and his friend Alek, by then known as Malak, followed the trail of a mysterious Sith influence on the Mandalorian Wars to the Unknown Regions, where the two discovered a reconstituted Sith Empire and were turned to the dark side of the Force by the Sith Emperor. Sent back to the Republic as advance agents, the newly anointed Dark Lords of the Sith Darth Revan and Darth Malak broke free of the Emperor's mental control and established their own empire with the Star Forge, an ancient space station of great power that had been built by the Rakata species. Taking Malak as his Sith apprentice and using the Star Forge to construct a military fleet and weapons, Revan waged war against the Republic in the resultant Jedi Civil War. However, Revan was betrayed by Malak and was captured by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, who saved Revan and formed a Force bond with her captive.

With his mind wiped, Revan was given a new identity as a Republic soldier by the Jedi Council and stationed aboard the Republic warship Endar Spire. However, when Malak attacked the Spire above the planet Taris in a failed attempt to capture Shan, Revan joined forces with the Republic officer Carth Onasi and a number of other individuals on Taris to locate Shan and escape the world before Malak destroyed the planet's surface. Revan and his friends traveled to the planet Dantooine's Jedi Enclave, where he was retrained as a Jedi Padawan. Sent on a mission to locate the Star Maps, Rakatan artifacts that would lead the way to the Star Forge, Revan gained new allies and grew close with Shan during their travels. However, when the group was captured by Malak, Revan's true identity was revealed and Shan was captured, forcing him and his crew to find the final Map and locate the Star Forge on their own. Aboard the Star Forge, Revan brought a fallen Shan back to the light side of the Force with his love and defeated Malak, earning the Cross of Glory and the title of Prodigal Knight.

Revan married Shan and sank into obscurity for several years until his resurfacing memories led him to leave his wife and unborn child behind in a search for answers in the Unknown Regions. Captured by the Sith, he was imprisoned for three years until a former lieutenant of his named Meetra Surik rescued him with the help of the Sith Lord Scourge. The trio's attempt to eliminate the Sith Emperor failed, and Revan was held captive by the Emperor for three hundred years until he was finally freed by Republic forces. Taking control of the Rakatan Foundry, Revan attempted to construct an army of extermination droids to destroy the Empire, but the Jedi Master died when he was defeated by an Imperial strike team.

However, the torture that he experienced at the hands of the Emperor had splintered Revan's mind, and while part of him attempted to become one with the Force, the rest rejected death and clung to life, embracing the dark side. Taking control of the fanatical Order of Revan, he sought to destroy the Sith Emperor once and for all by bringing the Sith ruler back to a physical form and killing him, but both the Empire and the Republic joined together in an effort to stop him. Revan's light side was unable to pass on and aided the coalition in defeating the dark Revan, and although the Emperor was able to regain his strength, the two halves of Revan merged and were able to die a final death. Revan's spirit went on to aid the heroes of the galaxy in defeating the Sith Emperor once and for all, and with his task completed, he became one with the Force. His legacy, however, would live on: the Sith Lord Darth Rivan, who lived during the thousand-year-conflict known as the New Sith Wars, chose his Sith name after reading a damaged manuscript about Revan, and the Sith Lord Darth Bane discovered Revan's Sith holocron on the planet Lehon and used Revan's teachings to develop the Rule of Two philosophy.


Early life and Jedi training

"Revan had many Masters, Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Toward the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. It is said that he returned to his first Master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the Order."
Hooded jedi

The man later known as Revan

A Human male,[9] the individual later known as Revan[14] was born in approximately[9] 3994 BBY,[1] and some believed that[13] he[9] had been born in the Outer Rim Territories.[13] The child who would be remembered as Revan was eventually discovered to be Force-sensitive and was accepted into the Jedi Order.[10] The Jedi Master Kreia claimed to have been his first teacher in the ways of the Force. Regardless of the truth of her statement,[13] the Human was trained along with a fellow student named Alek both on the planet Coruscant[10] and at the Jedi Enclave on the planet Dantooine.[15] Both Humans received further training from the Twi'lek Jedi Master Zhar Lestin, who noted that the man later known as Revan possessed what he described as an insatiable desire for knowledge. Lestin believed that it was simply youthful exuberance and eagerness, and he expected the young man to become a champion of the Order—a sentiment shared by Master Vandar Tokare, though Master Vrook Lamar was wary of the student's desire for knowledge.[10]

The Jedi studied under a number of Jedi Masters after leaving the tutelage of his first teacher, learning from Master Lestin, the Enclave's chronicler Master Dorak,[10] and Master Arren Kae. The former Jedi hopeful Mical later claimed that the Jedi later known as Revan had undertaken a thorough study of Force bonds and other uncommon Force powers during his time as a Padawan.[13] Alongside Alek, the man achieved the rank of Jedi Knight sometime before the year 3964 BBY,[16] and the two were widely acknowledged as being among the most promising members of the Jedi Order. However, Alek's friend was commonly recognized as the more powerful and intelligent of the pair, and he was seen as the leader among the two.[10] By 3964 BBY, the man was a well-known, charismatic, and powerful Jedi Knight.[16] According to Mical, the Jedi returned to his first teacher in order to learn how to best leave the Jedi Order, though he did not follow through.[13]

The Mandalorian Wars

The Revanchist

"When the Mandalorian threat first arose, Revan and Malak were eager to defeat the enemy of the Republic. But the council thought it best if we moved with care and caution. The true threat, the council feared, had not yet revealed itself. But Revan would not be dissuaded. Charismatic and powerful, it was inevitable many of the Order would flock to Revan's seemingly noble cause. Malak was the first to join his closest friend. Others followed, many of our youngest and brightest, intent on saving the galaxy from the Mandalorian threat."
―Zhar Lestin[10]

That year, warriors of the Mandalorian culture began an invasion of the Galactic Republic's territories in the Outer Rim, bringing the Mandalorian Wars to the larger galaxy. Outraged at the Jedi Council's refusal to involve the Order in the conflict, the young Jedi Knight began to speak with many other members of the Order, arguing that the Jedi should actively aid the Republic Military in its fight against the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. The Republic media branded him as the "Jedi's own crusader,"[16] and the "crusader" gradually gathered a following of like-minded Jedi as the number of military and civilian casualties continued to rise.[13] Alek was the first to join the cause, and his friend soon became considered to be the honorary "Master" of those who followed him.[16]


The Revanchist meets with the Jedi Council.

With the backing of Alek and his other followers, the Jedi Knight decided to journey to the war front against the wishes of the Jedi High Council so that he could scout the enemy lines. On the way, he and his followers stopped on the planet Taris in the Ojoster sector in order to meet with Jedi Master Lucien Draay. The "crusader" hoped to recruit more Jedi to his cause from the Jedi Tower on Taris, but neither Draay nor any of the other Jedi there were willing to oblige.[17] Not long after departing Taris, the Knight left Alek and the majority of his followers on the planet Suurja while he himself investigated Mandalorian activity on Onderon and its moon Dxun.[18]

However, many of his followers were captured by Mandalorians in an ambush at Suurja. Considering his findings to be "disturbing," the Knight reported them to the Jedi Council on Coruscant shortly after the Republic officially entered into the Mandalorian Wars, though the Council once again told him that the Order had no place in the war. In response, the Council dispatched the Human Knight on a mission to rescue those Jedi who had been captured. As he departed the Council chambers on Coruscant, the Knight encountered Master Draay, and after a brief conversation about their views on the war, he departed to complete his assignment.[18]

The Jedi's followers, including Alek, were eventually rescued from the Mandalorian scientist Demagol on the planet known as Flashpoint by the fugitive Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, who had been framed by his former Master Lucien Draay for the murder of his classmates on Taris.[19] Once reunited with Alek and his other followers, the Knight continued his campaign for Jedi intervention in the Mandalorian Wars. Finding himself to be a celebrity to the larger Republic as the head of the Revanchist movement—as his faction became known—he was cast by the Republic media in the role of a crusading savior who was wrongfully ignored by the Jedi Council. Though he was first referred to as "the Revanchist Leader" in news reports, the young Jedi Knight soon became known simply as "the Revanchist."[16]

Persuading the Jedi

"I feel it! I feel it!"
―Malak and Revan sense the attack on Serroco[20]

Over the course of 3963 BBY, the Revanchist continued to travel the galaxy and bring his message of Jedi intervention to all who would listen.[20] A Cathar Jedi named Ferroh, one of the Revanchist's followers, brought the planet Cathar to the Revanchist's attention. Ferroh's entire species had vanished from their homeworld[21] ten years prior,[8] and the Revanchist—believing that the Mandalorians were responsible—began showing other Jedi the abandoned world in order to convince them that the Mandalorians needed to be stopped.[21] He and Alek were on Cathar when Mandalorian forces under the command of their leader, Mandalore the Ultimate, attacked the planet Serroco. In the Battle of Serroco, the Mandalorians bombed the planet's surface with nuclear warheads, and the Revanchist felt the death of thousands of innocents from several sectors away.[20]


The Revanchist senses the Battle of Serroco.

Not long afterward, the Revanchist was invited by Lord Arkoh Adasca, the head of the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, to bid on weaponized exogorths that the businessman sought to sell to any faction in the Mandalorian Wars. The Knight was unable to attend the auction due to pressing business elsewhere, so he sent Alek in his place. Several Jedi had visions that Adasca's exogorths could change the course of the war, so the Revanchist instructed his friend to ensure that the danger the weapons posed was eliminated.[22] In the aftermath of the Adasca affair, the Revanchist was rumored to be arranging a meeting between several Jedi opinion-makers.[23]

Shortly after the Adasca affair, Lucien Draay was appointed to the Jedi Council. He reported to the Council that Republic intelligence reports indicated a blow to the Mandalorians' plans of conquest, reportedly by an insurrection within their own ranks, and stated that the "interventionist path" sought by the Revanchist was wrong for both the Republic and the Jedi. The Council approved his motion, which ordered the recall, or if necessary, detention, of the Revanchists.[24] The Jedi Council sent Alek back to the Revanchist and his followers with a final warning[25] after Alek, going under the guise of "Captain Malak,"[26] testified to the Jedi Council against the secret cabal known as the Jedi Covenant.[25]

Massacre on Cathar

"I don't know your name—but I take up your cause. I will not remove your mask until there is justice—until the Mandalorians have been defeated once and for all. So swears… Revan!"

The Revanchist was on Cathar again when Malak returned from Coruscant, but Master Lamar and several other Jedi Masters followed him there. The Masters confronted the Revanchist and his followers, informing the young Jedi that the Mandalorians were nothing special and demanding that the Revanchist movement disband. However, in the midst of the discussion, the Revanchist discovered a Mandalorian mask underfoot. When he picked it up, the entire group of Jedi was enveloped in a Force vision of the past: hundreds of Cathar were storming toward the nearby beach, pursued by a swarm of Mandalorians led by Mandalore's lieutenant Cassus Fett. The Jedi tried to defend the Cathar, but their lightsabers were unable to harm the phantom Mandalorians. The Jedi watched helplessly as the Cathar were herded into the ocean, and Fett's forces prepared to massacre the Cathar.[21]


Revan dons the Mandalorian's mask and vows to avenge the Cathar.

One Mandalorian, however, flew in front of the Cathar and pleaded with Fett on their behalf, arguing that they were defeated and that genocide was unnecessary. Fett declared that the Cathar had to be annihilated for dishonoring the Mandalorians during the Great Sith War and that if the warrior wished to stand with the Cathar in their final moments, they could perish alongside them as well. Fett saluted the warrior's efforts before authorizing[21] his[8] warships to fire away, thus killing the outspoken Mandalorian and all of the Cathar. It was that Mandalorian's mask that the Revanchist had found, and after being inspired by their sacrifice, he placed the mask on his face. Drawing his violet-bladed lightsaber and adopting the simpler name of Revan, he vowed to wear the mask until all of the Mandalorians were brought to justice for their atrocities.[21]

Even the Jedi Council was affected by the details that were discovered behind the massacre of the Cathar. Although they were still unwilling to lead the entire Jedi Order into the war, the Mandalorians' war crimes were sufficient enough for the Council to begrudgingly sanction the intervention of Revan and his faction on behalf of the Republic.[21] Officially, they still denounced Revan's actions as unwise and too hasty and continued to dissuade the rest of the Order from joining Revan's cause. In reality, the Mandalorians' own actions made it impossible for them to stand in the way of Revan's cause.[10] However, Revan came up with a solution that would appease the Council and allow him to respond to the growing public clamoring for the Jedi to take action. Inspired by an initiative from the days of the Great Sith War thirty years earlier that had allowed civilian healers to work with the military, he proposed that the Revanchists be deputized into the Republic Military as a Mercy Corps. The Council grudgingly agreed to Revan's request, and the newly formed Mercy Corps was placed directly under his command.[11]

Fighting the Mandalorians

"We began with nothing but a leader and a purpose—now we have an army. And sanction! The High Council fell in line as soon as word spread—and the Republic is overjoyed! The Cathar didn't die in vain. Their fate, long ago, may have saved the galaxy!"
Revan Malak EGTW

Revan and Malak during the war

In the following weeks, the Revanchist Jedi joined the Republic Military in battling the Mandalorians openly.[8] By that time, a Jedi named Meetra Surik had become one of Revan's most valuable lieutenants.[9] Revan quickly won a string of military victories, proving himself to the Republic military a capable military leader,[10] and in 3962 BBY, Revan and Malak prevented the Battle of Duro from becoming an even larger disaster by bringing a fleet of Interdictor-class cruisers into the system and preventing the Mandalorians from escaping with large amounts of war materiel from Duro's orbital shipyards.[27]

In light of their accomplishments, Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa named Revan Supreme Commander[27] and placed a third of the Republic Military under his direct command. Under his leadership, the Republic war effort began to push back the Mandalorians, but at a price—Revan and Malak began to adopt a policy of victory at all costs.[10] While Revan had a keen military mind and knew that the Republic's industrial might was the key to victory,[27] many of his victories were the result of his sacrificing resources and territory in order to gain an advantage. "Moral shortcuts" became common under Revan and Malak's leadership,[10] and the two Jedi developed a cold and calculating disposition unlike that of a Jedi;[28] they matched the Mandalorians' brutal tactics with tactics just as merciless.[29]

Sometime during the next two years, Revan and Malak uncovered an ancient ruin of the Rakata species near the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, and after undergoing a series of tests at the hands of the droid guardians, the two were given access to the inner chambers. Moments before they crossed the threshold, Malak warned Revan of the consequences, believing that the Council would banish the two if they attempted to enter. However, Revan would not be dissuaded, and the two entered the chamber to discover a Star Map—a relic of the Rakata species that showed part of the location of the Rakatan space station known as the Star Forge.[10]

Around 3961 BBY, Revan discovered another Star Map in the depths of the Shadowlands,[8] a region of the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, and the two Jedi also briefly visited the Sith tombworld of Korriban.[3] Not long afterward, Revan traveled to the Sith world of Malachor V and discovered the Trayus Academy, a temple of Sith learning. There, he began to be seduced by the dark side of the Force, learning from the Sith knowledge contained within the Academy, and Revan introduced Malak to the dark side as well.[8]


"It was not your ships or your men or your vaunted 'fight for freedom' that won this, the final battle of the war. It was by the actions of one person–the Jedi Revan–that you prevailed. Revan's strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity, the tenacity, and the subtlety of Revan's plans."
―Canderous Ordo[10]

Revan and Malak command Republic forces during the war.

Though under the thrall of the dark side, Revan did not renounce the Jedi ways initially, and he and Malak continued to battle the Mandalorians. When the Republic sought to drive the Mandalorians off of Taris, Revan himself led a group of Jedi into battle in Taris's Undercity. There, Revan freed a group of slaves who were about to be sold on the slave market—among them a young Force-sensitive Cathar named Juhani. Inspired by Revan's heroism, Juhani was encouraged by one of Revan's compatriots to join the Jedi Order. Not long afterward, Malak and Revan were defeated by the Mandalorian commander Cassus Fett at the star cluster Jaga's Cluster,[10] and Revan then ordered a large part of his forces under recently promoted General Meetra Surik to attack the Mandalorian strongholds on Onderon and Dxun. His battle plan called for hundreds of small-unit feints to probe the Mandalorian lines for weaknesses, and Surik carried out his orders despite[13] her[9] weakened forces. The battle on Dxun lasted for months and saw heavy Republic losses, with approximately ten Republic soldiers dying for every Mandalorian death.[13]

In an effort to draw out the Mandalorians, Revan launched a campaign against the planet Althir III that destroyed much of the Mandalorian army.[28] By 3960 BBY, Revan had begun to use a lightsaber of a blue color,[30] and he had ordered the construction of a superweapon known as the Mass Shadow Generator, which had been designed by the Zabrak engineer Bao-Dur. The Mass Shadow Generator served as the centerpiece of an elaborate trap in the Malachor system, where he hoped to lure the Mandalorians into a final confrontation that would end the conflict.[13] He placed General Surik in command of half of the Republic fleet to serve as bait to draw the Mandalorians into the range of the Mass Shadow Generator, while the rest of the fleet under Revan would launch an assault on Mandalore's flagship.[9] Whether through happenstance or Revan's design, many of the soldiers and Jedi present at the battle were those who were not strong supporters of the Supreme Commander; some later believed that Revan purposely assigned his detractors to the battle in order to eliminate them.[13]


Mandalore and Revan engage in a battle to the death.

However, Revan himself was delayed outside the system by a Mandalorian scouting party. When he finally arrived in the Malachor system, a massive naval battle was underway, and Mandalore—realizing that defeat was inevitable—decided to challenge Revan to single combat. Accepting Mandalore's challenge, Revan engaged the warrior in a duel to the death aboard Mandalore's flagship. Despite Mandalore's strength, he was eventually overcome by his Jedi opponent, and at the end of the duel, Mandalore lay dying at Revan's feet.[9]

Coughing up blood, Mandalore removed his mask and began to speak to his victorious opponent about how he had been betrayed. Puzzled, Revan questioned Mandalore as to what he meant, and the dying man explained that he had been manipulated by a red-skinned Sith into beginning the war. The Sith had convinced Mandalore to help him uncover a Sith tomb on the ice world of Rekkiad before he influenced the warrior into attacking the Republic, and Mandalore gave Revan Rekkiad's coordinates in order to prove he was telling the truth just before he died. Revan took Mandalore's Mask, his symbol of leadership, as his spoils of war.[9]

With Revan's victory, the Republic forces began to press the Mandalorian forces closer and closer to Malachor V. It was then that Surik commanded Bao-Dur to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, and Revan's own vessel was outside of range of the superweapon as it activated. Revan and Surik both watched in horror as most of the Mandalorian fleet and a large number of Republic vessels were drawn toward the planet into a massive gravity vortex. Countless ships were pulled from orbit and slammed into Malachor V's crust, crushing them and fracturing the planet to its very core. Thousands died on both sides of the battle, though the Mandalorians suffered far more casualties than the Republic. In the wake of the devastation, the Mandalorians who survived transmitted their unconditional surrender to the Republic forces.[13]

Rise of the Sith

Searching for answers

"So Mandalore was telling the truth."
"Did you really think his last words would be a lie?"
"Now what?"
"We have our proof. The Sith are not extinct. They have to be stopped."
"What about the Mandalorians?"
"Without the Mask, they are nothing."
―Malak and Revan[9]
Birth Darth Revan Darth Malak

Revan and Malak, shortly after the Mandalorian Wars

In the weeks that followed, Revan ordered that the remaining Mandalorians be stripped of their weapons and armor, and that they dismantle their basilisk war droids. Knowing that they would only resume the fight if a new leader took Mandalore the Ultimate's place, Revan refused to return the Mask to the Mandalorians, and many of the warriors soon became bounty hunters or mercenaries.[9] Shortly after the Battle of Malachor V,[10] Revan completed a new assassin droid named HK-47, which he based on the Czerka Corporation's HK-24 series assassin droid.[8] Not wanting to repeat the devastation that occurred at Malachor, Revan decided to use HK-47 in order to assassinate selective opponents. When analyzing Revan's actions during the Mandalorian Wars and particularly at Malachor, HK-47 came to believe that Revan may have had an ulterior motive—the droid believed that the devastation was meant to "break" the Jedi and make them loyal to Revan alone.[10]

After Malachor, Meetra Surik was left bereft of a connection to the Force, and she decided to answer the Jedi Council's demands for Revan, Malak, and Surik to answer for their actions. However, Revan and Malak refused and took the remainder of their forces into the Unknown Regions, claiming to be pursuing the remaining Mandalorians.[10] Malak urged Revan to kill Surik, but Revan refused, claiming that the Jedi was "already dead."[13] Revan took Malak alone to Rekkiad, where they followed Mandalore's directions to the twin ice structures known as the Twin Spears. There, they discovered the tomb of the Sith Lord Dramath the Second and a datacron within his sarcophagus that confirmed Mandalore's tale. The datacron spoke of a planet named Nathema, and the two Jedi decided to travel there in order to seek out the Sith who had manipulated Mandalore. Before departing, Revan left Mandalore's Mask in Dramath's sarcophagus to ensure that the Mandalorians did not rediscover it.[9]

Revan and Malak traveled alone to Nathema,[9] which was a world in the distant Chorlian sector,[31] and they were astonished to discover that the planet was completely barren of the Force. There, the two Jedi learned the story of the Sith Lord Vitiate, who had lived around the time of the Great Hyperspace War between the Republic and the Sith Empire a thousand years earlier. In 4999 BBY,[32] Vitiate had convinced many of the remaining Sith to join him in a ritual of Sith magic, but the Ritual of Nathema had resulted in the extinction of all life on the surface of Nathema and the immortality of Vitiate, who took on the name of Sith Emperor and gathered the younger generations of Sith before departing the remains of the shattered Sith Empire.[9]


Revan and Malak confront the Sith Emperor.

Determined to locate the Sith threat, Revan and Malak followed the Sith survivors' trail to the storm-covered world of Dromund Kaas, which they discovered to be the capital of a reconstituted Sith Empire under the rule of the Sith Emperor. Posing as mercenaries, the pair spent months learning everything they could about the Empire and its ruler, and they soon uncovered the Emperor's plans for an invasion of the Republic. But instead of warning the Republic, the two Jedi—proud and overconfident—believed that they could defeat the Emperor alone, and they looked for a way to infiltrate the Imperial Citadel in the Empire's capital city of Kaas City so that they could confront the Sith ruler. The pair received aid from Yarri, a member of the Imperial Guard who protected the Emperor, but the Jedi were unaware that all Guardsmen were bound to the Emperor's will and that she was leading them into a trap.[9]

When Revan and Malak arrived at the Emperor's throne room, the Sith ruler was ready for them—instead of fighting them, the Emperor reached out and dominated their minds, twisting the pair into willing servants and completing their fall to the dark side before he scoured their minds for useful information. Anointing his new servants as Darth Revan and Darth Malak, the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Emperor sent them back to the Republic as a vanguard to his own invasion, ordering them to find and make use of the Rakatan Star Forge and to report back when they had crushed the Republic's resistance. Publicly, the Emperor announced that Revan and Malak had been Republic spies, showing images of the pair to his people and proclaiming that they had been executed in the depths of the Citadel.[9]

Dark Lord of the Sith

"When they left after the Mandalorian Wars ended, they were Jedi. When they returned… they were something else."
―Carth Onasi, regarding Revan and Malak[10]
DarthRevan DarthMalak EGF

Darth Revan and Darth Malak as newly anointed Sith Lords

Departing Dromund Kaas in search of the Star Forge, as willing servants of the Emperor, Darth Revan and Darth Malak followed the Dantooine and Kashyyyk Star Maps to locate similar Star Maps on Manaan, Tatooine and Korriban. On Korriban, Revan delved further into the dark side while plundering[28] the tomb of the ancient Sith Tulak Hord.[32] Among the Sith relics he recovered from the tomb was Tulak Hord's mask,[33] and the two Sith soon located the Star Map in the depths of the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow.[10] During this time, Revan created his own Sith Holocron, which contained Revan's thoughts on the nature of the relationship between a Sith Master and apprentice.[15]

By 3959 BBY,[32] using information from the four Star Maps, Revan and Malak were able to triangulate the location of the Star Forge in the Lehon system. However, their ship crashed on the planet Lehon upon arrival, and the two were taken captive by the native Black Rakata tribe. Unable to understand the primitives' language, Revan tore the knowledge from the One, the Rakatan leader. Speaking with the One, Revan made a deal with the Rakata: in exchange for the theft of an ancient tome from the rival Elder tribe, the One would help Revan and Malak gain access to the Temple of the Ancients, a nearby structure that was the key to accessing the Star Forge but was sealed without a spoken ritual from the tome. However, when Revan and Malak met with the Elders, Revan instead allied himself with them.[10]

During his time among the Rakata, Revan spoke to Ll'awa, a Rakatan researcher who was attempting to restore the Force-sensitivity of their species, and Revan reached a compromise with the Elders: they would open the Temple of the Ancients for him and him alone if he would destroy the Star Forge and help the Elders free themselves from their dark past. However, once the Elders opened the Temple, Revan broke his word and entered the Temple with Malak, and the two used the knowledge they gleaned from the Temple to shut down the disruptor field around the planet and to access the Star Forge.[10] Before departing, Revan left his holocron in the lowest level of the Temple.[15]

The pair had broken free of the Emperor's control by the time they boarded the Star Forge[32] in orbit above the star Abo,[10] and the two former Jedi—their minds still twisted to the dark side—interpreted the Emperor's mental commands as their own desires.[9] Darths Revan and Malak declared themselves leaders of a new Sith Empire, and Darth Revan took on Darth Malak as his Sith apprentice. Assuming command of the Republic ships and soldiers who had followed him into the Unknown Regions, Revan made them into the military of his new Empire, and he used the Star Forge to manufacture ships, weapons, and other war materiel to supply them.[32] The Sith Lords quickly reclaimed Korriban, reestablishing the Sith Academy so as to supply their Empire with Sith.[8]


Darth Revan and Darth Malak lead their troops.

Revan had continued to study the Star Forge, and he came to the realization that it was capable of far more than just the creation of weapons. Taking a fragment of the Star Forge, no bigger than a fingertip, Revan experimented with it and discovered that the device fed on whatever it was given—whether it be the Force or simply basic mass—and returned the basic building blocks of the universe: water, air, carbon, and even life. He left the fragment in the depths of the moon Nar Shaddaa in the care of a number of alien slaves in a large complex. The slaves, whose descendants came to know Revan only as a godlike figure known as "the Revan", remained loyal to the Revan's instructions and cared for the "Infinite Engine."[34] However, Revan also acknowledged that the Star Forge itself was a threat, as the Rakata's reliance on the station had led to their destruction. As a result, Revan minimized his exposure to the Star Forge beyond taking a fragment and constructing his fleet, a decision that Malak saw as weakness.[10]

The Jedi Civil War begins

"With each conquest thousands more flocked to join the invaders, swelling their numbers. Even many of our own Order have betrayed us, lured by Sith promises of riches and power. For two years the Sith were all but invincible."
―Jedi historian Dorak[10]

For his first attack as part of a planned twenty-year campaign against the Republic,[35] Revan used his knowledge of the Republic Military's inner workings and attacked the shipyards of the planet Foerost.[32] In the Battle of Foerost, Revan's forces seized most of the Republic warships there and destroyed the rest, beginning the Jedi Civil War.[32] When the Republic officer Saul Karath defected to Revan's forces, Revan eventually promoted Karath to Admiral and commander of the entire Sith fleet.[28] However, Malak ordered the newly promoted Admiral to bombard the surface of the planet Telos IV with his flagship Leviathan, despite the fact that Revan had intended to conquer the planet.[10] As the title of Darth was previously unknown to the Republic and the Jedi at that point in time, many scholars later believed that Revan and Malak were the first Sith to use it, and they speculated that the title was derived from the Rakatan language.[15]

During the war, Revan ordered the assassination of a number of political figures, including an Echani Senator[10] and Senators Mimas Yoon of Corellia and Lelin-Dor of Serroco. It was Revan's intention to leave the Republic economy and military functionally intact, so that he could rebuild a stronger Republic[13] and confront the mysterious threat Revan remembered in the Unknown Regions.[9] However, the Echani general Yusanis learned of Revan's role in the Echani Senator's death and challenged the Sith Lord to a duel, though the general was slain in combat with Revan.[10]

Not long after the Battle of Foerost, Revan entered into a partnership with Czerka Corporation, offering them a trade monopoly within the territory of his empire in return for logistical and economic support. With Revan's support, Czerka established their regional headquarters in the colony of Dreshdae on Korriban near the Sith Academy.[10] A major part of Revan's battle strategy was the capture and corruption of Jedi; any captured Jedi would be tortured and converted into Dark Jedi and Sith, and Revan's specially trained Sith assassins struck at targets across the galaxy, capturing enemy Jedi and killing those who would not turn.[13]

Malak soon began to resent his Master, and he openly expressed his opinion that Revan was too soft to be a Sith while the two were aboard Revan's flagship. Malak's comments sparked a duel between the two that ended when Revan delivered a lightsaber strike to his apprentice that removed Malak's jaw. Malak survived the fight, but was forced to wear a large metal prosthesis over his lower face and spoke through a vocabulator for the rest of his life.[8] Around that time, Malak asked HK-47 what he thought of him, and Revan was so amused by HK-47's description of Malak as a "meatbag" that he programmed the droid to refer to all organics as such. The success of HK-47 led Revan to decide that more droids like him would help maintain galactic stability,[10] and HK-47 became the basis for the HK-50 series of droids which were constructed on Telos.[13]


Revan and Bastila battle aboard his flagship.

In 3957 BBY,[8] the Jedi Council set a trap for Revan, sending a small fleet to the Outer Rim as bait. Revan attacked the fleet, but a small Jedi strike team led by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan—who was capable of battle meditation, a Force ability that strengthened one's allies and weakened enemies through the Force—attacked Revan's flagship. Revan dispatched several Jedi and Republic soldiers when they attacked him on the command deck of his vessel, but Shan and three other Jedi arrived to confront the Sith Lord before he could leave the bridge. Malak, on his own vessel nearby, sensed that Revan was in danger and decided to take advantage of the situation to take his Master's place. Just as Revan prepared to duel Shan and the other Jedi, Malak's vessel opened fire upon the bridge of Revan's ship.[10]

Amid the confusion, Shan rushed forward and delivered a Force push to the Sith Lord's chest, sending him flying,[15] Revan was critically injured in the explosions and the fighting that followed. The only survivor of her strike team, Shan saved Revan's life with the Force and took him to safety—forming a powerful Force bond between them in the process. Shan brought the comatose Sith Lord with her to Dantooine, where the Jedi Order healed Revan's broken body, and the Jedi Council decided to take action against Revan: joining together, the members of the Council wiped Revan's mind clean, erasing his memories and giving him a new identity[10] as a soldier[32] from the planet Deralia.[10] Shan also secretly kept Revan's mask, which she had recovered before fleeing Revan's doomed flagship.[9]

Revan reborn

Soldier of the Republic

Aboard the Endar Spire
"One of our primary duties is to guarantee her survival in the event of enemy attack! You swore an oath just like everyone else on this mission. Now it's time to make good on that oath!"
―Trask Ulgo, on Bastila Shan[10]

Revan awakens aboard the Endar Spire.

In order to learn the source of Revan's fleet and the key to defeating Darth Malak, the Council decided to rely upon Shan's bond with Revan and draw out his memories to find the answers. Shan was charged with keeping Revan's identity hidden, and she was placed in command of the Hammerhead-class cruiser Endar Spire.[10] Believing himself to be a Republic soldier,[32] Revan was enlisted in the Republic Military under a false name and with a false background, and he was assigned to the Spire. Since Revan's defeat by the Jedi, Malak had declared himself the new Dark Lord, taken control of the Sith Empire, and kept the Republic on the defensive in the ongoing war.[10]

In 3956 BBY,[8] the Endar Spire was ambushed above Taris by Darth Malak, who had been hunting Shan relentlessly in the months after Revan's apparent death. Revan awoke in his quarters during the middle of the battle just before Trask Ulgo, his bunk mate, rushed into the room and ordered him to get dressed. After Revan was ready, Ulgo unlocked the room's door and the two departed their bunk in order to locate Shan per their orders to ensure her safety. However, they were contacted by Captain Carth Onasi, who called for reinforcements at the Spire's bridge. Upon entering the next hallway, the two soldiers discovered a pair of Sith troopers and opened fire on the boarders, killing them.[10]

Continuing through the ship, Ulgo and Revan fought off more troopers until they happened upon a Jedi and a Dark Jedi battling each other. At Ulgo's recommendation, the two soldiers hung back as the Jedi defeated the Dark Jedi, but an explosion from a nearby bulkhead killed the Jedi. When they were unable to find Shan at the bridge, the two rushed for the escape pods so that they would not be caught in the Endar Spire's destruction. Ulgo activated a nearby door to find Darth Bandon, Darth Malak's apprentice, blocking the way, and the soldier shouted to Revan to get to the escape pods as[10] he[36] charged the Dark Jedi and sealed the door behind him.[10]


Onasi and Revan's escape pod

As Revan headed toward the escape pods, he was contacted by Onasi, who was tracking the soldier through the Spire's life-support systems. Onasi reported that Shan's escape pod had just launched, and that the two of them were the only remaining crew members aboard. Warning Revan to hurry, Onasi suggested that he use his stealth gear to bypass a nearby Sith patrol, and Revan quickly made his way through the next few corridors before Onasi contacted him again. Onasi suggested using either the nearby assault droid or the ship's security systems against the large group of Sith in the next chamber.[10]

Taking Onasi's advice, Revan finally reached the escape pods and boarded the final pod with Onasi moments before the Spire exploded. The pair's escape pod crashed in Taris's Upper City, knocking Revan unconscious, and Onasi dragged Revan away from the crashed pod to an abandoned apartment in the nearby South Apartments. While he was unconscious, Revan was plagued by a nightmarish memory of Shan fighting Dark Jedi aboard Revan's flagship, and he did not regain consciousness for several days.[10]

Searching for Bastila
"I'm afraid your friend has become a pawn in Brejik's game to take over the Lower City. He's offered her up as the Vulkar's share of the prize in the annual swoop gang race."
―Gadon Thek[10]

Revan and Onasi encounter a Sith patrol.

When Revan finally awoke, he was greeted by Onasi, who explained what had happened after the crash and informed Revan of their duty to find Shan, as he was certain that she had escaped the Endar Spire before its destruction. With Onasi at his side, Revan left their apartment only to find a Sith soldier and two battle droids conducting a raid on the South Apartments. The soldier murdered a Duros named Ixgil when the resident protested the search, and Revan and Onasi were forced to defend themselves when the soldier saw the pair and realized they were Republic fugitives. After killing the soldier and their droids, Revan spoke with Ixgil's friend, who promised to move the bodies to ensure that the Sith would not come investigating.[10]

Continuing through the building, Revan received directions to the Upper City Cantina and Kebla Yurt's Equipment Emporium from the janitor Kadir.[10] He also encountered a number of the building's inhabitants, such as the former waitress Dia,[37] who told Revan about how she was hiding out to avoid a bounty set on her by a man named Holdan after she rejected his advances. Leaving the South Apartments, Revan and Onasi began exploring the Upper City, discussing Onasi's anger over the bombing of his homeworld Telos and the Sith aggression as they walked. They also encountered a Humanocentric man named Gorton Colu, who tried to convince the pair that aliens were filth infesting the planet.[10]

Heading into the northern apartments, the pair came across an Aqualish and Human bounty hunters who were threatening an elderly merchant. Upon noticing the two witnesses, the bounty hunters attacked Revan and Onasi, forcing the pair to kill the hunters, and Revan decided to give the merchant 100 credits to pay off the debt. A group of drunken men also accosted the pair in the northern Upper City, but Revan defused the situation.[10]

Revan and Onasi believed Shan's escape pod had likely crashed in the Undercity, so in order to reach the Undercity, the pair tried to pass through the Lower City—but were stopped by the Sith troopers at the elevator because they lacked the proper authorization papers.[10]


The Sith commander interrogates the Aqualish.

Heading into the nearby North Apartments, the two happened upon a Sith commander and two soldiers interrogating an Aqualish about stolen Sith uniforms. One of the soldiers ordered Revan and Onasi to leave, but the two stayed where they were and decided to intervene when the commander threatened to kill the Aqualish if they failed to cooperate. After Revan and Onasi killed the three Sith, Revan spoke with the Aqualish, who thanked him and revealed that they were supplying Sith uniforms to the Hidden Beks swoop gang in the Lower City, and the Aqualish recommended that the two soldiers speak with the Beks' leader Gadon Thek if they wanted to help in the fight against the Sith. The Aqualish also told Revan to take the fallen troopers' armor as disguises before they departed to go into hiding, and Revan and Onasi picked up the armor before continuing to explore the building. When he found a merchant named Largo hiding from a bounty in the building like Dia, Revan decided to give the man 200 credits to pay off his debt.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Revan defeated Twitch, Taris's dueling champion.

Heading to the Upper City Cantina, Revan was offered a pazaak deck by a man named Garouk, and, after purchasing it, used the deck to defeat a nearby player named Niklos in a game of pazaak. While exploring the cantina, Revan interacted with a number of local patrons, such as Jergan, Christya, and a young noble named Gana Lavin. Revan also spoke with Ajuur the Hutt, who convinced the soldier to enter the Taris dueling ring under the nickname "Mysterious Stranger." In a series of duels, Revan fought and defeated the Humans Deadeye Duncan, Gerlon Two-Fingers, Ice, and Marl, and finally the Rodian dueling champion Twitch to become the planet's dueling champion.[10]

However, when the Mandalorian Bendak Starkiller challenged Revan to an illegal death match, the soldier turned down the man's request. Talking more with Onasi, Revan also learned of Onasi's extreme reluctance to trust anyone, even his allies, though the soldier did not explain why he was so suspicious of others. The duo also visited Droids by Janice, a droid shop run by Janice Nall, but the astromech droid T3-H8 that Revan purchased from her broke down upon leaving the shop.[10]

Revan and Onasi also visited the Upper City's medical facility and spoke to the doctor Zelka Forn, learning of Forn's desire to acquire a sample of the Sith's rakghoul serum, which Sith patrols in the Undercity carried. The serum was an inoculation against the virulent rakghoul plague, which would turn victims into the mindless and infectious creatures known as rakghouls that inhabited the Undercity. Forn asked Revan to bring him a sample if he came across any; however, Forn's assistant Gurney attempted to convince Revan, as the soldier left, to sell the serum to the crime lord Davik Kang.[10]

While at Forn's facility, Revan discovered that the doctor had several injured Republic soldiers hidden in a back room. Forn had placed them in tanks of the healing kolto substance, and Revan promised to keep Forn's actions secret from the Sith.[10]

To the Lower City and beyond
"Another patrol heading down to the Lower City, eh? Good luck… I've heard it's pretty rough down there. There's a big swoop gang war going on, you know."
―The Sith trooper, fooled by Revan and Onasi's disguises, permits them to access the Lower City[10]

With their Sith uniforms, Revan and Onasi were able to access the elevator to the Lower City, where they arrived just in time to witness a fight between several Hidden Beks and members of the rival Black Vulkars gang. The victorious Vulkars immediately turned on Revan and Onasi, forcing the soldiers to kill the criminals in self-defense.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Revan agrees to help Matrik fake his death.

Onasi and Revan entered the Lower City Apartments, where they witnessed the bounty hunter Calo Nord's murder of the wanted Rodian Luugro and their friend so that he could claim their bounty. Exploring the various apartments, Revan came across a Twi'lek named Matrik who was a former employee of the Exchange criminal syndicate. Matrik explained that he had turned state's evidence against the Exchange, causing Davik Kang to put out a bounty on his head, but Matrik had a plan to fake his death with a permacrete detonator and asked Revan to bring him one in exchange for being able to claim the bounty on Matrik. Returning to the Upper City and purchasing a detonator from Kebla Yurt at the Equipment Emporium, Revan then returned to the South Apartments and helped Matrik set up the detonator to destroy his apartment, faking his death and allowing him to escape. While in the apartments, the pair also encountered the assassin Selven, who attacked them upon their entering her apartment, and the two killed the woman in battle.[10]

The two then entered the nearby Javyar's Cantina, where they witnessed Calo Nord kill three Black Vulkars who had not heeded his warning to leave him alone. They also witnessed several people threatening a young Twi'lek girl named Mission Vao—but the arrival of Vao's Wookiee companion Zaalbar sent the others on their way. The two Humans spoke briefly with Zaalbar and Vao before the two companions departed.[10] In the cantina, Revan encountered Holdan and confronted him about the bounty on Dia, convincing him to drop his grudge and withdraw the bounty.[37]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Revan also helped a Twi'lek woman named Lyn Sekla by serving as her partner for a dance audition before Bib Surool, the manager for the Starlight Entertainers troupe. Speaking with Zax, the Hutt who ran the bounty office in the cantina, Revan claimed to have killed Matrik and received a sum of credits for his supposed kill. While at the cantina, the soldier also encountered a Paaerduag named Ja'Gatcha, and also played a man named Gelrood at pazaak.[10]


Revan makes a deal with Gadon Thek, leader of the Hidden Beks

At the Hidden Beks' base in the Lower City, the two were stopped by a Bek guard, but Revan convinced the woman to allow them entry by claiming to be an ally of the Beks against their enemies. Entering the base, Revan and Onasi spoke to Gadon Thek, though his bodyguard Zaerdra blocked their path until Thek asked her to let them through. Revan inquired about the Spire's escape pods, only to learn that the Black Vulkars had stripped the pods clean of valuables hours after their crash and that they had Shan as a prisoner. The Vulkars and their leader Brejik, who believed Shan to be only a Republic officer, were planning to offer her as a prize at the annual swoop race, and Thek offered to help Revan win the race if Revan would help the Beks in return. Thek would sponsor Revan as the Beks' swoop rider if he recovered the Beks' stolen prototype accelerator from the Vulkar's base.[10]

Thek told Revan to locate Mission Vao, who would be able to get him into the Vulkar base, and directed him to the elevator to the Undercity where Vao was present. However, the Sith trooper would not allow access to the elevator without the proper papers, so Revan traded Thek his Sith uniform for papers and headed toward the Undercity elevator with Onasi, fighting several hostile Black Vulkars on the way. The two also witnessed a Mandalorian named Canderous Ordo, an enforcer for Davik Kang, intimidating several Vulkars into paying protection fees.[10]

Into the Undercity
"It's a deal - as soon as we get Big Z back, I'll show you a way into that Vulkar base! Now, come on - We have to find Zaalbar before they sell him to slavers - or worse!"
―Mission Vao[10]

Heading down to the Undercity, Revan and Onasi were confronted by two of the Outcasts who lived there, and when the pair demanded five credits for using the elevator, Revan instead gave them twenty credits. Another Outcast named Shaleena came up to Revan and apologized for the others' behavior, and after a short conversation with them about the villager Rukil and the fabled Promised Land, Revan continued toward the village's gate. A shopkeeper named Igear called to Revan and asked if he wanted to buy something, but a commotion at the gate drew Revan's attention. A woman named Hester was arguing with the gatekeeper Trewin, begging him to let their husband Hendar back into the village, but Trewin refused because Hendar was pursued by a rakghoul and he could not risk the creature infecting the villagers. Revan intervened, choosing to exit the village and rescue Hendar from the attacking rakghoul before the man could be infected.[10]


Mission Vao begged Revan to help her rescue her friend Zaalbar.

Returning to the village, Revan met with the elderly Rukil, who was wary of Revan and refused to speak of the Promised Land, though he asked the soldier to locate his missing apprentice Malya. Igear intercepted Revan as he departed Rukil's living area and offered to buy Malya's journals if he found them, though Revan continued on his way to speak with the village's leader Gendar. Gendar directed Revan and Onasi to where he had last seen Vao and Zaalbar, and the two departed the village in search of the Twi'lek and Wookiee. However, they almost immediately encountered a frantic Vao, whom Revan managed to calm enough for her to explain that Zaalbar had been captured by Gamorrean slavers.[10]

Vao promised to help Revan enter the Vulkar base if he helped free Zaalbar, and she joined Revan and Onasi as they explored the Undercity. When they encountered a Sith patrol, Revan showed the commander his authorization papers, and the Sith pointed him in the direction of where the most recent patrol had died. Fighting through the vicious rakghouls in the area, Revan and company located the body of a Sith soldier and recovered some of the rakghoul serum, and the trio also located the body of Malya and recovered her journals. Revan, Vao, and Onasi soon encountered a patrol of Exchange criminals led by Canderous Ordo, though the two groups were attacked by a number of rakghouls. After defeating the creatures, Ordo recommended that Revan abandon his search, as the Lower City gangs had already scavenged the escape pods.[10]

At one of the nearby escape pods, an injured Republic soldier begged Revan for help, as they had been attacked by a rakghoul, and Revan used the serum to prevent the man's transformation, though the man was killed by a swarm of rakghouls that arrived only moments later. Returning to the village, Revan also used the serum to cure several infected villagers, though he was first forced to defeat several other villagers whose infection had progressed to the point where they transformed into rakghouls.[10]

Returning to Rukil, Revan delivered the journals to the old man and listened as he explained the history of the Outcasts and the story of the Promised Land—a supposedly self-sufficient colony that he and his family had been seeking for years. Believing that Revan had a role to play in their history, Rukil asked him to recover the journals of his father and grandfather so that he could locate the Promised Land. The trio then headed into the sewers nearby in search of both the journals and Zaalbar. While exploring the sewers, the three of them fought off a number of rakghouls and patrolling Gamorreans, and Revan soon discovered the corpses of both Rukil's father and grandfather. Taking their journals, Revan then discovered a sealed door that Vao unlocked with her security spikes. Upon finding Zaalbar behind the unsealed door, the trio explained how they had come looking for him, and Zaalbar decided to swear a life debt—a lifelong vow of loyalty in Wookiee culture—to Revan in thanks. Surprised, Vao nonetheless decided that she would also accompany Revan with her friend, and she then offered to take the soldiers into the Vulkar base as promised.[10]

Fighting the Black Vulkars
"Well I didn't go to all the trouble of acquiring this prototype just so you could steal it back for that old fool!"
―Kandon, about Revan taking back the swoop accelerator to Gadon[10]

The rancor in the sewers

Before they headed down into the base, Revan and company returned to the Outcast village and delivered the journals to Rukil, ignoring Igear's attempts to buy the journals from him, and an overjoyed Rukil presented his research to Gendar. Swayed by the truth of the Promised Land's existence, Gendar decided to lead the Outcasts on the long journey to the Promised Land. Vao then led Revan and Onasi back down into the sewers, where she showed them an access tunnel they could use to access the Black Vulkar base—but she warned them that a rancor had made its nest in the tunnel several years earlier. Taking the tunnel, they continued to fight through Gamorreans, rakghouls, and malfunctioning droids, and they soon came across a severed arm that was holding a datapad and several bottles of a synthetic odor. Reading the datapad, Revan learned that the odor mimicked the scent of a rancor's favorite prey, and the trio used the odor to trick the rancor into eating a body with several active grenades. Passing the dead beast, the trio defeated the two Vulkar guards in the next passage and then took the elevator into the Vulkar base.[10]

Fighting through the Vulkars and their sentry droids, the trio encountered a terrified waitress named Ada, who explained that Davik Kang had sold them into slavery after killing their father, who had been unable to pay his debt. After questioning Ada briefly, Revan let the woman flee to safety, and the trio continued their search for the accelerator. Revan also fought and defeated a Twi'lek gang member who surrendered, explaining his disgust with Brejik's rule of the gang and his desire to defect back to the Hidden Beks if possible. Before Revan allowed him to leave, the Twi'lek told the trio about the security turrets guarding the garage where the accelerator was, and he recommended slicing the security systems or acquiring a passcode from one of Brejik's lieutenants.[10]


Revan and company encounter Kandon Ark.

Exploring the garage, Revan and company continued to defeat the hostile Vulkars, finally locating the prototype accelerator but finding a Twi'lek named Kandon Ark and several of his bodyguards protecting it. Ark tried to convince the soldier and his companions to come work for the Vulkars instead of the Beks, but when Revan refused his offer, battle broke out in the chamber and ended with the death of all of the Vulkars present. Having secured the accelerator, the three of them departed the Vulkar base through the front entrance,[10] and Revan first returned to the Upper City in order to deliver the rakghoul serum to Forn. Forn immediately began the process of synthesizing it so that he could mass-produce and sell it at an affordable price.[38]

Upon returning to the Hidden Bek base in the Lower City, Revan delivered the prototype accelerator to Thek, who revealed that he would allow Revan to pilot the Beks' swoop bike, as he did not wish to risk one of his own riders with the potentially explosive accelerator. Revan's companions returned to their apartment hideout in the Upper City while Revan spent a restless night in the Hidden Bek base before being taken to the swoop track in the morning. During the swoop races, Revan beat the top time and then outraced Redros, the Black Vulkar racer, when Redros beat Revan's first time.[10]

However, when Brejik came forward to deliver the prize, things went sour—knowing that Revan and the Beks had stolen the accelerator, Brejik accused them of cheating and claimed that he was withdrawing the Vulkars' share of the prize. Gadon Thek and several others immediately began to argue with Brejik, but Brejik's boasting was cut short when Shan—who had been imprisoned in a cage with a neural disruptor—overrode her restraints and defeated her guard, acquiring his double-bladed sword and preparing to fight alongside Revan as Brejik screamed for the Vulkars to kill the pair.[10]


Revan and Bastila Shan stand victorious.

Revan and Shan emerged victorious, but the Jedi was ungrateful for his attempt at a rescue and arrogantly reprimanded Revan for his apparent foolishness. When the soldier explained that he was working with Onasi, Shan took a moment to apologize, as she trusted Onasi's judgment and admitted that she could act rashly sometimes. But as the two were leaving the swoop track to return to Revan's apartment hideout, the man was overcome by a strange vision of Shan fighting a Dark Jedi and then Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, aboard Revan's flagship. Unaware that the vision was in fact his own memories surfacing, Revan brushed it aside until they reached the apartment, where Onasi and Shan became embroiled in a fierce argument in which she criticized the group's inability to secure passage off planet and became angry when Onasi criticized her inexperience and lack of leadership in turn. Revan intervened, however, and brought the argument to an end before suggesting they get to work on their search for a way off planet.[10]

Escaping Taris
"I've got a plan to escape Taris, but I can't do it alone. I need someone I know can get the job done to help me. That's where you come in. I saw you win that swoop race, and I started thinking. Anyone crazy enough to race like that is probably crazy enough to break into the Sith military base. I need someone to steal the Sith launch codes from the base. Without those codes any ship leaving the atmosphere will be disintegrated by the Sith fleet's automated defense guns. Here's the deal: you bring me those launch codes and I can provide the vehicle to get off the planet—Davik's flagship, the Ebon Hawk!"
―Canderous Ordo[10]

Revan, Shan, and Onasi meet with the messenger.

Before leaving the apartment, Revan spoke with Shan and informed her of the vision, which she was wary to confirm as a sign of his being Force-sensitive. The two also discussed Revan's skills and his remarkable success in his attempts to rescue Shan, which led her to suggest that they visit Dantooine and meet with the Jedi Council after they left Taris. Revan, Shan, and Onasi then left the apartment only to be met by a Twi'lek messenger who informed Revan that Canderous Ordo wished to meet with him in the Upper City Cantina. When they met with the Mandalorian, he informed the group that he was seeking a way off planet, and that he would help them steal the Ebon Hawk—Davik Kang's personal freighter—if they acquired the passcodes to bypass the Sith blockade from the Tarisian military base. Ordo told the group to go to Janice Nall's droid shop and purchase the droid she was custom-making for Kang with the express purpose of acquiring the codes, and Ordo would meet them in Javyar's Cantina when they had the codes.[10]

As the trio was passing the North Apartments on their way to Nall's shop, they encountered an Ithorian being bullied by two Human children. After convincing the children to leave, Revan gave the Ithorian a medpac to heal their injuries.[10]

At Nall's shop, Revan then purchased the utility droid T3-M4 for 2,000 credits. Sending Onasi back to the apartment, Revan then set off for the nearby military base with T3-M4 and Shan, and the little droid easily sliced the facility's exterior door to give them access. However, the receptionist was immediately suspicious of their arrival, and it was only after Revan bribed her that she agreed to depart the facility without raising the alarm. As they proceeded into the facility, the three of them cut down all of the Sith troopers and droids who attempted to attack them on sight.[10]

The trio soon came across a Duros whom Revan recognized as the one who offered to hide the bodies after his and Onasi's fight with the Sith patrol in the South Apartments. The Duros was trapped in a force cage, so Revan deactivated the cage and allowed the prisoner to escape.[10]


Revan battles the Sith Governor.

After destroying a large shielded battle droid that was guarding the elevator, the trio descended to the lower levels of the base to find the planet's Sith Governor in meditation. The governor expressed surprise that they would encounter a Jedi and a Force Adept on what they considered an insignificant planet, and the man attacked them in the hopes of killing them and thereby earning a lightsaber. However, Revan and his companions overcame the Sith, killing the governor and then taking the launch codes they needed from the man's body. Returning to Javyar's Cantina, the trio met with Ordo and learned his plan: he would get Revan and another companion into Davik Kang's estate, and they would sneak to the hangar and steal the Ebon Hawk at an opportune moment. Ordo, Revan, and another companion then boarded Ordo's speeder and traveled to Kang's estate, where they were greeted by Kang himself and Calo Nord; Kang was curious as to why Ordo had brought visitors, and Ordo covered by claiming he wanted to recruit them. Kang then led the trio on a tour of his estate before leaving them in one of the visitor's suites. Ignoring Kang's request to stay put, the three of them proceeded through the estate, eliminating the guards and bounty hunters who tried to attack them as they went.[10]

Questioning some of the slaves, Revan learned that Kang's pilot Hudrow was locked up in the torture chambers, so the trio fought their way to the torture chamber and freed Hudrow in exchange for the launch codes for the Ebon Hawk. However, as they headed toward the hangar, Darth Malak began a bombardment of Taris, as he was tired of waiting for Shan to be found. Revan and his companions reached the hangar at the same time as Kang and Nord, who also sought to flee Malak's orbital bombardment in the Ebon Hawk. The two attacked Revan and his companions, and when Kang fell, Nord drew a thermal detonator and threatened to blow the entire hangar. However, Nord was promptly crushed by falling rubble, and the three of them rushed to the Hawk and then picked up Revan's other three companions from the apartment hideout. As turbolaser fire rained down around them, Onasi took the helm of the Hawk and Shan the copilot as they bypassed the Sith blockade, and Shan ordered Revan to man the gun turrets and take out the pursuing fighters while she and Onasi prepared the hyperdrive to jump to Dantooine. Revan successfully destroyed the Sith fighters just before the Hawk jumped to hyperspace, and the freighter soon arrived at the agrarian world.[10]

Learning on Dantooine
"With Revan dead…"
"Are you certain Revan is truly dead? What if we undertake to train this one, and the Dark Lord should return?"
―Vandar Tokare and Vrook Lamar argue about retraining Revan[10]

Upon landing on Dantooine, Shan asked the others to remain aboard the Hawk while she left to speak with the Jedi Council. When she returned, she conveyed the Council's request for a private audience, and Revan followed her into the Jedi Enclave.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

The Ebon Hawk arrives at Dantooine.

On the edge of the Hawk's landing pad, Revan was hailed by a Twi'lek named Lur Arka Sulas, who explained that he worked for the rancher Rundil ot Sulem as an aide, and that he was in search of ot Sulem's kidnapped daughter named Sasha who had been taken by Mandalorians many years before. Revan promised to tell him if he came across any information, and then continued on into the Enclave. Revan also encountered two salesmen, Crattis Yurkal and Karal Kaar, at the Aratech Mercantile at the landing pad.[10]

On his way to his meeting with the Council, Revan was confronted by a Padawan named Belaya, who berated Revan for failing to wear the proper Padawan attire. Belaya was surprised and suspicious of Revan's claim of not being a Padawan, as she sensed he possessed great strength in the Force, but she apologized for her abruptness when she realized he was being truthful. Entering the Council chambers, Revan was greeted by Zhar Lestin, though the Council members concealed the fact that they recognized the soldier. Lestin announced that the Council was considering to train him as a Padawan, and Shan was irritated by Master Lamar's skepticism about Revan's abilities. However, the rest of the Council agreed with Lestin, despite Lamar's protests that the Dark Lord of the Sith might return if they retrained Revan. Confused, Revan was asked to leave the Council chambers with Shan, and he was led back to the Hawk. While sleeping, Revan received another strange vision; this time, it was of Revan and Malak investigating an ancient ruin and speaking of something called the Star Forge. When he awoke, Onasi informed Revan that an anxious Shan had already left for the Council chambers, and that she wanted Revan to come as well.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While at the landing pad, Vao and Revan encountered Lena, the old girlfriend of Mission's brother Griff, and Mission was dismayed to learn from Lena that Griff was the one who had convinced Lena to abandon Mission on Taris, not the other way around. Lena told Mission that Griff was on Tatooine working as a miner, though she recommended that she stay away from Griff for her own sake. Around that time, Revan played pazaak against a man named Sol'aa who was staying at the Enclave.[10]

At the Council chambers, the Council informed Revan that he and Shan had shared the dream about Revan and Malak investigating the ruins, which they confirmed were nearby on Dantooine. Master Lestin explained that Shan and Revan had developed a Force bond, and Master Tokare expressed his belief that the two were linked by a shared destiny. At the Council's request, Revan then agreed to undergo Jedi training, and they informed him that he and Shan were to investigate the ruins once his training was complete. Over the next several weeks, Revan underwent an intense training regimen, sparring with Shan frequently and spending a great deal of time meditating and studying the Order's knowledge. At Lestin's suggestion, Revan also received aid from Shan in his training, relying on their bond to help the two grow stronger in the Force.[10]


Revan is welcomed into the Jedi Order.

Lestin often expressed his astonishment at the rapid pace which Revan learned the ways of the Jedi, and it was with pride that he finally welcomed the soldier into the Order as an apprentice. However, before he could become a full Padawan, Revan had to undergo a series of three tests; the first of which tested Revan's knowledge of the Jedi Code. After successfully demonstrating his knowledge of the Code, Revan was sent to Master Dorak to select what path he would take: that of a Jedi Guardian, a Jedi Consular, or a Jedi Sentinel. Revan was then sent to construct his new lightsaber, crafting the weapon with the workbench in the Enclave's training room, and he then returned to Lestin with the completed lightsaber. The Twi'lek Jedi then sent Revan on his third and final trial: to cleanse the nearby grove of the taint of the dark side, though Revan could tell that Lestin knew more than he would tell his student. Revan and two companions then made their way out of the Enclave, speaking briefly with a Jedi named Nemo, and Revan was confronted by an angry settler named Jon who was furious about the Jedi's lack of activity against the Mandalorian raiders who had killed his daughter Ilsa. Moved by the farmer's plight, Revan agreed to take care of any Mandalorians he came across, and he headed out away from the Enclave.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

The married farmers Gar and Rilka, who had come to the Enclave to seek Jedi help against the Mandalorians, spoke briefly with Revan as the Padawan's party departed the Enclave. Revan also encountered a woman named Elise Montagne, who begged Revan to bring back her precious droid companion C8-42-GE3, and the Rodian merchant Adum Larp tried to sell wares to the apprentice.[10]

As they headed out into the wilderness, the trio were attacked by a group of the native kath hounds who leapt down from the nearby hills, and the three of them were forced to cut down even more of the animals as they traveled south toward the grove. While crossing the grounds of the Matale estate, they soon happened upon a Mandalorian and several Duros threatening a settler, and the settler tried to offer the lives of their wife and children before the Mandalorian shot the man. Revan and his companions dispatched the Mandalorian and the Duros.[10]

Heading further south, Revan encountered the Jedi Bolook during the Twi'lek's investigation into the death of a Dantooine colonist named Calder Nettic.[39] At Bolook's request, Revan conducted his own investigation, interrogating the two witnesses—Nettic's business partner Rickard Lusoff and a man named Handon Guld—and surveying the crime scene. In the process, Revan determined that Guld had been lying about being out running, as he was not carrying a weapon like most settlers did, and that he had in fact had personal knowledge of the victim, as he had rented a speeder with Nettic several times. Guld claimed that his blaster had been stolen but he had not reported it, though closer examination of the blaster found at the scene revealed that the blood on the weapon was Guld's. However, Lusoff was also lying about his role in the events: the man claimed that he had been hunting iriaz and was staring into the sun when he heard the shot, but it was a cloudy day. From his investigations, Revan determined that Guld had killed Nettic because Nettic had been having an affair with his wife, and Lusoff had also tried to kill Nettic but accidentally shot Guld instead. Both men were promptly arrested by Bolook, who was thankful for Revan's help in the investigation.[10]

On the eastern edge of the grove, Revan finally located the source of the corruption—a young Cathar Jedi who used the Force to stun Revan's companions before she drew a red-bladed lightsaber and charged the Human Jedi. Forced to defend himself, Revan battled the Cathar and wounded her, driving her back and causing her stop attacking. Exhausted, the Cathar introduced herself as Juhani and explained that she had fled the Enclave after slaying her master Quatra. As his companions recovered from Juhani's Force powers, Revan conversed with Juhani, discussing her actions[10] and urging her to let go of her anger to seek redemption.[9] After a great deal of discussion, Revan finally convinced Juhani to seek forgiveness from the Jedi Council, and the Cathar Jedi departed the grove to return to the Enclave.[10]

The Search for the Star Forge

A Jedi once more
"This… this must be what Revan and Malak found when they entered this temple. This must be where their journey down the dark side began."
―Bastila Shan[10]

Returning to the Enclave with his companions, Revan encountered Juhani and learned from the Cathar that the Council had accepted her upon her return. Juhani had not, in fact, slain her Master Quatra; the entire affair had been a test for Juhani, and her self-redemption had ensured that she passed. Speaking to Zhar Lestin, Revan was congratulated and formally welcomed into the Order as a Padawan, and Lestin asked him to meet with the rest of the Council. There, the Council explained what Revan's next assignment was: to investigate the nearby ruins along with Shan and determine what Revan and Malak had been searching for. Masters Tokare and Lamar also informed Revan of another issue: the Sandral family and the Matale family were embroiled in a fierce feud, as Shen Matale had gone missing. While they did not want to distract Revan from his primary mission, the Council believed that the Order had a responsibility to discover the truth.[10]


Revan and Shan speak with Nurik Sandral

While heading south to the Sandral Estate, Revan happened on the body of Casus Sandral on the eastern side of the Matale estate's grounds, who had been killed by kath hounds while investigating the nearby ruins. Revan delivered Casus's datapad to the Sandral Estate, where he was let in by the Sandrals' droid and he informed Casus's father Nurik Sandral of his son's death. However, Nurik Sandral refused to reconsider the feud even in light of this revelation, leading his daughter Rahasia to speak with Revan and inform him that her father was holding Shen Matale in their estate. Handing Revan a spare key to the side door, she begged Revan to free Shen, as she had fallen in love with the youth. Revan, Shan, and his other companion used the key to access the building's side door and fought through the family's security droids to locate Shen, who refused to leave without Rahasia, and Revan convinced the girl to meet them outside of the estate.[10]

However, when Revan and his companions brought Shen to Rahasia, the group was confronted by both Nurik Sandral and Ahlan Matale, who demanded that their children come back with their parents. Fortunately for the children, Revan, Shen, and Rahasia convinced Nurik and Ahlan to abandon their feud in light of their children's love for one another, and the two men agreed to purchase a house for their children to live together. Heading east, Revan, Shan, and their companion fought and defeated another raiding party of Mandalorians and Duros, and they then found Montagne's droid C8-42-GE3 under attack from kath hounds.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

After rescuing the droid, Revan learned that Montagne had become too obsessed with the droid; she had begun treating him as her fallen husband, and so C8-42-GE3 had fled and tried to commit suicide via kath hound. At the droid's request, Revan agreed to destroy the droid so that Montagne could move on from her husband. Having learned of a cave where lightsaber crystals could be found, Revan braved the caverns, which were infested by kinrath spiders.[10]

Revan then headed north toward the ruins—only to encounter the Mandalorian leader Sherruk. Sherruk was angry that the Jedi had been taking out his subordinates, and he proceeded to attack Revan so that he could claim Revan and Shan's lightsabers for his collection. However, Sherruk and his companions were defeated by Revan and his friends, and the trio headed north to the ruins.[40]


The Star Map on Dantooine

Entering the ruins, Revan, Shan, and their companion were met by a droid that started cycling through a number of ancient languages in an effort to communicate. However, they also found Nemo, the Jedi Revan had spoken to earlier, lying dead on the floor. Shan and Revan were finally able to understand it when it began speaking in an archaic Selkath dialect, and the Overseer explained that the ruins were over 20,000 years old and a monument to the Builders that would lead the way to something called the Star Forge. To access the monument's secrets, the droid explained, Revan would have to defeat the building's tests—but if they failed, they would pay with their lives—just as Nemo had. Entering each of the building's side rooms, the trio defeated the guardian droids and accessed the archaic computer systems, inserting Revan's datapad so that the systems could assimilate Basic and communicate. Passing the building's tests, Revan successfully breached the two seals and entered the heart of the ruins, where a mysterious map activated upon his approach. Amazed and fearful of the artifact's powerful dark side aura, Shan realized that the map was what Revan and Malak had discovered years earlier. Analyzing the map, the group identified Manaan, Korriban, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine, but the map was incomplete, leading Revan to believe that there were similar maps on those other worlds, and the trio headed back to the Enclave to inform the Council.[10]

Near the Enclave, Revan informed Elise Montagne of her droid's destruction, causing her to run off toward the Enclave in desperate grief. Revan also informed the farmer Jon of Sherruk's death, and the grateful man forced Revan to take his reward of 1,000 credits. However, Revan later encountered Montagne in the Enclave, where she had met a man named Samnt; having come to her senses, Montagne thanked Revan for his help.[10]

In the Enclave, Revan and Shan told the Council of their findings, and Master Lamar sent the two Jedi and their companion back to the Ebon Hawk for the night while they discussed the matter. Upon returning the next morning, Revan and Shan were appointed a mission by the Council: in order to stop Darth Malak and determine the source of his fleet, Revan and Shan were to seek out the Star Maps on Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Manaan, and Korriban in hopes of locating the Star Forge. Juhani had also requested to accompany the two Jedi, and Revan's request to bring his companions from Taris was also granted by the Council. On their way back to the Ebon Hawk, Revan was stopped by Deesra Luur Jada, a Twi'lek who was being trained by Master Dorak to succeed him as Chronicler. Luur Jada warned Revan to beware of the fierce terentatek, a creature that hunted Force-sensitives and feasted on their blood.[10]

The mission begins
"You're a neophyte Padawan who's been saddled with the responsibility of tracking down these Star Maps. Why? That's not normal!"
―Carth Onasi[10]

Aboard the Ebon Hawk, Revan spoke further with Ordo about his war stories from his days as a Mandalorian, and also spoke with Juhani. The Cathar Jedi was grateful that Revan did not hold her fall to the dark side against her, and she also opened up to her companion by telling him he story of how she became a Jedi. While on the Hawk, Revan was informed by Zaalbar that their emergency food stores were strangely running low. Obliging Zaalbar, Revan investigated the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold—only to find a young girl hiding behind one of the access panels. The girl was Sasha ot Sulem, who spoke a strange mixture of a Mandalorian dialect and a made-up language, but after a long conversation with the girl, Revan was able to figure out what she was saying. Sulem had stowed away on the Ebon Hawk after escaping from Mandalorians on Dantooine, and Revan was able to take the girl back to Lur Arka.[10]

However, when Revan spoke with Onasi, he learned that the soldier was angry about the way he had been left out of the decision-making lately, and the two became embroiled in an argument about how Onasi viewed everyone just like his traitorous mentor Saul Karath. Leaving Onasi alone, Revan talked more with Shan, who was interested to learn more about the man with which she was bonded. Shan questioned Revan in order to study his character, and she was impressed by his honesty and the way he treated their bond as a serious manner, because if Revan fell to the dark side, then she would also likely fall. Further discussion with Shan turned to the subject of emotions and family, and Shan explained about how she had been taken from her family like other Jedi prospects. Shan also explained about her negative relationship with her mother, though their conversation soon ended.[10]


The Ebon Hawk in Anchorhead

Revan and company first traveled to the desert world of Tatooine, landing at the spaceport in the city of Anchorhead, and Revan and Shan experienced yet another vision of a Star Map in a cave surrounding broken relics. However, when Revan, Ordo, and Shan exited their vessel, they were confronted by the Czerka Corporation docking bay manager, who attempted to force them into paying a 100 credit docking fee before Revan convinced them otherwise. As they approached the exit to the docking bay, an Aqualish approached Revan and informed him that a shipment of gizka, a small creature, had been delivered to the Ebon Hawk. The Aqualish refused to take the shipment back, leaving Revan to deal with the pests himself. Shortly after arriving in Anchorhead, Ordo, Revan, and Shan were confronted by a Mandalorian man named Jagi, whom Ordo explained had fought alongside him at the first battle at Althir. Jagi had sworn vengeance on Ordo after he abandoned Jagi and his comrades in order to bring the conflict to a quick end, and Jagi demanded that Ordo face him in the Dune Sea for a final duel.[10]

The sands of Tatooine
"Query: Would you be so kind as to purchase this model from Yuka Laka? It would serve my purposes to be removed from his ownership."
―HK-47, to Revan[10]

As the trio left the spaceport, they encountered a Twi'lek woman named Malare, who informed Shan that her mother Helena was ill and attempting to locate Bastila. Shan's question as to her mother's location was answered almost immediately afterward when they left the spaceport, as a Duros named Maana Demknot shoved past them angrily and informed the group about an arrogant and rude woman named Helena in the Anchorhead Cantina. The trio encountered a woman named Sharina Fizark outside of Anchorhead's Hunting Lodge who struck up a conversation with Revan and proceeded to beg him to buy a desert hulak wraid plate from her. Fizark explained that her husband had been killed recently, and that his last hunt had resulted in the wraid plate—but she lacked a hunter's license and therefore could not sell the plate. Revan obliged Fizark, buying the plate from her, and he later sold the plate himself.[10]

Entering Anchorhead's Czerka office, Revan witnessed an angry Duros named Dayso Cooh storm out after a heated conversation with the Czerka representative. Speaking to the representative, Revan acquired a hunting license that would allow him to leave the city after he agreed to deal with the recent string of attacks by the native Sand People. Revan also inquired about Vao's brother, and after some persuading, the officer told Revan that Griff had been captured by the same group of Sand People. However, when Revan left the building, Cooh came up to him and asked him to find a peaceful solution to the Sand People problem. Cooh suggested that he use a protocol droid to communicate, and informed Revan that an Ithorian salesman named Yuka Laka was offering a unique droid at his nearby shop.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.
Dark Jedi Tatooine

The Dark Jedi attack Revan and his companions.

Entering Fazza Utral's Hunting Lodge, Revan sold the wraid plate to Utral for 500 credits, and also spoke with several of the hunters there, including Komad Fortuna. He also played pazaak with a man named Kudos in the Lodge. Revan's encounter with the Gamorrean Gurke and his compatriots led Gurke to hint that Revan should watch his back in the dunes, and Revan and his allies departed the lodge not long afterward.[10]

As the trio headed further into the city of Anchorhead, they rounded a corner to find three Dark Jedi waiting for them. The Dark Jedi attacked Revan and his companions, forcing Shan, Ordo, and Revan to battle the three Force-users and kill them.[10]

Revan and his friends also stopped in Motta the Hutt's swoop registration building, and Revan used the swoop bike aboard the Ebon Hawk to prove his worth on the track. After rising through the ranks, Revan agreed to help Motta sign a promising racer named Nico Senvi but helped the racer get a better contract from the Hutt. When they arrived at the cantina, Bastila spoke to her mother and soon got into an argument about their relationship, though the Jedi was dismayed to learn that her father had died while searching for krayt dragon pearls in the Eastern Dune Sea. Doubting that her mother was truly ill, Bastila reluctantly agreed to recover her father's holocron if they came across it during their search for the Star Map. Revan also encountered a vendor named Junix Nard in the cantina and played pazaak against a local named Furko Nellis.[10]


Revan purchased HK-47 to help him communicate with the Sand People.

Entering Yuka Laka's shop, Revan learned that the Ithorian salesman was offering a HK-47 protocol droid, though Laka was unaware of most of the droid's functions, and the droid itself was rather uncooperative. Upon learning that it could speak the Sand People's language, Revan purchased the droid, and Shan returned to the ship as Revan, Ordo, and his new droid headed out toward the city gates.[10] The trio were stopped, however, by a Jawa named Iziz, who begged Revan to free his clan from the Sand People, and Revan agreed to aid the diminutive Jawa.[41] Revan then showed his hunting license to the gate guard Billan, who allowed Revan and his companions to leave the city and head out to the Dune Sea.[10]

Into the Dune Sea
"Translation: The greatest challenge for a warrior is to face a krayt dragon, the largest predator on Tatooine. Fight one of those and bring back a dragon pearl. Disgust: I think he's making fun of you, master. He doesn't believe an outsider could do such a thing."
―HK-47 translates the Sand People chieftain's request[10]

Not far out from Anchorhead, Revan, Ordo, and HK-47 met a woman named Marlena Venn, who informed the group that she had set up a trap for her husband in the desert before she returned to the city. Further out, they came across the wraid hunter Tanis Venn who was unable to move, as he was surrounded by his four hunting droids—droids which had been sabotaged by Marlena who had grown disgusted with her husband's womanizing ways. Revan had to choose whether to repair Venn's K-X12 probe droids, which would explode if Venn moved, or leave the man to his fate before he continued into the Dune Sea. Approaching a downed sandcrawler, Revan and company encountered a mining team who was suddenly attacked by several successive waves of Sand People, whom Revan, Ordo, and HK-47 helped fight off before the miners returned to Anchorhead.[10] Nearby, the trio met with Jagi and two Rodian thugs. but before the duel began, Ordo explained to Jagi his reasons for leaving the others behind on Althir; his actions had saved the lives of many Mandalorians and had complied with Mandalore the Ultimate's philosophy of flexibility and opportunism in combat. An aggrieved Jagi decided to commit suicide after realizing that he had called Ordo's honor into question falsely. Jagi's death greatly affected Ordo,[42] who returned to the Hawk in order to think over the recent events, and Vao joined Revan and HK-47 on their way out to the Sand People camp in hopes of locating her brother.[10]


Revan speaks with the Sand People Chieftain.

However, when the trio came across a group of crashed landspeeders, Revan heard a call for help only to find that it was a trap—the call was a recording linked to an explosive. Avoiding the grenade, Revan's companions were suddenly surrounded by Gurke and his Gamorrean compatriots. Gurke demanded that Revan hand over his valuables, but the Jedi was able to defuse the situation and convince them to leave. Defeating the various parties of Sand People that attacked them as they headed into the desert, Vao and Revan acquired two sets of Sand People robes and donned them in order to approach the nearby Sand People enclave without being attacked—but when they entered the enclave, the Sand People guard easily saw through their disguise and prepared to attack before Revan ordered HK-47 to communicate with him. Through HK-47, Revan explained that he came in peace, and the confused Sand Person took the trio to the Chieftain. Revan asked the Chieftain if they could come to a peaceful solution about the recent attacks on the miners, and the Chieftain begrudgingly informed Revan that he needed a show of good faith. He planned to move his tribe farther away from Anchorhead, but he needed to build up the tribe's stores of water, and so he asked Revan to bring him a pair of moisture vaporators in exchange for the reduction in attacks.[10]

Revan, Vao, and HK-47 were then escorted out of the enclave, and the trio returned to Anchorhead and purchased two vaporators from Greeta Holda at the Czerka office. Returning to the enclave, they handed the vaporators to the surprised chieftain, who had not expected them to return. Despite his surprise, the chieftain agreed to honor his bargain about the attacks, giving Revan both his personal gaderffii weapon as a sign of his favor and a map to the Star Map in the cave of a krayt dragon in the Eastern Dune Sea. The chieftain also permitted Revan to take both Iziz's kinsmen and Griff, and speaking with the Jawas, Revan informed them that they were free to go. Vao, Revan, and HK-47 also encountered Griff, and Mission was dismayed to learn that Griff had in fact been the one to leave her behind on Taris, not Lena. She was further disgusted when her brother tried to persuade her for credits, and though Revan gave him a few, she stormed away in disgust. Before fleeing back to Anchorhead, Griff asked Revan to come see him at the Czerka office if he wanted to discuss another job.[10]

Departing the enclave, Revan and two of his companions headed toward the Eastern Dune Sea, and when they approached the krayt dragon's cave, the trio encountered Komad Fortuna and witnessed another hunter be eaten by the enormous krayt dragon within the cave. Speaking with the Twi'lek, Revan learned that Fortuna wanted to kill the dragon because it was moving too close to Anchorhead, and the Twi'lek hunter asked Revan to help him use mines and a herd of banthas—the food source of krayt dragons—to slay the great beast. Warning the Jedi that a tribe of Sand People in the area would likely attack if Revan approached their herd of banthas that was grazing nearby, Fortuna watched as Revan and his companions lured the banthas toward the cave mouth, fighting off several Sand People, and the trio then rushed back toward Fortuna and his speeder when the krayt dragon emerged. The enormous creature was killed by the mines that Fortuna had placed, and the hunter insisted that Revan take the krayt dragon pearl as a spoil.[10]

Leaving Tatooine
"I have to give you credit. You've led me on quite a chase. But nobody gets away from Calo Nord in the end."
―Calo Nord, to Revan — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

After Fortuna departed, Revan and his compatriots headed deep into the cave where Revan had seen the Star Map in his vision. As the Padawan approached the ancient device, it activated. Revan and his friends recorded the map's contents on a datapad and emerged from the cave, only to find Calo Nord and a number of thugs waiting for them. Nord, who had survived Taris's destruction, had been hired by Darth Malak to hunt down Revan, Shan, and their allies, and Revan and the others were forced to battle the bounty hunter and his mercenaries until Nord and the thugs were all dead. Victorious, the three allies made their way back to Anchorhead.[10]

Helena and Bastila

Revan and Bastila speak with Helena.

Before they returned however, they acquired Shan's father's holocron from one of the bodies in the cave, and before the group left Tatooine, Revan and Bastila returned to the Anchorhead Cantina and spoke with Helena. With some convincing from Revan, Bastila reconciled with her mother, learning that Helena's disapproval of her husband's treasure hunting was had been out of a desire to protect her daughter, and Bastila gave both the holocron and 500 credits to her mother so that she could get treatment for her illness. Revan also met with Griff, who asked the Jedi to help him acquire tach glands from the planet Kashyyyk so that he could recreate Tarisian ale and then sell the drink for huge profits.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

During his travels, Revan visited Yavin Station, an abandoned Republic station in the orbit of the gas giant Yavin Prime, as the coordinates of the station were in the Ebon Hawk's navicomputer. Revan met Suvam Tan, the Rodian merchant and inventor who lived on the station, and during one of his visits, Revan convinced a group of Trandoshan mercenaries who were threatening Tan to leave. On his next visit, Revan and his friends were forced to fight the Trandoshans to save Tan, defeating the mercenaries and rescuing the Rodian inventor.[10]

Into the Shadowlands
"Match found? What the…! It always muttered something about 'rejected patterns' for me!"
―Jolee Bindo[10]

The Ebon Hawk lands on Kashyyyk.

Revan and his company took the Ebon Hawk to the next planet with a Star Map: Kashyyyk, homeworld of the Wookiees. Just as before, Shan and Revan received a vision of the Star Map deep on the forest floor. As Zaalbar was a Wookiee, Revan decided to bring him along when he departed the Ebon Hawk after landing at Czerka's only landing pad on the entire planet. There, the trio were met by the Ithorian Janos Wertka, Czerka's administrator of the planet that the company called "Edean", and Revan payed the docking fee. However, as they left the landing pad, Zaalbar stopped Revan and asked to speak with him. Zaalbar explained that he had been exiled from Kashyyyk twenty years earlier; when he had discovered that his brother Chuundar had been making deals with Czerka's slavers and helping them acquire a foothold on Kashyyyk, Zaalbar had attacked Chuundar in a fierce rage and even unsheathed his claws—an act forbidden in Wookiee society and one that saw him labeled as a madclaw. Zaalbar's father had refused to believe Zaalbar's accusations after the fight, and Zaalbar was forced to depart his homeworld in disgrace.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While near the landing pad, Revan played pazaak against a player named Fodo Medoo.[10]

Revan also encountered Komad Fortuna near the landing pad, as the hunter had come to test himself against the creatures of Kashyyyk. Heading further along the wooden bridges that were strung high in the wroshyr trees, Revan passed Eli Gand's kiosk and spoke with the merchant, learning that Gand was holding a man named Matton Dasol as an indentured servant so that he could pay off his debt. Gand claimed that Dasol's crew had left him on Kashyyyk after failing to pay his debt, leaving behind Dasol to deal with Gand. Heading further along the walkways, Revan and his companions defeated several kinrath spiders when the insectoids attacked, and Zaalbar was briefly overcome by the sights and sounds of his homeworld.[10]

They soon came across a Czerka patrol led by Captain Dehno standing over a dead Wookiee, and Zaalbar became enraged when they learned that Dehno had killed the Wookiee when it had refused to follow orders. However, before violence broke out, Revan convinced Dehno to back down and request a transfer to another posting.[10]

Fighting through more kinrath and several winged creatures named mykals, Revan and his friends were stopped from heading down a side path by a Wookiee warrior. The guard was outraged at Zaalbar's presence and refused to allow them access to the Shadowlands, the forest floor, without permission from the chieftain Chuundar. Despite Zaalbar's apprehension, the trio made their way toward his home village of Rwookrrorro, though they encountered a trio of Dark Jedi and defeated their attackers. Approaching the gates of the village, the three were stopped by the Wookiee guards who were also disgusted with the presence of a madclaw, and the guards took the group to see Chuundar. The Wookiee chieftain decided to take his brother hostage in order to force Revan's cooperation: he wanted the Jedi and his companions to eliminate a madclaw who was interfering with Czerka's operations in the Shadowlands. Without another option, Revan agreed to Chuundar's demands, and he left the chieftain's hall to explore Rwookrrorro.[10] While in the village, Revan encountered the Wookiee Woorwill, who told Revan about a missing Wookiee named Rorworr.[43]

Meeting Jolee Bindo
"What's there to say? Jolee Bindo is the crazy old man who lives in the dangerous woods. I am content with the impression I give."
―Jolee Bindo[10]
Bindo talks

Revan and Jolee Bindo, the Jedi who lived in the Shadowlands

Departing the village, Revan and his companions headed to the elevator to the Shadowlands, though they witnessed the Wookiee Chorrawl and several others fighting kinrath on the walkway. Chorrawl refused to speak with the Jedi even after they helped defeat the kinrath, and Revan continued on his way to the elevator, where the Wookiee Gorwooken operated the basket to take the trio down to the forest floor. Fighting through several of the native katarn lizards in the Shadowlands, Revan was surprised to come upon an older Jedi fighting off a quartet of katarn. The Jedi, a man named Jolee Bindo, told Revan to follow him to his camp nearby when the Padawan started to question him. At Bindo's hut, Revan questioned the elder Jedi about the Shadowlands, though Bindo's answers were cryptic: he called the madclaw "crazed with grief," and Bindo told him that there were "walls" in the way that would prevent Revan from finding the Star Map.[10]

However, Bindo offered a solution: if Revan ensured that the Czerka poachers nearby left the Shadowlands, he would join their group and remove the "walls" in their path. Exploring the area, Revan came across the damaged droid D-A02 whose records showed it was from Matton Dasol's crew—and that Dasol's crew had been murdered by Eli Gand.[10] Revan also found the body of a Wookiee whose datapad identified him as Rorworr—and the bowcaster bolt in Rorworr's body signified that he had been killed by a fellow Wookiee.[43] Before doing so, Revan returned to the landing pad and spoke with Matton Dasol, revealing the truth about his crew's fates by giving him D-A02's head; exposed, Eli Gand fled into the Shadowlands, and Dasol decided to take over Gand's business in order to gain enough credits for transportation off-planet.[44]

Heading north, Revan encountered the Czerka poachers and their leader Commander Dern, from whom he learned that they were using sonic emitters to hold off the native wildlife. When he was unable to convince the commander to leave, Revan spoke with the other Czerka personnel around the camp and convinced them to give him their passcodes so that he could shut off the emitters. Having succeeded doing so, Revan and his companions withdrew as a terentatek stormed through the unprotected camp and sent the Czerka employees running. The Padawan also recovered several tach glands from the Czerka supplies before returning to Bindo, and Revan sent one of his companions back to the Hawk as Bindo joined up with Revan.[10]

Bindo then led the others back through the Czerka camp and further into the Shadowlands where they came upon a shimmering repulsor field—one of the barriers that he had spoken of. Bindo was able to shut off the field temporarily, allowing the group to head even deeper into the Shadowlands. They soon came across three Mandalorians attacking a Wookiee named Grrrwahrr, leading Revan and his allies to jump to the Wookiee's defense. After the battle was over, Revan learned from Grrrwahrr that a group of Mandalorians were using stealth field generators to attack Wookiee hunting parties, and the injured Wookiee begged Revan to find the Mandalorians and avenge his fallen companions. Heading south, Revan, Bindo, and a companion came across another Wookiee—one whom Bindo recognized as Freyyr, the madclaw that Chuundar had sent Revan to kill. The enraged Wookiee attacked the others with his powerful warblade, forcing them to defend themselves.[10]

After a short fight, Freyyr collapsed and came to his senses, apologizing to Bindo for his actions. Revan further calmed Freyyr by mentioning Zaalbar's name, and the elder Wookiee explained that he was Zaalbar and Chuundar's father. Freyyr had been attacked by Chuundar and ousted almost a year after Zaalbar's exile, and the former chieftain requested a boon of Revan: he sought the blade of the legendary warrior Bacca, which was a sign of leadership among his people and would help him challenge Chuundar's rule. The blade had been broken many years before when the chieftain Rothrrrawr had fought the terentatek known as the Great Beast, and the blade was still stuck in the beast's hide. Revan agreed to retrieve the blade and followed Freyyr's instructions to kill a viper kinrath and hang the body from a vine in the ritual area, and Bindo, Revan, and their third companion engaged the enormous terentatek when it emerged in search of the kinrath bait.[10]

Aiding the Wookiees
"Then there is no other way. Chuundar! You have betrayed our people! You must pay!"
―Zaalbar confronts his brother[10]
Kashyyyk Star Map talks

The Star Map questions Revan.

Revan and the others fought and managed to kill the Great Beast, retrieving Bacca's blade from its hide as well as a headband named the Circlet of Saresh—an heirloom of the Jedi Guun Han Saresh who had been killed decades earlier while fighting the Great Beast. Deep in the Shadowlands, Revan discovered the Star Map, but the device did not activate on his approach, forcing Revan to talk to the large and ancient computer next to it. The computer's holographic interface showed a Rakata, though Revan was unaware of the species at the time, and the computer surprised Bindo by recognizing Revan's visual patterns. The computer explained that it was a terraforming machine over 29,000 years old, and further questioning of the device revealed that the Dark Lord had erased evidence of his previous visit but the device needed to confirm that Revan was the same individual.[10]

To do so, the computer posed a series of hypothetical questions, such as whether or not he would sacrifice a city in order to gain an advantage over an enemy and whether or not he would trust one of his allies not to betray him. When Revan answered as a Jedi would, the computer eventually determined the test to be a failure and activated two defense droids to eliminate the group. However, while Revan and his companions fought and destroyed the two droids, the computer scanned Revan's neural patterns during the fight and confirmed that his patterns were identical to the results of almost five years earlier. Therefore, the computer allowed him access to the Star Map, and Revan recorded the map's data in his datapad.[10]

Before returning to Freyyr, Revan and the others lured out the Mandalorians by disarming themselves, though they dispatched their Mandalorian attackers when they deactivated their stealth fields; after repeating the process a second time, Revan discovered one of their swoop bike signal devices and used it to lure out the Mandalorian leader by activating the device. After they defeated the last of the Mandalorians,[10] Revan and the others returned to Grrrwahrr and reported their success.[45]

Upon returning to Freyyr, Revan delivered the blade to the former chieftain, who thanked the Human for his help and asked him to aid in the fight to reclaim Rwookrrorro from Chuundar. Freyyr urged Revan to meet him in the chieftain's hall before he climbed the trunks of the enormous wroshyr trees around them to return to his village, and Revan and his companions made their way back to the elevator. However, Gorwooken had been made aware of Freyyr's return and attacked the Jedi with two of Chuundar's other followers in revenge for Revan's betrayal, forcing the Jedi and his companions to cut down the furious Wookiees and ascend in the basket elevator themselves. On their way back to the village, the trio were stopped by Chorrawl, who led them on a back route directly to the chieftain's hall where Chuundar and Freyyr were in a stand off.[10]

Fighting Chuundar

Revan and the others fight Chuundar.

Chuundar refused to back down despite his father's possession of Bacca's blade, claiming that his position and his ownership of the blade's hilt meant that he was still chieftain. As the two began to argue, Zaalbar brought the conversation to a halt with a roar and begged his family to stop fighting, but to his dismay only Freyyr agreed and Chuundar ordered his Czerka allies to attack.[10] In the battle that followed, Chuundar,[46] his Wookiee guards, and the Czerka guards present in the room were killed by Freyyr, Zaalbar, Revan, and the Jedi's companions. In the silence that followed, a saddened Freyyr thanked Revan for his actions and asked Zaalbar if he wished to stay on Kashyyyk. However, Zaalbar stated that he intended to follow his life-debt, and when his father asked what boon he could grant in reward, Zaalbar requested Bacca's Sword. Surprised, Freyyr was swayed by Zaalbar's promise to return with the blade when the time was right, and he ordered the sword repaired.[10]

Before departing the village with Zaalbar, Revan spoke with Woorwill and asked him if he recognized the bowcaster bolt casing that he had found on Rorworr's body. However, the elder Wookiee Jaarak interrupted Revan and begged him to speak only to him, as Woorwill recognized the casing as Jaarak's. When Revan questioned him as to whether or not he had killed Rorworr, Jaarak refused to speak further and told Revan to talk to Worrroznor, the Holder of the Laws. Worrroznor summoned both Woorwill and Jaarak when Revan presented the evidence to the Holder of the Laws,[10] and Revan chose to reveal that Rorworr was a slaver, thereby sparing Jaarak punishment.[43] Returning to the landing pad, Revan and his companions found a number of Wookiees fighting and defeating the Czerka employees there, driving the company off of their homeworld.[47]

Searching the oceans
"It is strange that anyone would have built a Star Map here; the entire surface of Manaan is covered by nothing but vast oceans."
―Bastila Shan[10]

Departing Kashyyyk, Revan and his crew then flew the Ebon Hawk to the water world of Manaan, where they landed at Docking Bay 26-C on the floating metropolis of Ahto City. Departing the Hawk with Bindo and another companion, Revan encountered a Sith soldier arguing with a Republic soldier, though their conversation ended when the Sith reminded the Republic soldier that the Selkaths' laws prevented any violence between the two governments on Manaan. Speaking with the Republic soldier after the Sith soldier departed, Revan learned of the tense political balance on Manaan. The Empire and the Republic were both forced to coexist peacefully on Manaan in order to maintain good relations with the native Selkath and thus continue to receive shipments of the healing kolto. Afterwards, the soldier gave Revan directions to the Republic Embassy.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While in the spaceport, Revan encountered the Selkath Nubassa, who was a collector of exotic creatures. Despite Nubassa's reluctance, Revan convinced him to take the gizka on the Hawk, thereby removing the creatures from his starship.[10]


Revan speaks with Sunry in the Ahto jail.

Departing the spaceport, Revan paid the docking fee of 100 credits and began exploring the city, heading to the Ahto West district. There, Bindo and Revan were stopped by a frantic woman named Elora, who recognized Bindo and begged him to help her husband Sunry. An old friend of Bindo's, Sunry was under arrest and was accused of murdering a woman named Elassa Huros.[10] Revan agreed to help Elora and proceeded to the Ahto High Court nearby, where he witnessed a court trial about a fight between Sith and Republic soldiers. Speaking to Judge Shelkar, Revan was permitted to become the Arbiter of Sunry's trial.[48] Speaking with Sunry in the Ahto jail, Revan learned that the elderly man had been arrested after Huros was murdered in the Ahto City Visitor's Hotel, and Sunry told Revan that the police had found his Hero's Cross in Huros's room in the hotel. Revan also spoke with Elora, who tearfully admitted to her belief that Sunry had been having an affair after Revan and Bindo pressed her.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

In the Ahto City mercenary enclave, Revan encountered the Selkath Nilko Bwaas, who expressed his suspicion about the Republic's recent increase in their hiring of mercenaries and asked Revan to investigate, and Canderous Ordo also encountered his former comrade Ergeron. Revan also spoke with a pazaak player named Jolan Aphett and an elderly gambler named Gonto Yas, who dropped hints about Sunry and Elassa Huros's relationship.[10]

The Selkath Shaelas stopped Revan in the cantina and told him about the recent string of disappearances among the Selkath youth of Ahto City, and Revan agreed to investigate the situation.[49] From an Iridonian mercenary, Revan learned that the Selkath youth, including Shaelas's daughter Shasa, that the Sith were responsible and they had been lured to the Sith Embassy. Reporting the news to Shaelas, Revan agreed to retrieve Shasa from the embassy if he could.[10]

Revan was approached by a Twi'lek named Senni Vek, who handed him a datapad and claimed that Revan had dropped it. The datapad contained a cryptic message asking Revan to meet Hulas on Manaan. When Revan complied, he learned that the Rodian Hulas was a member of the shadowy GenoHaradan assassin guild, and turned down Hulas's offer of employment.[10]

In the Ahto East Central district, Revan witnessed a group of Republic and Sith soldiers arguing about the war and the destruction of Taris, though the Selkath laws of neutrality prevented any violence. At the Visitor's Hotel, Revan spoke with the owner Ignus, who told the Jedi that Sunry had left after the shot had been fired and that he had been running remarkably fast for a cripple. Further questioning of Ignus led the hotel owner to reveal that Elassa had been renting a room every week for meetings with Sunry, and Ignus believed that the two had been having an affair. The pazaak player Firith Me was one of the hotel's residents, and Revan persuaded him to reveal that he had seen a lightsaber on Elassa's belt—she had been a Sith. Questioning the Rodian Gluupor, Revan learned that Gluupor had been hired by a Sith to plant Sunry's Hero Cross in Elassa's room shortly after her murder. When Revan was leaving the hotel, a mysterious man halted him and told the Jedi that Sunry and Elassa had been "proxies" for their governments; he urged Revan to search the respective embassies to discover the truth.[10]

Talking with Wann

Roland Wann asked Revan to break into the Sith Embassy in order to retrieve a valuable Republic droid.

Meeting up with Onasi and Shan,[50] Revan made his way to the Republic Embassy and spoke with the Republic official Roland Wann. Wann hinted that he knew something about the Star Map, but before he would talk, he needed Revan to do something for him. The Sith had captured a damaged Republic submersible droid twelve hours earlier, and the information in the droid's memory core was too valuable to allow the Sith to decrypt the core. When Revan agreed, Wann offered three ways of gaining access to the Sith Embassy: interrogating a prisoner, reprogramming an access card, or retrieving one from Sith personnel at the docking bay.[10] In the Ahto East district, Revan competed on the Ahto City swoop track. After helping an Ithorian named Queedle Molto upgrade his swoop to become Sector Champion, Revan outraced every other competitor, even Molto, taking the Ithorian's title.[51]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Revan and his companions then used their card to access the embassy, but the receptionist recognized that the access card was out of date and called in a Sith officer and other guards.[10]

The trio were forced to fight the embassy's personnel, and they encountered and defeated several Dark Jedi while exploring the complex. While in the building, Revan met Shaelas's daughter Sasha and several other Selkath initiates who were training to become Sith. Revan's attempts to convince the Selkath to leave failed, as they had been brainwashed by the Sith teachings, and so Revan left them to find actual proof of the Sith treachery. He found it in the form of a wounded Selkath named Galas, who gave the Jedi a token that he had given to Shasa when they were children, and before he died Galas begged Revan to show Shasa the truth. When he did so, Shasa was dismayed to learn that Galas had been tortured for trying to leave, and she and her friends fled the embassy and abandoned the dark side teachings.[49] Revan and his companions also located the damaged droid in their search of the embassy and recovered the data core, and while at the embassy, Revan covertly accessed the embassy's systems and discovered a recording of Sunry killing Elassa Huros.[10]


Revan managed to find the Republic droid before the Sith had taken its memory core.

While in the embassy, Revan and his companions confronted the Sith Master in charge of all Sith activity on Manaan and defeated him and his apprentices, retrieving the Sith's datapad that described the Empire's plans to plans to corrupt the Selkath youth with the dark side. However, when Revan and the others departed the embassy, they were confronted by a Selkath official and several security droids. The Selkath proceeded to arrest the trio on account of the large number of weapon discharges and the lack of communications from the embassy, and they were taken to the Ahto High Court in Ahto East. Revan chose to represent himself upon realizing that his appointed Arbiter Bwa'lass was inexperienced,[10] and he presented the Sith Master's datapad to the court as proof that the Sith were attempting to conquer Manaan. In gratitude, the court released Revan and instituted heavy sanctions against the Sith Empire.[52]

With the new evidence recovered from the embassy, Revan returned to Sunry and showed him the recording on his datapad. Sunry admitted to be working with Republic Intelligence and claimed to have killed Huros, but Revan was unsure of Sunry's reasons for doing so. The first witness in the trial was Ignus, who testified that Sunry had left the hotel after the shot. Next up was Firith Me, and Revan objected to the Sith prosecutor's attempts to slander Me's reputation as a witness because he was a pazaak player. During his questioning of Me, Revan revealed that Me had seen Sunry leave but that he had not actually seen the murder, and Me also admitted that he knew Huros was a Dark Jedi.[10]

The next witness was Gluupor, who Revan convinced to testify about planting the medal despite the prosecutor's attempts to intimidate the Rodian. When Elora came to the stand, Sunry's wife admitted that he was having an affair, but her husband had been about to end it when Huros was killed. Revan's closing arguments saw the Jedi remind the judges that no one had actually witnessed the murder, and he posited that the Sith had killed Huros when Sunry had ended the affair.[10] With the evidence presented to them, the judges found Sunry innocent, and they also ordered that the Sith Empire would have to pay for a portion of the Republic's kolto exports for a year.[48]

After the trial, Revan and his companions headed to the cantina, where they informed Shaelas of what had happened to Shasa, and Revan refused Shaelas's reward of 100 credits.[10]

Exploring Hrakert Station
"It was like it was screaming inside my head… Then all the Selkath started screaming too… and they turned on us."
―Sami explains what happened to Hrakert Station[10]
Hrakert station sub

The sub docks at Hrakert Station.

Returning to the Republic Embassy, Revan delivered the data to Roland Wann, who fulfilled his promise and revealed the existence of a secret Republic research station named Hrakert Station deep in the oceans, located at a place called the Hrakert Rift. The facility was in violation of the neutrality treaty on Manaan, but construction of the facility had come to a halt when the workers came across an artifact of an ancient species, and communications from the station had since ceased. The Republic had been hiring a number of mercenaries in order to send them down and investigate, but none of them had returned, and Wann had prepared a submarine for Revan and his companions to take to the station. Descending to the facility, Revan docked the submersible in the damaged hangar bay, but he and his companions were confronted by a terrified Twi'lek mercenary who begged them to help him escape.[10]

The mercenary explained that the Selkath workers at the station had gone insane, attacking everyone and going rabid. When Revan refused to be dissuaded from his mission, the mercenary staunchly refused to help them any more and decided to stay in the hangar as Revan and his friends entered Hrakert Station. Fighting through the damaged security droids and the insane Selkath within the damaged hallways of the station, Revan acquired both an environmental suit and several sonic emitters that the dead scientists had developed to counter the firaxan sharks that inhabited the waters outside the station. Revan also found a surviving soldier who had locked himself in a storage locker, but the Jedi was unable to convince the crazed man to come out. When he failed to find anything else in the station, Revan donned the environmental suit and exited the station's airlock, leaving his companions behind as he headed out to the sea floor. Revan encountered a surviving mercenary in the flooded part of the station, though when Revan accompanied the mercenary on his attempt to access the station's kolto harvester and therefore open the station's second hangar, the survivor was eaten by a firaxan shark.[10]

Using a sonic emitter, Revan protected himself from the firaxan prowling the waters nearby and made his way to the Kolto Control section of the facility. Fighting through more insane Selkath, Revan encountered two terrified Human scientists hiding behind a forcefield, and the fear-crazed researchers tried to starve Revan of oxygen by venting the chamber he was in before he convinced them to drop the forcefield. Speaking with the two, whom Revan learned were Kono Nolan and Sami, the Jedi listened as the scientists explained how the station was a joint effort between the Republic and moderates in the Selkath government, and a giant firaxan shark had risen up out of the Hrakert Rift not long after the construction crews uncovered an ancient ruin. The shark had unleashed a powerful mental scream that drove the Selkath in the station insane and nearly drove the others mad, and Nolan urged Revan to use a recently developed toxic compound to kill the firaxa sharks and the giant shark.[10]


Revan locating a Star Map on the ocean bed of Manaan.

However, Sami convinced Revan to destroy the kolto harvester instead, as it would make the giant firaxan leave, and Revan agreed to do so. Donning his environmental suit once more, Revan headed out into the Hrakert Rift and activated the harvester's controls, manipulating the pressure in order to destroy the machinery. Once the harvester was destroyed, the giant firaxan moved aside and allowed Revan to access the Star Map,[8] and Revan then headed back into the research facility in order to meet up with his companions. However, as they headed back to the submersible, Revan and his friends encountered two Dark Jedi and Darth Bandon, Malak's Sith apprentice and the same Sith who had killed Trask Ulgo on the Endar Spire. Bandon and his allies proceeded to attack Revan and his companions, but Bandon was unable to overcome his enemies and fell to Revan's blade.[10]

Returning to the Republic Embassy via the submersible, Revan and his companions were met by Roland Wann, who was eager to learn of what had happened at Hrakert Station. Wann was dismayed to learn that the harvester was destroyed, but he was relieved to know that the kolto had not been damaged and he let the trio leave without further questioning. However, when Revan and the others left the embassy, they were confronted by several Selkath who ordered them to come in for questioning: the explosions in the Rift had not gone unnoticed. When questioned by the High Court, Revan explained about Hrakert Station, the existence of which some of the judges were aware of, and the way that the giant firaxan shark had driven everyone insane. The Selkath were astonished to learn of the shark—what they called the Progenitor—and were relieved to find out that Revan had chosen to destroy the harvester rather than kill the shark. Thanking the Jedi, the High Court allowed Revan and his companions to depart in peace.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Before departing Manaan, Revan returned to Nilko Bwaas, as the Selkath had claimed to be a concerned friend of the Republic. Revan informed Bwaas of the need to protect the Hrakert Rift facility, and a relieved Nilko promised to try and cover for the Republic if the issue came to light. During Revan's time on Manaan, he visited the merchants Tyvark Luowan and Yortal Ixlis, the latter of whom was being mocked by a Sith soldier when Revan entered his shop.[10]

Captured by the Leviathan
"You cannot hide from what you once were, Revan! Recognize that you were once the Dark Lord—and know that I have taken your place!"
―Darth Malak[10]

Their mission on Manaan concluded, Revan and his companions returned to the Ebon Hawk and departed Manaan. However, as they set off for Korriban, the site of the fifth and final Star Map, the Ebon Hawk was pulled from hyperspace by a Sith Interdictor cruiser—a cruiser that Onasi recognized as the Leviathan, Saul Karath's vessel. Caught by the Leviathan's tractor beam, the crew gathered in the main cabin and Revan urged Onasi to not do anything that would endanger the others. At Shan's suggestion, one of the crew members other than herself, Onasi, and Revan was tasked with freeing the crew once they got aboard the enemy vessel.[10]


Revan, Bastila, and Carth are tortured by Saul Karath.

The Hawk was quickly boarded and the crew captured, and Revan, Onasi, and Shan were stripped of their equipment and placed in force cages. Admiral Karath soon arrived to oversee their torture, and he began by taunting Onasi when the Republic officer became furious at Karath's presence. Turning to Shan and Revan, Karath began to question them, but his comments about Revan's questionable loyalty were only met with confusion by the amnesiac Jedi, who refused to talk even when Karath began torturing Shan. Despite the pain he felt at Shan's torture, Revan refused to give up the location of the Jedi Enclave or the purpose of their mission, though both Jedi were dismayed to learn that the Dantooine Enclave had been destroyed by Malak only a few days earlier. Karath activated all three force cages and sent his captives collapsing into unconsciousness before he departed to prepare for Darth Malak's arrival, as the Sith was in another sector.[10]

When Revan finally regained consciousness, Onasi and Shan were already awake and discussing how they needed to escape. Shan thanked Revan for remaining strong, though she admitted to her friend that part of her had wanted him to give in just so that the pain would stop. Shan then informed the other two that she could sense Darth Malak's approaching presence, and the three waited anxiously for their companion to rescue them. When their companion reached the brig and freed the entire crew, Onasi informed the group where to find their gear and where the tractor beam controls on the bridge would be. Onasi, Revan, and Shan decided to make their way to the bridge and disable the tractor beam, and Revan instructed Ordo to take the rest of the crew to the hangar and secure the Hawk.[10]

Heading to the command deck, Revan and the other two fought their way through Sith soldiers and Dark Jedi and tried to access the bridge. However, that section was sealed off as part of the emergency lockdown that had been instituted when the crew's escape was noticed, so the trio acquired space suits and accessed the airlock so that they could walk along the Leviathan's exterior catwalks. Accessing the bridge, Revan, Onasi, and Shan were confronted by Admiral Karath, two Dark Jedi, and a number of Sith troopers, whom they proceeded to battle and defeat. However, Revan urged Onasi not to give in to his hatred as he stood over the fallen admiral, and Karath told Onasi with his dying breath about the true identity of his companion. Enraged, Onasi turned to Shan, and the Jedi admitted that it was the truth but begged him to remain quiet until they returned to the Ebon Hawk. Confused as to what they were talking about, Revan nonetheless deactivated the hangar and the lockdown so that they could access the Hawk, and the three of them fought their way through more Sith troopers and Dark Jedi on their way to the hangar.[10]


Darth Malak reveals the truth to his former friend and Master aboard the Leviathan.

However, after Ordo contacted Revan that the crew was ready, Revan and the others were confronted by Malak himself in the Leviathan's access passageways, and Onasi's attempts to shoot the Sith Lord only saw the officer go flying backward. Malak was amused to finally have a "reunion" in such an unexpected fashion, and he revealed the truth of Revan's identity to his former master. A disbelieving Revan learned from Shan that Malak was speaking the truth, and Malak used the Force to freeze Shan and Onasi in place as he drew his red lightsaber. Drawing his own, Revan engaged Malak and battled the Sith Lord back and forth across the passageway, eventually weakening Malak to the point where he fled deep into the passages and activated blast doors behind him. Pursuing his former student, Revan finally caught up with Malak and continued to fight him, driving the Sith Lord back. However, Malak managed to freeze Revan in place with the Force, and it was only thanks to the quick arrival of Shan and Onasi that Revan was saved from death.[10]

Charging Malak, Shan urged Revan and Onasi to hurry up and run, and despite Revan's protests she sealed the blast door with her and Malak on the other side. Revan wanted to help Shan, but he went with Onasi and the two raced to the Ebon Hawk. Boarding the freighter, Revan took the guns while Onasi piloted the ship away from the Leviathan. When they were safely on their way to Korriban, Revan and Onasi met with the rest of the crew in the main cabin and explained what had happened to Shan—though Onasi demanded that Revan tell the others the truth. Vao was astonished to learn of Revan's true identity but didn't care, as she trusted the friend she had made, and Zaalbar agreed with his Twi'lek friend. Bindo admitted to being already aware of the truth, and Ordo swore that he would follow Revan—the greatest warrior of his age—to the end, while HK-47 announced that his homing systems had activated upon being returned to his original master: Revan. Convinced by the others, Onasi came to realize that he could not hate Revan for what he had done as a Sith Lord, and he agreed to continue on their mission with the others.[10]

The heart of the Sith
"We are in the sacred tomb of Naga Sadow, young one, the one discovered by Darth Malak and Darth Revan years ago. You are to follow in their footsteps and reach the ancient Star Map that lies deep within."
―Uthar Wynn sends Revan on his final test[10]

Arriving on Korriban, the group landed at the colony of Dreshdae, where the spaceport manager recognized Revan as a Jedi and imposed a 25 credit docking fee because he was the owner of the Ebon Hawk. After paying the fee, Revan and his crew headed into the colony, only to witness the Sith acolyte Shaardan toying with several Sith hopefuls. When he became bored, he questioned Revan as to what he should do with them, and Revan convinced him to let them go instead of killing them. Heading further into the colony, Revan and his allies were confronted by the Sith acolyte Lashowe and several of her friends who tried to intimidate the Jedi but failed.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While on Korriban, Revan stopped by the weapons merchant B'ree in Dreshadae. Also during his time in the settlement, the Rodian Lurze Kesh asked Revan to deliver a shipment of spice that was already aboard the Ebon Hawk, which Revan complied to and got paid for. Kesh then offered Revan a chance to make more money and asked him to deliver a box to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine, but warned him not to open it. Revan opened the box anyway and found that his mind had become trapped inside the container, which was in fact a Rakatan mind prison. Revan escaped the prison by beating its Rakatan occupant in a game of riddles, and he proceeded to deliver the prison to Motta.[10]

Questioning the Czerka representative at the Czerka office and others around the colony, Revan learned of the existence of the Valley of the Dark Lords, and he headed outside to the Sith Academy in order to try and gain entrance to the Valley through there. However, the guard would not allow him access without a Sith medallion that was a symbol of his being an acolyte, and the guard told Revan to seek out the Sith Master Yuthura Ban. Heading to the Drunk Side, the Dreshdae cantina, Revan spoke with Ban and attempted to convince her of his sincerity in joining the Sith, but Ban refused to grant him a medallion and Revan departed to search for another way in.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While at the cantina, Revan played the gambler Toll Apkar in pazaak, and spoke with the cantina's manager, Mika Dorin. Earlier during his travels, Revan had been approached by the Twi'lek Ziagrom, who knew of Revan's true identity and invited Revan to visit his partner Dorin and peruse their collection of valuable weapons and armor.[10]

Outside at the gates of the Academy, Revan found a Sith student named Mekel tormenting a trio of hopefuls, something that the Jedi put a stop to by telling off the student. After an irritated Mekel's departure, Revan was able to convince the hopefuls to abandon their quest to join the Sith. Back in Dreshade, when he came across a group of Sith apprentices whom wanted to attack Revan as "sport" when they encountered him, Revan was able to persuade them otherwise. However, another student who was threatening a woman attacked Revan when he intervened. Defeating the student, Revan took one of their medallions. On his way back to Ban, Revan encountered another Sith hopeful near the Czerka office whom he was able to persuade to leave Korriban and abandon the dark side.[10]

Entering the Academy
"Stop it, Dustil! Stop it! I won't let you go on like this! What have they done to you?!"
"They gave me a life, old man. They gave me power! You... you didn't even give me so much as a second's notice."
―Revan and Carth speak with Dustil in the Academy[10]

Uthar Wynn, master of the Sith Academy.

With the medallion, Ban allowed Revan, Onasi, and Juhani into the Academy when he claimed that his companions were slaves.[10] In the academy, Revan was brought before the Sith Master Uthar Wynn with four other acolytes, and Wynn spoke of the dark side and its powers to the students, but made it clear that only one of the five would become Sith. His apprentice Ban then explained that each of the five had to gain prestige in the eyes of the academy's superiors in order to advance, and Wynn stated that the first to learn the Code of the Sith would gain prestige from him. Revan was taken to his quarters before he began exploring the Academy, and he soon came across Yuthura Ban, who told Revan that she viewed him as her favorite prospect for the year. Ban asked for Revan's help—when Wynn took Revan to the tomb of the ancient Sith Naga Sadow for the final test, which was reaching the Star Map deep within the tomb, she wanted his help killing Wynn. In order to gain favor, Revan agreed, and Ban told Revan the Sith Code so that he could gain prestige from Wynn as well as informing the student about a group of rogue Sith whom Wynn wanted killed in the Valley.[10]

Revan spoke with Lashowe, a fellow student, and she asked for Revan's help recovering a holocron from one of the tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords.[53] While at the Academy, Revan encountered an acolyte by the name of Kel Algwinn who was rather timid and unlike the other Sith hopefuls. Algwinn expressed his doubts to Revan about whether or not the Academy was the right place for him,[10] though Revan kept the information to himself.[54]

Onasi and Revan also encountered Carth's son Dustil, who was training as a Sith. Dustil refused to leave the Sith, forcing Carth and Revan to seek out evidence of the Sith's true nature in order to convince Dustil otherwise. When they succeeded, Dustil left the Academy like his father asked, and Revan's group continued on their mission. Another way Revan gained prestige was by locating the weapons cache a Mandalorian had hidden in the Valley, though instead of torturing the captive, Revan helped him induce a coma and sneak him out of the Academy in exchange for the cache's location.[10]

Speaking with Uthar Wynn, Revan successfully recited the Sith Code to gain prestige, and Revan learned of the existence of Wynn's former master Jorak Uln from other Academy staff—as well as Wynn's desire to have Uln killed. Leaving the Academy, Revan and his group headed out in the Valley of the Dark Lords, cutting through the shyrack creatures that inhabited it, and they entered the nearby caves where the rogue Sith were supposedly hiding.[10]

Thalia may

Revan speaks with Thalia May.

Fighting through the shyrack-infested tunnels, Revan came across the Human student Thalia May and two Twi'lek students: the rogue students. When Revan did not kill them on sight, May explained that they had fled the Academy when they refused to kill people like Wynn had ordered them too. Revan convinced May to let him help her, and she asked him to kill the large terentatek that was blocking the other passageway to the surface.[10]

Near the rear of the cave, Revan and his allies engaged the monstrous Sithspawn, slaying the beast and locating the bodies of several of its victims.[10] Among the corpses was the body of a Jedi wearing a set of robes, which Revan took. The body was that of the Jedi Duron Qel-Droma, who had been killed by the terentatek[55] forty years earlier in 3993 BBY,[28] and Revan's ownership of the robes had been foreseen years earlier. As he lay dying, Qel-Droma had a vision of Revan standing victorious over a Sith Lord while wearing his robes, and the man died a peaceful death knowing that the future was secure.[55]

Returning to May and the others, Revan informed them of the terentatek's defeat, and the grateful students fled the shyrack caves to freedom. Leaving the caves, Revan, Juhani, and Onasi encountered a Sith hopeful named Dak Vesser in the Valley. Vesser had studied with Juhani on Dantooine but had left the Jedi after Juhani failed to reciprocate his romantic interest in her; after a brief argument between the two, fled back up the Valley to the Academy.[10]

Exploring the Valley of the Dark Lords
"Awake already, are you? Good! This is the tomb of Sith Lord Tulak Hord, if you don't know. I've taken up residence here, for now… it's dusty and full of critters, but it's home."
―Jorak Uln greets a captive Revan[10]

In the Valley proper, Revan encountered the Sith scholar Galon Lor, who told Revan about the tomb of Ajunta Pall and his blade that was rumored to lay within. Entering the tomb,[56] Revan and his companions made their way through the catacombs, fighting off the Force-resistant hounds known as tuk'ata that inhabited the tomb. They soon came across a series of droids in one chamber, and a datapad Revan recovered from the arm of one of the corpses there recorded a Sith student's attempt to activate the strange obelisk that was blocking the bridge to the next chamber. The datapad of a fallen archaeologist named Veren Gal identified the obelisk's substance as therangen, an unstable rock that reacted violently to fire, so Revan used a plasma grenade to destroy the obelisk.[10]

However, doing so activated the defense droids in the chamber, forcing Revan and his friends to defend themselves against the droids and destroy them. Discovering the sarcophagus within the depths of the tomb, Revan opened it and recovered three swords, but he was suddenly confronted by the spirit of Ajunta Pall himself. The ancient Sith Lord's regret for his actions as a Sith was palpable, and he asked Revan to take his sword—the blade that had been filled with the pride that led to his fall—away from his tomb. However, Pall was unable to remember which of the blades was his own, and he told Revan to determine the true blade and place it upon his statue, though if he chose the wrong blade he would die. Listening to Pall's recollection of the blade, Revan chose the correct blade, and Pall asked Revan to take the blade and go. However, Revan questioned the spirit as to why he remained there, and he convinced Pall that even in death he could still find redemption. Thanking the Jedi, Pall returned to the light side of the Force and faded away, becoming one with the Force.[10]

However, Revan and his companions were set upon by the hopeful Shaardan on their way out of the tomb. Shaardan demanded that Revan hand over Pall's sword so that he could gain the prestige, but Revan refused and the Sith fell in battle against Revan and his allies.[56] Heading north, Revan met up with Lashowe, who had been telepathically summoning the mother of the tuk'ata herd that guarded the tomb of Tulak Hord. She was successful just as Revan arrived, and the Jedi joined Lashowe in fighting the beasts. However, when Lashowe recovered the holocron from the body of the tuk'ata queen, she refused to share the prestige with Revan and attacked her fellow hopeful when he insisted they present it to Wynn together. Revan and his companions fought and killed the Sith in self-defense, recovering the holocron from her body.[53] Revan and crew then entered Hord's tomb, as Jorak Uln was taking refuge within the structure.[10]


Jorak Uln "tests" Revan and Mekel.

However, the trio were soon incapacitated by a nerve toxin, and the last thing Revan saw before blacking out was Jorak Uln, laughing that another student had fallen for his trap. When Revan awoke, he and Mekel, a fellow hopeful, were restrained and subjected to a "test" of sorts by Uln: Uln posed a series of questions to Revan, and for each answer that was not that of a proper Sith, the Jedi was subjected to a blast of Force lightning. To Uln's surprise, Revan was still standing by the end of the test, and Mekel joined with Revan in attacking and defeating the Sith.[57]

A grateful Mekel thanked Revan for his help, and Revan was able to convince the student to abandon the Sith path. Though he felt that the light side was not for him, Mekel agreed that he would not return to the Academy and instead set off to escape. Recovering an ancient Sith tablet from Uln's body as proof, Revan and his group departed the tomb and headed to the tomb of Marka Ragnos, another ancient Sith, where a Sith student warned Revan of the rogue assassin droid that had built itself an army of droids in the tomb. Fighting through the many war droids within, Revan found the body of a fallen Sith soldier and recovered the sound-dampening stealth unit that the soldier's datapad suggested using, since the assassin droid's audio receptors were too sensitive and it would attack if targets made too much noise. Heading deeper into the tomb, Revan encountered the assassin droid itself, who did not attack the Jedi—the droid did not want to kill. It had escaped from the Sith, and it wanted his help in deactivating its assassination protocols. Revan was successful in doing so, and in thanks the droid gave him some of its redundant systems before it fled the tomb.[10]

Leaving Korriban
"Normally this would be against another student. You, however, get a special treat. You will fight Yuthura, here... my own apprentice."
"What?! So this is what you had planned all along. You wish me killed."
"Indeed. You have become too ambitious, Yuthura. It is time for you to die and someone more... talented... to take your place."
―Uthar Wynn orders Revan to kill Yuthura Ban[10]
This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Returning to Uthar Wynn, Revan informed the Sith Master of Ban's duplicity and was congratulated. Wynn gave Revan a datapad to give to the Sith Adrenas that had instructions to poison Ban, promising the hopeful that he would allow Revan to kill Ban, but Revan instead gave the datapad to Ban and told her of Wynn's plotting. At Ban's instruction, Revan broke into Wynn's chambers and placed a small device under his bed that would poison Wynn.[10]


Revan locates the final Star Map.

Returning to Wynn, Revan informed the Sith Master of his accomplishments in the Valley, and the impressed Wynn told Revan to rest for the night so that he could take him on his final test the next day. Wynn then took Revan alone to the tomb of Naga Sadow with Ban, where the two Sith instructed Revan to reach the Star Map in the tomb's depths and retrieve a lightsaber from that chamber. Making his way through the wraids and terentateks that inhabited the tomb, Revan came across two pillars: one containing a plasma grenade and one containing a cold grenade. He later used the cold grenade to cross a pool of acid that blocked his path to the Star Map, and after fighting through several more wraids Revan finally reached his goal and recorded the data from the ancient device. When he inputted his own data into the Star Map, the device's hologram shifted and revealed a missing planet, the location of which Revan recorded before claiming the ancient lightsaber.[10]

Revan was met by Yuthura Ban and Uthar Wynn on his way out of the tomb, and Wynn revealed the final part of his test: to strike down Ban. However, to Wynn's surprise, Revan sided with Ban and the Twi'lek and Jedi fought and defeated the elder Sith. When Wynn finally fell, Ban turned on Revan and tried to eliminate her student, but Revan overwhelmed her and drove her to defeat. Ban surrendered and told Revan to finish the job, but he refused—urging her to remember her past as a Jedi, Revan convinced her to abandon the ways of the Sith.[58] Revan then made his way out of the tomb and back to the Academy, but several Sith confronted the Jedi, having realized that he was not a Sith. Revan and his companions then proceeded to fight their way out of the Academy, as the students and staff had learned of what had happened in the tombs and attacked the interloper on sight. Fortunately for Revan and his crew, Dreshdae had not learned of the events in the Academy, and they were able to get back to the Ebon Hawk without any problem.[10]

Before leaving Dreshdae, however, Revan and Juhani stopped at the Drunk Side and spoke with Dak Vesser, who told them that he had decided to leave the Sith. However, he made it clear that he wanted to be away from both the Jedi and Sith, and promised not to reveal Revan's identity to the Sith.[10]

The Battle of Rakata Prime

Trapped on Lehon
"The Dark Lord Revan is dead. I am a servant of the light now."

The Ebon Hawk comes in for a landing on Lehon.

At the Hawk, Revan gave Onasi the coordinates of the new system, and the soldier lifted off from Dreshdae and jumped to hyperspace at Revan's instructions. The first thing the crew noticed when they arrived was the Star Forge, an immense space station that hovered above the system's star. The Star Forge was drawing power from the sun and was surrounded by the Sith fleet, and Revan was in the cockpit with Onasi when the pilot sent the coordinates of the Star Forge to Admiral Forn Dodonna of the Republic Navy. However, the Ebon Hawk was soon detected by the Sith, and Revan took the guns as Sith fighters pursued the freighter—but despite Revan's expert shooting, the Hawk became caught in the disruptor field, forcing Onasi to land the Hawk on the surface of the planet—which unbeknownst to the group was actually Lehon. Meeting with the others in the cabin, Revan learned that the stabilizers had been fried, and Juhani and Ordo suggested scavenging the parts from the nearby wrecked ships.[10]

The group also determined that the source of the disruptor field was a large temple to the east, and Revan set out from the Hawk with several companions in order to gather the parts and disable the disruptor field. Making their way up the beach, Revan and the others were set upon by a group of black-robed Rakata, and after defeating the savage natives Revan was greeted by two Duros. The two explained that they had crashed several weeks earlier, but their companions had been killed by Rakata and Mandalorians—a group of Mandalorians were using stealth technology to attack survivors near the temple. Though Revan offered to let the Duros stay aboard the Hawk, the two instead chose to flee to one of the nearby islands and left after thanking Revan once more.[10]

Heading southeast, Revan and his group fought through more Rakata as they approached the Temple of the Ancients, and the group were also forced to fight several wild rancors that were in the area. They were soon set upon by a group of Mandalorians who deactivated their stealth units, though Revan and his allies overcame their attackers and defeated them. When they made their way to the south beach, the group witnessed a solitary gizka hopping through starship wreckage, but the gizka was killed by a land mine, alerting the trio to the fact that the area was unsafe. Bypassing the mines, Revan and his companions recovered the parts they needed from the wreckage, and they continued toward the beach and approached a building nearby that was surrounded by a crackling defense field.[10]

Revan was greeted by a hologram of a Rakata, and after identifying himself,[10] he was asked to come inside the settlement.[59] The Jedi and his companions were greeted by the Elder Council, who expressed their belief that Revan had betrayed them three years earlier when he had not destroyed the Star Forge as promised. Explaining about his memory, Revan promised to succeed this time, and he asked how he could earn the Elders' trust once again. The Elders told Revan about how one of their scouts had been captured by the Black Rakata, and asked Revan to rescue the scout.[10]

While in the Elder settlement, Revan also spoke to Ll'awa, who asked Revan to retrieve any information he could find on the Rakata's genetic code while in the Temple. The Jedi also talked to the tribe's Keeper of History, Orsaa, about the Rakata species' history.[10]

Reaching the Temple
"We have seen you, interloper! You are a servant of the Elders. By order of the One you must die!"
―A Black Rakatan confronts Revan and his companions[10]
The One Attacks

The One orders his warriors to attack.

Heading back out to the beach, Revan and his companions made their way to the north beach where the Black Rakata had made their settlement. However, a number of Black Rakata and their pet rancors attacked Revan on sight, as they had seen the group leaving the Elder settlement. Revan and the others proceeded to fight their way through the Black Rakata settlement, cutting down the hostile natives as they headed deeper into the complex, and when they came across the One, the Black Rakata leader unleashed several rancors and attacked the invaders with a host of Rakatan warriors. Despite the enemy's superior numbers, Revan and his allies emerged victorious, and Revan freed the Elder scout from his imprisonment.[10]

Revan then returned to the Elder settlement, where the Elders thanked him for his actions and retired to deliberate their course of actions in privacy.[10] When they returned, the Elders agreed to help the Jedi,[59] but informed him that they would conduct the ritual that would lower the Temple's defenses—Revan and the Rakata needed each other's help. However, they informed Revan that he would have to enter alone, as he had broken their laws by entering with Malak the last time, and the Elders warned the Jedi that Dark Jedi inhabited the Temple.[10]

While his companions returned to the Ebon Hawk, Revan headed to the Temple exterior, where the Rakata began the ritual that would take several hours. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Bindo and Juhani, who had experienced a premonition that Revan needed their help in the Temple and had come to his aid. Revan convinced the Rakatan guide to permit them to enter, and the Rakata continued the ritual over the next several hours. When it was finally complete, Revan, Bindo, and Juhani entered the Temple and began to explore, cutting down the Dark Jedi and droids within the building. Revan was recognized by several of the Dark Jedi, though they viewed him as weak for having submitted to the Jedi Council, and none of the Dark Jedi survived their encounters with the three Jedi. Descending into the catacombs, Revan spoke with the Rakata Computer there, which recognized him and altered the neural recognition patterns in its database so that the doors to the upper levels would open.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While in the catacombs, Revan also downloaded information on the Rakata's genetic code from the computer to his datapad.[10]


Revan briefly battled Shan atop the Temple of Ancients.

Bindo, Revan, and Juhani then headed up to the summit of the Temple, where they were surprised to encounter a dark-robed Bastila Shan wielding a red-bladed lightsaber. When Juhani urged her to come with them, Shan revealed that she had become Darth Malak's apprentice and that she was no longer a "pawn" of the Jedi Council. Shan told Revan of how she had been tortured, and she mocked how the former Sith Lord's power had fallen so far since Malak's betrayal. Shan then attacked the three Jedi, forcing them to draw their own lightsabers and battle their former comrade. When she was driven back and wounded, Shan stopped and spoke of her belief that Revan had drawn on the dark side to defeat her—but when Revan told her otherwise, she spoke contemptuously of their bond and how she could sense his darkness.[10]

Revan reminded her of that bond and claimed that he would use it to bring her back, and Shan was disgusted by Juhani's attempts to convince her to come back to the light, as she saw Juhani's own corruption as pathetic. When Revan refused to join her against Darth Malak, Shan fled to her fighter and lifted off from the top of the Temple before Revan could reach her. Despite Shan's departure, Revan and the other two Jedi deactivated the disruptor field and the shield around the Temple, and then they made their way out of the structure.[10]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Returning to the Elder settlement, Revan told the Elders of his intention to board the Star Forge and defeat Malak, and he also delivered the research data to Ll'awa.[10]

Facing the woman he loved
"And... and you said you loved me. This may not be the best time to say it, but... I love you, too. With all my heart."
―Bastila admits her feelings to Revan[10]

Returning to the Ebon Hawk, Juhani, Bindo, and Revan were greeted by the rest of their companions on the beach, and the others were dismayed to hear of Shan's corruption. However, Bindo urged Revan to remember their bond, because despite the way that the dark side on Lehon had corrupted Shan, the two were still linked by the Force and their feelings for one another. The rest of the crew were more than ready to follow Revan to the Star Forge, and the Ebon Hawk lifted off from Lehon and headed toward the station. On the way, Onasi was contacted by Admiral Dodonna and communicated the fact that Shan was directing the Sith fleet with her battle meditation, urging the admiral to destroy the Star Forge at all costs. Dodonna and Master Tokare dispatched a team of Jedi Knights to board the Star Forge and a squadron of[10] Aurek-class tactical strikefighters[60] to escort the Hawk as it approached the Star Forge and docked in one of its hangars.[10]

Aboard the Star Forge, Revan and two companions departed the Hawk and were met by a number of Jedi Knights whom Tokare had sent to help Revan locate Shan. They were soon set upon by a quartet of Dark Jedi, and after the battle, the injured Knights remained behind to guard the Hawk as Revan's group headed on into the station. However, the doors sealed behind Revan and his allies, cutting them off from the hangar, and powerful battle droids produced by the Star Forge attacked the trio. Fighting through more of the assault droids, the group soon came across several Jedi Knights in battle with Dark Jedi, though they were unable to reach their allies before the other Jedi fell.[10]


Revan implores Shan to come back to the light.

As Revan and his allies headed deeper into the Star Forge, Malak continued to unleash droids, Sith troopers, and Dark Jedi upon them in order to eliminate his former Master. When they finally reached the command center where Shan was coordinating the fleet, Shan immobilized Revan's companions and sealed the door, locking the two in with each other. Shan attacked Revan, and though Revan overcame her, he would not strike her down. Believing Revan to be a fool, Shan swore that she would become more powerful than Malak and attacked again, forcing Revan to drive her back once more. This time, Revan refused to attack her, allowing Shan to attack in hopes that she would come to her senses before striking a defenseless opponent. When Revan defeated her for a third and final time, she begged him to end her suffering and to kill her.[10]

However, Revan refused. Reaching out to the woman he loved, Revan reminded her that even the darkest of souls could be redeemed, just as he was, and he revealed to Shan that he loved her. Sensing his feelings through their bond, Shan admitted that she loved him as well, and Revan's support brought her back to the light side of the Force. Unable to face Darth Malak in fear that she would be tempted by the darkness, Shan instead chose to stay and reinforce the Republic fleet with her battle meditation, and Revan headed to his final confrontation with his former student.[10]

A final confrontation
"Once again, we shall face each other in single combat, and the victor will decide the fate of the galaxy."
―Malak to Revan[10]

As he approached the elevator to the upper levels, Revan encountered Malak and two dying Jedi that he was torturing. Angered that Revan had returned, Malak murdered the Jedi before he sealed Revan inside the chamber, activating six droid replicators to kill Revan. Revan was forced to disable the replicators' computers while being attacked by a horde of droids, and when the final replicator was disabled, Revan followed Malak up the elevator to the factory's viewing level. There, Revan approached his former student, who wondered whether it would be worth it to capture Revan alive, but Malak ultimately turned and attacked the Jedi, beginning their final duel.[10]

When Malak found himself on the defensive, he leapt back and mocked Revan's ignorance of the Star Forge's capabilities: using the Star Forge, Malak drew strength from the bodies of Jedi who had been killed at Dantooine, replenishing his own for the battle against Revan. However, Revan continued to fight, wearing Malak down and destroying the machinery he used to draw energy from the Jedi. As the Republic and Sith fleets battled all around them outside, the two fought back and forth across the platform, but ultimately Malak was driven to his knees, fatally wounded.[10]


Revan was victorious over Malak

Coughing, Malak questioned Revan as to what might have happened if he had been captured by the Jedi instead of his master, and Revan apologized for starting Malak on the Sith path but reminded his student that he had chosen to continue down it. As Malak fell to the floor, dead, Revan deactivated his lightsaber and departed the viewing platform. returning to the Ebon Hawk. There, he was met by Shan and Onasi, who congratulated their friend on his victory but warned Revan that the Republic was about to target the Star Forge. Fleeing in the Ebon Hawk, Revan and the others were given an honor guard escort by the Republic fleet to Lehon, where they were asked to meet with Admiral Dodonna and Master Tokare at the Temple of the Ancients.[10]

All nine of Revan's companions accompanied the Jedi to the steps of the temple, where a crowd of Republic soldiers had gathered, and Admiral Dodonna recognized the group's accomplishments and service, and awarded Revan the Cross of Glory, the Republic's highest military honor. Master Tokare himself stepped forward to recognize Revan's accomplishments, granting him the title of Jedi Knight and declaring him to be the Jedi's Prodigal Knight. As Republic starfighters conducted victory runs over the temple, Revan stood with his friends on the building's steps as the crowd cheered and Tokare reminded him that the galaxy would still need the Jedi.[10]

After the wars

Rediscovering the past

"You're getting more of your memories back, aren't you?"
"Only bits and pieces. I keep having visions of a world I don't recognize. The whole planet is covered in electrical storms, day and night."
"Doesn't sound familiar. What do you think it means?"
"I wish I knew. But I've got a bad feeling about it."
―Ordo and Revan[9]

Shortly after the Battle of Rakata Prime, Revan returned to Korriban and drove the remnants of his Empire from the Sith tombworld.[61] In the weeks afterward, the Jedi Council approached Revan and offered to find him a Master to retrain him completely in the Jedi ways—but Revan refused, as his knowledge of the Force and both the light and dark sides was beyond that of a common Padawan. Shan also refused the Council when they gave her a similar offer, and the older members of the Order became further estranged with the two when Shan and Revan decided to be married.[9]

On his wedding night, Revan drank so much that he woke up with a hangover that lasted for several days. Revan and Shan's emotional bond had brought them back from the edge of the dark side, and they saw their relationship as a source of strength that should not be denied. Revan even approached the Council with an offer to share his new understanding of the Force—his belief that positive emotions helped one strengthen a connection to the Force—with the other Jedi. However, the Council vehemently rejected him, with several Councilors arguing for his banishment from the Order.[9]

The rest of the Council realized that Revan's standing as a public hero was too important for him to be banished, and they came to a compromise with Revan: the Order would not object to his marriage and the two would remain as official Jedi, but Revan was ordered not to spread his beliefs. Shan was outraged at the Council's demands, but Revan convinced his wife that it was not a war worth fighting, and the two soon settled into an apartment on Coruscant. Awarded the rank of Jedi Master, Revan attempted to reach out to Meetra Surik with the Force, but was dismayed to be unable to find any sense of her presence across the galaxy. Revan shaved his beard not long after the end of the Jedi Civil War, something that allowed him to pass relatively unnoticed in public as he rarely wore his Jedi robes. Shan and Revan kept T3-M4 and HK-47 as companions, though Revan did not often take HK-47 on trips away from their apartment on account of the droid's violent tendencies.[9]

However, Revan began to be plagued by nightmares[9] in 3954 BBY,[62] two years after Malak's defeat. These nightmares took the form of a shadowy, storm-covered world that Revan did not recognize, and the presence of an overwhelming and approaching darkness. After he was awoken by his nightmares for the third night in a row, Revan headed to his apartment's refresher to wash his face before he stepped out onto the balcony, being careful not to wake the sleeping Shan. However, she awoke anyways, and she joined him on the balcony for a discussion of his nightmares.[9]


Dromund Kaas, the stormy world of Revan's nightmares

The next morning, Revan contacted Canderous Ordo and asked to meet him. Revan and T3-M4 visited the Galactic Market, though Revan refused HK-47's request to join them as he knew the assassin droid would become frustrated by the number of "meatbags," and the pair made their way to the Dealer's Den cantina where Ordo was waiting. Revan's arrival interrupted the private performance a dancer was giving Ordo, though the Mandalorian shooed the Twi'lek away so that he could speak with Revan. Hoping to learn more about his missing past, Revan asked Ordo about the Mandalorian Wars as he had done several times previously, and the Jedi told his friend about his nightmares and his belief that they were connected to Revan and Malak's fall to the dark side.[9]

Searching for answers
"What does that mean? Meetra was a powerful Jedi. Why didn't the Council try to redeem her?"
"You really have no idea what you did to her, do you?"
―Revan and Atris[9]

Revan was suspicious of Mandalore the Ultimate's decision to invade the Republic, and he could not shake the feeling that Mandalore's reasons were linked with Revan's nightmares. Explaining how he thought that his visions were a warning, Revan asked Ordo to talk to other Mandalorians in order to find out more about Mandalore. Despite Ordo's reluctance, he agreed to the request, and the two parted ways. Revan's desire to remember his past led him to try and contact Meetra Surik, his lieutenant from the Mandalorian Wars, and when he was unable to contact her or even sense her presence in the Force he decided to visit the Jedi Temple. Wearing his hooded robes to avoid being recognized by either the younger Jedi, who idolized the Prodigal Knight, or the older Jedi, who despised Revan's philosophies and his marriage, Revan made his way to the Jedi Archives and searched for information on Surik.[9]

Entering Surik's name into the search box, Revan started reading an official report compiled on the Battle of Malachor V, though nothing in the report was new to him. The report claimed that Revan and Surik had both been aware of the mass-shadow generator's effects and had willingly used the weapon anyway, and the author speculated that Revan was already a dark-sider by that point. The author of the particular report was soon revealed when Atris, a Jedi Master and a former friend of Surik's, arrived and mocked his attempts to recover his memories. Realizing that Atris had tagged her report to alert her whenever it was referenced, Revan confirmed his suspicions by insulting the report's accuracy, but he ignored Atris's anger and questioned her about Surik.[9]

A disbelieving Atris was disgusted to realize that Revan did not remember what had happened to their friend, and she told the Jedi that Surik had cut herself off from the Force after Malachor, and the Council had exiled her when she returned to face their judgement. Avoiding a philosophical argument when Atris and Revan began to argue about how losing the Force was worse than death, Revan brought the conversation back to Surik and Atris admitted that she had not spoken to Surik since the trial. Atris viciously told Revan to leave and go back to his wife, but Revan sarcastically reminded her about her emotions and sent the silver-haired Jedi storming out of the Archives. However, despite his sarcasm, Revan was deeply saddened by Surik's fate, and he left the Archives and the Temple to return home.[9]

Less than a month later, Ordo contacted Revan and asked to meet him back at the Dealer's Den. T3-M4 and Revan answered Ordo's call and headed to the cantina, though Revan's nightmares had been coming two or three times a week by that time, allowing him to get more sleep. Ordo hadn't found anything about the storm world, but he had found something else that he would not tell Revan until the Jedi promised not to tell either the Council or the Senate: many of the Mandalorian clans were gathering on Rekkiad, and they were searching for Mandalore's Mask. Revan experienced a brief flash of memory that confirmed the Mandalorians' suspicions, and he promised to abide by Ordo's terms, though he suggested that they should be there when the Mandalorians found the mask. Revan shot down Ordo's suggestions that they round up the old gang, as Bindo and Juhani were still Jedi, Vao and Zaalbar were hard at work with their business, and HK-47 was too trigger-happy.[9]

Revan could not help feeling guilty when Ordo suggested Surik as a possible option, though he lied that Surik was still a Jedi and reminded Ordo that he was forgetting Shan. Returning to his apartment, Revan found his wife watching holovids in their living room, and the two both told each other that they had news: Shan announced that she was pregnant. Stunned, Revan was astonished to realize that he hadn't sensed the Force signature of their child within his wife earlier, but he was unable to shake the feeling that he had no choice but to go to Rekkiad in order to find out what his visions meant. Shan grew angry at Revan's insistence at serving the galaxy at the cost of his own happiness, but Revan persuaded her to let him go by explaining he was doing it for their child. Despite Revan's refusal of her request to come with him, the two spent a final night in their apartment before Shan accompanied Revan and T3-M4 to the spaceport and the Ebon Hawk. Ordo was already loading the Ebon Hawk, and Shan gave her husband a final kiss before he boarded the freighter and took off with Ordo and T3-M4.[9]

Claiming Mandalore's Mask

"I can help you achieve your destiny. I know where Revan hid the Mask. Listen to me, and I will help you find it."
―Revan, to Clan Ordo[9]
Revan departure

Revan departs in the Ebon Hawk.

As the Ebon Hawk approached Rekkiad, Revan studied a topographic map of the ice world. Ordo had told him to land within walking distance of Clan Ordo's base camp so that they would approach on foot, but as Revan brought the ship down to the surface, the Ebon Hawk began to shudder under the force of Rekkiad's intense wind and snowstorms. Revan needed to bring the Hawk within a few hundred meters of the planet's surface to scan for the camp, and he ordered T3-M4 to bring Ordo to the cockpit to check his coordinates again. Revan's Force-enhanced reflexes allowed him to survive most of the wind, but a particularly strong wind sent the Ebon Hawk sliding toward a glacier that Revan barely avoided, clipping the ship's underside.[9]

With the Hawk spiraling in a roll, Revan used the Force to anticipate the ship's flight and kept it aloft until it stopped spinning, though when he brought it up to a safer altitude and put it on autopilot, Revan was alerted to the fact that the Hawk's landing gear had been damaged. When Ordo arrived, the mercenary suggested that Clan Ordo might have shifted their camp, and as he settled into the copilot chair, Revan noticed how his friend's underlying tension had eased that he was about to be among his own people again. Bringing the Hawk down toward the surface again, Revan ordered T3-M4 to boost the ship's sensors as he conducted a search pattern until they located the camp, and Revan was forced to land the Ebon Hawk in a giant snowdrift because of the damaged landing gear.[9]

While Ordo gathered supplies and gear for the five-kilometer trek to the camp, Revan and T3-M4 ran diagnostics on the Ebon Hawk, and Revan asked the droid to stay behind and conduct repairs. Ordo offered Revan a repeating blaster carbine as a weapon, but Revan chose to take along a pair of blasters as a replacement for his hidden lightsaber. Wearing heavy layers of clothing and bringing along a hoversled of supplies, the two then set out on the two-hour trek toward the camp, and it was almost nighttime by the time they reached their destination.[9]

Revan was dismayed to see that the Mandalorians had not disassembled their Basilisk war droids as he had ordered after Malachor, as Clan Ordo had six of them covered by tarps on the edge of their camp. When they were confronted by four sentries, Canderous announced himself to his kinsmen, and the two were brought into the camp by Canderous's clan brother Edric Ordo. Canderous was swarmed by his clan members the moment he took off his hood in the camp's supply shack, and Revan stood to the side as his friend reunited with his clan until a tall woman entered the shack and confronted Canderous.[9]

Veela, as Canderous identified her, was the leader of Clan Ordo, and she questioned Canderous about Revan in Mando'a, but Revan surprised her with his knowledge of the Mandalorian tongue. Despite Veela's apparent anger with Canderous, he explained that he was there to help them search for the mask, and he identified Revan as a fellow mercenary named "Avner." When Veela departed, Canderous admitted to his friend that she was his wife. The rest of the night was filled by celebrations, stories of Canderous's youth, and a great deal of drinking of the Mandalorian ale kri'gee. Revan matched the Mandalorians drink for drink, though he later regretted it the next morning when he woke up with a severe hangover.[9]

During the night, Revan also dreamed about his past, remembering part of his and Malak's time on Rekkiad when the two were atop the ice pillars known as the Twin Spears. Struggling to remember, Revan contacted T3-M4, who notified him that the Ebon Hawk was repaired, and he asked the droid to scan the topography map for the ice pillars that he saw in his dream. The Jedi then woke up Canderous and told him to speak with Veela about moving the camp, as he believed they were in the wrong place.[9]

When the leaders of the clan had gathered, Canderous explained about moving the camp, but an angry Veela soon got into an argument with Revan over the Mandalorians' belief that fate and destiny would determine who would find the Mask. Revan pressed his case, making up stories to cover the real reason he knew about the Mask's location, and with Canderous's help he convinced Veela to move the camp to the Twin Spears—though because it was in Clan Jendri's territory, the clan had to be ready to fight.[9]

The clan covered thirty of the fifty kilometers to the Spears in the first day before they made camp, but Revan was awoken in the middle of the night when Canderous returned to their tent after a rendezvous with his wife. They continued their march at dawn, only stopping for lunch, and they reached the Spears by nightfall that day. However, Clan Jendri attacked just before dawn the next morning, as Revan was awoken by his danger sense to find Canderous once again gone. Grabbing his blasters, Revan charged into the fray to find Jendri and their four Basilisks attacking the unprepared Ordo warriors and concentrating on preventing them from reaching Ordo's Basilisks.[9]


Basilisk war droids, the same kind as Revan encountered on Rekkiad

Revan charged across the camp to the Basilisks, firing as he went, and he met up with Veela and Canderous behind a rock. Veela told Revan that they needed only a few seconds to get on the Basilisks, so Revan leaped over the rock and drew his lightsaber, drawing the attention of the enemy Basilisks. Using his knowledge of battling the Basilisks during the war, Revan took advantage of the droids' inability to change direction quickly to damage one and then slay the rider. Revan's intervention was enough for Clan Ordo to mount their Basilisks and take to the sky, causing the three remaining Jendri Basilisks to flee and letting Clan Ordo rout their ground forces in just under five minutes.[9]

At Canderous's suggestion, Revan put away his lightsaber, though both were aware of the fact that Veela had seen the weapon. When Veela arrived to speak with them, she did not attack the Jedi but told him to go help with the wounded, though Revan could tell that she was furious. Clan Ordo celebrated the rest of day and much of the night, though Revan only drank a single mug of ale, as he was uncomfortable sharing in the Mandalorian customs and wary of Veela's intentions. Though most of the warriors welcomed him, Veela and the other pilots remained suspicious of the Jedi, and Canderous was forced to sleep in his and Revan's tent that night because of Veela's anger.[9]

Fight for the Mask
"Avner fought beside us. He led us to Mandalore's Mask. And you repay him with betrayal?"
"Who are you to talk of betrayal? You turned your back on your people. And for what? To throw your lot in with Revan the Butcher?"
"When did you figure it out?"
"Once he revealed himself to be a Jedi, it was obvious. Especially with that name. Did you really think rearranging Revan into Avner would fool us?"
―Canderous and Veela[9]

The next morning, eight of them began the climb up the First Spear—Revan, Canderous, Veela, and the other five pilots who knew that Revan was a Jedi. Revan, Canderous, and two pilots made up one team while Veela and the others made up the second and by the fifth hour of climbing they were more than halfway up the Spear and beyond the worst of Rekkiad's storms. As Revan watched, one of Veela's climbers nearly fell, though he caught himself and was rescued by his fellows, allowing Revan's team to catch up and then pass them on the way to the top, which took them another two hours. Canderous reached the top first and pulled Revan up, and the Jedi then pulled the woman pilot behind him up before she pulled the fourth pilot up. Setting their backpacks down, the four began a grid search with which they soon found a durasteel hatch leading down into the Spear.[9]

Canderous ordered the other two to remain behind while he and Revan descended the ladder down into the dark, but Revan began to experience numerous memory flashes as his memory began to sporadically return—the flashes got so bad at point that he was forced to stop climbing for half a minute to dispel the vertigo. At the bottom, Revan and Canderous made their way along a narrow passage, and Revan felt a long-dead whisper of the dark side from whatever lay at the end of the passage. The passage ultimately led to a burial chamber, and Revan was surprised to know that it was the tomb of the exiled Sith Lord Dramath the Second, as his memories were still returning. One of the memory flashes brought Revan back to the Battle of Malachor and the dying Mandalore, and Revan was overwhelmed by memories as he remembered how he and Malak had searched Rekkiad for proof of Mandalore's story that he had been manipulated by the Sith.[9]

Ignoring Ordo's questions, Revan removed the lid of the sarcophagus with the Force to find two items: a small datacron, and the Mask of Mandalore. However, when Revan picked up the Mask, Veela and the other pilots entered the room and ordered him to put it down. Revealing that she knew who "Avner" really was, Veela begged Canderous to side with her against Revan, and Canderous countered by trying to convince her that Revan was their friend. Preparing to attack Revan, Veela demanded that Canderous decide, but her husband refused and the Mandalorians attacked. Revan was already moving with his lightsaber by the time she finished talking, deflecting the attackers' blaster bolts back at them and taking down one of the Mandalorians before he and Canderous took cover behind the sarcophagus.[9]

Canderous took out another two Mandalorians before they hurled grenades at Revan and Canderous, forcing Revan to use the sarcophagus lid as a shield with the Force. The pair were still blown off their feet, but as Veela and the other Mandalorians tried to attack Revan, Canderous shot his wife through the heart. Taking advantage of the others' confusion, Revan dispatched the remaining two with a sidearm throw of his lightsaber. Revan slowly approached his friend, as Canderous was still lying on the floor, and Revan watched as he got to his feet and closed Veela's eyes. The two of them sat there in silence for several minutes as Canderous absorbed what had just happened, and when the Mandalorian finally turned around, Revan agreed to help him lay the bodies down in the proper respectful fashion.[9]


Canderous Ordo, Mandalore the Preserver

When Ordo questioned him about what he would tell the others, Revan suggested the story that they had encountered another clan, and when his friend picked up the Mask and the datacron, Revan explained that the datacron was a history of Dramath the Second, and he told Ordo about Dramath's history. However, Revan asked Ordo to wait until tomorrow, as he needed to finish piecing together his memories. Both of them tried to sleep as they spent the night in the cave, but neither of them could sleep peacefully. When they awoke, Revan's memories had come together to the point where he could remember the entire story about Mandalore. Revan then proceeded to tell Canderous about the Sith and how they had manipulated Mandalore, as well as how he and Malak had followed Mandalore the Ultimate's instructions to Rekkiad. Revan believed he would find more answers on Nathema, a planet mentioned in the datacron and his memories, and he told Ordo that he would be going alone—he believed Ordo should take up the Mask of Mandalore.[9]

Telling Ordo about how the Mandalorians needed to protect the Republic from the unknown Sith threat and thereby regain the honor and cultural beliefs that the Sith had twisted during the Mandalorian Wars, Revan convinced his friend to don the Mask and take on the name of Mandalore the Preserver. Revan and Ordo then descended the Spear and returned to the Ordo camp, though Revan departed and headed back to the Ebon Hawk. There, he was greeted by T3-M4, and the two set off for Nathema.[9]

Threat of the Sith


"What happened to your partner? Malak?"
"I killed him."
"It's complicated."
"Eventually you'll tell us everything we want to know."
"Maybe so. But I'm going to make you work for it."
―Scourge questions Revan[9]

However, when the Ebon Hawk arrived in the Nathema system, Revan was overwhelmed by a rush of memories and his head felt like it was going to explode. He recovered after several seconds, processing the new memories and regaining control of his mind, and he knew instinctively that he had been to Nathema before—the planet was completely without the Force. T3-M4's warnings finally brought Revan's attention to another ship in the system, but he was too groggy to recognize that they meant him harm and the Ebon Hawk was hit with an ion blast. Without power, the freighter was caught in Nathema's gravity and was sent crashing down to the planet's surface, despite Revan's attempts to steer. The Ebon Hawk collided with a building in one of Nathema's cities and slammed into the planet's surface, knocking Revan into unconsciousness.[9]

The ship that fired on Revan held the Sith Lords Darth Nyriss and Scourge, both of whom were part of the Sith Empire. The two landed on Nathema's surface and Scourge was sent to investigate the crashed ship, where he realized Revan was a Jedi and took the unconscious man out of the wrecked Ebon Hawk and back to their own ship. Darth Nyriss, one of the members of the Empire's ruling Dark Council, recognized Revan, and she decided to bring him back to Dromund Kaas and imprison him in hopes of learning how the Jedi overcame the Emperor's mental commands—for she was part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor, and such knowledge would be useful in disabling the Emperor's servants.[9]

Revan was imprisoned in the dungeon of Darth Nyriss's stronghold and pumped full of drugs to suppress his connection to the Force, and when he awoke, Nyriss and Scourge entered his cell and began to interrogate him. When he failed to respond to their questions, their interrogation droid began to torture him, and Revan was able to resist their efforts for four hours before Scourge was ordered to take a break. Scourge's expertise in interrogation led him to believe that Revan would never be broken, so Nyriss began to lose interest over the weeks that followed. Over the next three years, Revan remained a prisoner in his cell as Scourge tortured him for information, and after the first few months Scourge had extracted everything that Revan remembered. Revan was eventually freed from his chair, and though his cell featured a sink, refresher, and bed, he was not given any other clothes. Nyriss had lost interest after six months, but Scourge had become obsessed with Revan—he was fascinated by Revan's strength and connection to the Force, and Revan's philosophy intrigued Scourge.[9]

Lord Scourge

Lord Scourge, Revan's captor

In the first few months, Revan held out hope that he would be rescued by Ordo, T3-M4, or even his wife, but he eventually realized that no help was coming. The two of them gradually opened up to each other, as Revan was held in total seclusion, and they eventually regarded each other less as enemies as more as objects of interest to each other. Revan also developed a minor immunity to the drugs, allowing him to sense the Force within the dungeon, but the drugs still restricted him beyond that meager extension of the Force. Revan fed his captor fragments of his knowledge and wisdom in return for knowledge on Scourge himself, and through their developing relationship Revan learned a great deal about the Empire. Two years after his capture, he learned the name of Darth Nyriss, and another piece of information he gleaned was that the Emperor intended to invade the Republic, as well as the fact that Scourge and Nyriss were opposed to the Emperor's plans.[9]

In 3950 BBY,[62] Scourge was visiting Revan when the Jedi's attempts to lure the Sith Lord—whose name Revan still had not learned—to his side were exposed by a blunder on Revan's part. Revan discussed the inactivity of Nyriss' conspiracy with Scourge, but Revan's attempt to insinuate himself as a possible ally were too obvious for Scourge to miss, and the Sith Lord laughed openly at Revan's implication. However, Revan pressed forward and bluffed the Sith by claiming to have been given a vision of his freedom by the Force. Revan's suspicions about Scourge's inexperience with visions was accurate, as the Sith Lord eagerly questioned his captive about the nature of visions and the future. When questioned about his vision, Revan responded with a cryptic "You will understand in time," piquing the Sith's interest despite an annoyed Scourge's departure. After Scourge left, Revan opened himself up to the Force in meditation and reached out to Shan, but the Force instead showed him the face of Meetra Surik and gave him the unshakable belief that Surik was coming to rescue him.[9]

An unlikely rescue

"Gaze upon me and see your doom! I am Darth Nyriss, Lord of the Sith. I am the conqueror of Drezzi, the destroyer of Melldia, and a member of the Dark Council!"
"I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing."
―Revan defeats Darth Nyriss[9]

Just as Revan had sensed, Surik had followed Revan's trail to Nathema in the Ebon Hawk with the help of T3-M4, who had repaired the ship and returned to the Republic over the last three years. Surik followed the trail to Dromund Kaas itself, where she posed as a mercenary and investigated the identity of Scourge, whom she had seen in T3-M4's recording of Revan's capture. Surik eventually made contact with Scourge, who was astonished to find that Revan's promise of freedom had come true, and Scourge agreed to help Surik in freeing Revan. Scourge also revealed the existence of Nyriss's conspiracy to the Emperor in order to divert attention from him and to occupy Nyriss. Posing as Scourge's slave, Surik infiltrated Nyriss's stronghold with Scourge, and the two were heading to the dungeons when the Emperor's Imperial Guard began to attack the stronghold.[9]

Revan heard the explosions in his cell, but initially believed them to be side-effects of a new drug or something similar. However, when the alarms began, Revan realized that Surik was on her way, and he struggled to his feet in an attempt to battle the mind-numbing drugs. One of Revan's guards opened the door of his cell and pointed a blaster at the Jedi, egged on by his fellow guard, but Revan spoke to the terrified man and warned him not to shoot. Reaching out with the Force, Revan tried to amplify the guards' fear and confusion as he ordered the guard to put down the weapon, and he promised as a Jedi to spare their lives. Revan continued to apply pressure through the Force as he lied and claimed Nyriss was already dead, warning the two that his allies were coming and again asking them to surrender.[9]

When they did so, Revan departed his cell and told them to stay against the wall until his friends arrived, and several minutes later Surik descended into the dungeons to embrace her former mentor. Their reunion was interrupted by the arrival of Scourge, though Surik told Revan he was an ally, and Revan stopped Scourge from killing the two guards before he collapsed due to the drugs. Scourge quickly delivered the antidote to the drugs, but when Surik handed him his mask—which his wife had kept hidden ever since she recovered it during the mission to capture him—all of Revan's missing memories returned at once and he collapsed into sensory overload. When Surik and Scourge were alerted to an approaching presence by T3-M4, they moved Revan into his cell just before Darth Nyriss arrived and killed the two guards.[9]

Nyriss began to overpower both Scourge and Surik when they engaged her in battle, and when she had them at a disadvantage, the Dark Councilor gathered an intense storm of Force lightning and prepared to unleash it upon the pair. Revan, meanwhile, had recovered from his collapse and donned his mask, and he stepped out into the corridor with his hood raised. Countering Nyriss's declaration of victory, Revan extended his hands and absorbed the bolts of lightning before unleashing them back upon their caster, reducing Nyriss to a pile of ash in a matter of seconds. Saddened that the guards had been slain, Revan stopped and bowed his head over their bodies, but Surik interrupted him and Scourge delivered his lightsaber to Revan before the four of them fled the stronghold.[9]

Revan and T3-M4 TERC

Revan watches the hologram of his family.

They rushed to Scourge's waiting speeder and sped away from the embattled structure, returning to the cave where Surik and Scourge had first met. After he dropped Revan, Surik, and T3-M4 off, Scourge returned to Kaas City in order to find out the situation, and Revan asked him to bring back food, water, and soap so that he could wash. At Surik's request, T3-M4 rolled forward and displayed a message from Shan: a hologram of Revan's wife holding their three-year-old son. In the message, Shan told Revan that it was their son's birthday, and Revan removed his mask as his son waved to the camera. Shan's choice of the name Vaner amused Revan, as it was an anagram of his own name, and Surik retreated as Revan watched the rest of the message.[9]

When the video ended, Revan thanked Surik for rescuing him, and he praised her accomplishments and strength before asking her if she would like to watch the message from Shan with him. Surik accepted, and the two were still watching it when Scourge returned to the cave several hours later. T3-M4 shut off the hologram when Scourge arrived, and Revan answered Scourge's questions as to the people's identity, though the Sith Lord soon remembered that the two were not friends and stopped asking. Revan and Surik then listened to Scourge's report: the Emperor had killed all twelve members of the Dark Council, unleashing the Imperial Guard upon three of them and killing the other nine himself. The Emperor had instituted martial law and imposed a curfew, and Revan then explained what he had remembered of his past and how he and Malak had been lured into a trap and corrupted.[9]

Their discussion soon turned to the possibility that the Emperor would attempt to repeat the ritual he performed on Nathema there on Dromund Kaas, though Revan and Scourge concluded that the Emperor would not. Scourge, Surik, and Revan then agreed that they would try and kill the Emperor, as it was their best chance at eliminating the threat he posed to the galaxy, and Revan suggested that they all get some rest before dawn. While Surik settled into meditation, Revan resumed watching his wife's message, but he was soon interrupted by a restless Scourge. The Sith Lord sought to learn more of Revan's view of the Force and visions, and Revan admitted that he had been bluffing about his "vision" earlier despite the fact that he received a true vision shortly afterward.[9]

Revan and Scourge's discussion led Revan to admit that he was willing to die if that was what the Force had ordained for him, and Revan recognized and embraced the possibility that it was in fact another's responsibility to defeat the Emperor. Revan also admitted the real reason he had left behind his family and the Republic—he wanted to protect his son's future, and he was more than willing to die for that. Scourge was irritated by Revan's self-sacrificing mentality and left Revan alone, and the Jedi once again continued to watch the recording over and over until dawn.[9]

Confronting evil

"I did not expect you to return."
―The Sith Emperor[9]

Revan, T3-M4, Surik, and Scourge departed the cave at dawn and took Scourge's landspeeder into Kaas City, and as they traveled Revan contemplated the nature of the Force and how he had learned to balance the light and dark sides. Stopping at the outskirts of the city, the four of them made their way toward the Imperial Citadel on foot, avoiding the patrols so that they arrived at their destination unnoticed. Scourge took the lead as they entered the Citadel, demanding to speak with the Emperor, and the Imperial Guard led the four of them into the heart of the Citadel to the Emperor's throne room. However, when they reached the doors, Captain Yarri of the Guard stopped them and ordered Scourge's companions to wait outside. Yarri was the same Guard who had lured Malak and Revan into a trap nine years earlier, and she recognized Revan's mask when the Jedi Master was forced to turn around.[9]


Revan charges the Sith Emperor.

Exposed, Revan lashed out with his foot and sent the nearest Guardsman stumbling back as T3-M4 began to fire his blaster. Surik and Scourge drew their lightsabers and leaped to the offensive, with Surik engaging several Guardsmen and Scourge taking on Yarri. The skilled soldiers did not fall easily, but Revan's allies bought him time to blast open the doors to the throne room with the Force and he charged inside. Revan leapt over one of the Guards who attacked and slammed him in the chest with the power of the Force, but the Guardsman drew on the Emperor's power to resist the blow. Revan dispatched the man with his lightsaber nonetheless and turned to find Surik and Scourge still locked in combat while retreating, so he reached out with the Force and pulled down the stone archway in the hallway to cut off the Guards' reinforcements. After Surik and Scourge crossed the threshold with their opponents, Revan slammed the room's doors shut and ordered T3-M4 to seal the doors before he turned to face the Emperor.[9]

The Sith ruler had not risen from his throne the entire time, and Revan ignored his enemy's words as he rushed forward to confront him. Standing perfectly still after rising to his feet, the Emperor gathered his strength and unleashed a wave of energy that lifted Revan off his feet and threw him backward, but the Jedi rolled to his feet and advanced again as the Emperor reached out with his mind. This time, Revan opened himself to the Force and allowed both the light and dark sides to flow through him before he released the Force in its purest form—an action that lit up the air between him and the Emperor and sent both of them flying. Recovering, Revan raced toward his enemy and deflected the Emperor's first bolt of lightning, though it stopped him in his tracks, and he proceed to knock the next aside, dodge the following bolt, and he deflected the final attack straight back at the Emperor. Angered, the Sith Lord gathered his strength and unleashed a massive storm of lightning at Revan, and the Jedi Master's attempts to absorb and contain the energy like before failed—the power of the attack overwhelmed him and sent electricity coursing through his body, boiling his skin and causing his mask to superheat on his burning face.[9]

Collapsing to the floor, Revan cried out as T3-M4 distracted the Emperor with his flamethrower and was destroyed as a result, sacrificing himself to rescue Revan from the Emperor's attack. Unable to rise, Revan called on the Force to heal his wounds, but he could do nothing as the Emperor approached him with Revan's own lightsaber and prepared to kill the Jedi. Revan was saved from death by Surik, who knocked the Emperor's weapon aside with a toss of her own lightsaber, and Revan rose to his feet as Surik and Scourge rushed to his side. When the Emperor expressed his disappointment with Scourge, Revan proclaimed that Scourge was the Jedi's ally, but Revan's "ally" was suddenly overcome by a vision of the future—a future in which another Knight defeated the Emperor. Understanding what he had to do, Scourge stepped behind Surik and slid his lightsaber between her shoulders, and a horrified Revan was quickly struck with a blast of Force lightning by the Emperor.[9]

Revan imprisoned

Revan imprisoned

As Revan lay unconscious on the floor, the Emperor tested Scourge's loyalty by having him kill Revan, though the Emperor halted Scourge's blade before the deed was done. On the Emperor's orders, Revan was placed in a specially constructed prison[9] in a space station at the heart of the remote Maelstrom Nebula.[14] Locked in stasis, hovering between life and death, Revan was unable to move as the Emperor reached out across dozens of light years and fed off of the Jedi Master's strength, using Revan's power to fuel his own. The Emperor also linked his mind to Revan's and tried to draw on his knowledge of the Republic and the Force so that he could learn more about his enemies.[9]

However, Revan resisted the Emperor's influence with his strength of will, and the Force ghost of Surik remained next to him, lending her friend the strength to fight the Emperor, preventing the Sith from taking his knowledge.[9] The Emperor also utilized Revan's prowess in both the light and the dark sides to use the Jedi as a conduit to the Force through which the Emperor could see visions of the future, though Revan used their link in reverse to temper the Emperor's aggression and slow the Sith's plans to wage war on the Republic.[14] However, Revan was mentally tortured for centuries by the Emperor and the fear-wielding Sith Lords known as the Dread Masters; the Sith sought to twist him to the dark side and remake him as the Emperor's servant, and though he was able to resist, Revan's mind eventually fractured under the strain. He was forced to separate himself from his pain, focusing solely on the Force, though part of his mind still experienced the torture.[6]

During his imprisonment, the slaves that Revan left with the Infinite Engine continued to worship the Revan as a god-like figure,[34] and Revan's legend also inspired the philosophy of a group known as the Order of Revan on Dromund Kaas. The Revanites believed in Revan's philosophy of balancing the light and dark sides of the Force and in the power of rebirth—Revan had been a warrior as a Jedi and a teacher as a Sith, and he had been reborn when both turned on him.[63] The Revanites were aware of Revan's battle with the Emperor,[63] and the Masters of the Revanite Order believed that the Emperor had in fact been defeated and replaced by Revan.[64] The Revanites constructed a shrine to Revan in a cave on Dromund Kaas, and initiate Revanites were often overcome by visions of the Sith Lord in the cave when they were undergoing the initiation rites.[63]

Freedom and fall

"I've been reborn. My mind is clearer, my power intensified. And now, with the order under my command, I'm unstoppable."
―Revan, after taking command of the Revanites[65]

Despite Revan's influence, however, the Sith Empire invaded the Republic in 3681 BBY, beginning the Great Galactic War. But as the war dragged on for almost three decades, Revan's influence made the Emperor decide to seek a false peace with the Republic to bring the war to an end. In 3653 BBY, the Empire sacked Coruscant and forced the Republic to sign the Treaty of Coruscant to end the war.[32] A tense Cold War followed, but the tenuous peace began to collapse around 3642 BBY[2] when the Emperor sought to start his dark ritual and thus eradicate all life in the galaxy, leading Surik's ghost to reach out and contact the Jedi Master Oteg. At Surik's instruction, Oteg gathered a strike team that attacked the prison in the Maelstrom while Oteg's fleet engaged the forces of the Imperial Grand Moff Rycus Kilran.[14]

After battling through the prison's personnel and defeating Kilran himself, the strike team deactivated Revan's prison, freeing the Jedi Master from stasis. Revan was initially horrified that the Republic operatives had released him, as it meant that he could no longer restrain the Emperor, but the ghost of Surik appeared to him and calmed her friend, informing Revan that he had to be freed before his strength failed. Saddened that Surik was not yet at peace, Revan explained that the Emperor sought to make him a servant of the Sith once more, and Surik told Revan that the peace had already been broken—the Emperor was waging war once more. Thanking Surik, Revan took one of the Imperial vessels and rendezvoused with the Republic fleet as it departed the Maelstrom.[14]

Revan battle

Revan, commander of the Foundry

Aboard the Telos, Master Oteg's flagship, Revan thanked his rescuers and told them of his intent to end the threat of the Emperor and the Sith once and for all. Revan was then taken to the Order's homeworld of Tython, where he shared his knowledge of the Emperor with the Jedi Council, but Revan then left Tython to pursue his own plans.[14] Revan searched the galaxy and located HK-47, who had been waiting loyally for his master's return for the last three centuries, and Revan then located the Foundry—a Rakatan space station that he had discovered long ago but the location of which he had kept from the Emperor. Revan also managed to retrieve his mask from the Revanites, who had stolen it from Lord Grathan's collection.[3] Seeing how he was worshiped by the Order of Revan, he decided that he wanted nothing to do with them, as he did not consider himself a prophet.[12]

Using the Foundry, Revan began to construct an army of extermination droids that he planned to unleash upon the Empire with the assignment of exterminating everyone with Sith pureblood ancestry. Revan placed HK-47 in command of his rapidly growing army, and the droid was more than happy to resume his assassination protocols. However, the Empire soon became aware of Revan's plans and captured the Republic cruiser Dorin's Sky, using it to bypass the Republic blockade around the Foundry and insert an Imperial strike team onto the Foundry. Revan contacted the strike team periodically as they fought their way through the station's defenses to communicate his belief that they were being manipulated by the Emperor, and he was dismayed to watch from the station's heart as the strike team fought and defeated HK-47 in the Foundry's main generator.[3]

The strike team made their way to Revan's sanctum within the station, where the Jedi Master revealed his identity and told them his story. Explaining that his knowledge of the Emperor made the Sith ruler's death his responsibility and his alone, Revan drew his violet-bladed lightsaber and donned his mask for the final battle. Unleashing bursts of lightning and hurling chunks of asteroid harvested by the Foundry at his opponents, Revan dueled the four strike team members throughout the chamber, but Revan was ultimately driven to defeat. Stumbling back, Revan quoted Malak's final words and remarked that he finally understood how his friend had felt so many years ago on the Star Forge, and before his opponents could finish the Jedi Master off, Revan vanished in a flash of violet energy.[3]

Dying, Revan attempted to become one with the Force, but he was only partially successful. While part of him moved on and joined the Force, the rest—the part that had embraced the darkness to escape the pain of the Emperor's torture—refused to do so, and was left in control of his body. Insane and fully submerged in the dark side, the new "dark" Revan believed his mind to be "clearer" and his strength to have increased. Remembering the Revanites, he decided to make them his own, and became determined to destroy the Emperor once and for all.[65] However, he first needed to "clear the board" of the Republic and the Empire, both of which he believed would interfere in his plans.[12] By that time, Revan had discovered that the Emperor had been driven to the brink of defeat by a Jedi Knight, and that the Emperor's spirit had retreated to the moon Yavin 4 in order to recuperate.[66]


"You've carried on, dragging the remains of a body that should have long since faded to dust. Hatred fueled cunning, but burned out all wisdom. Without me, you could not see."
―The light Revan speaks to the dark Revan[65]

Taking control of the Order of Revan, he effectively wiped out the original Revanites and remade them into a group of fanatical devotees who were willing to follow his lead unquestionably. His new Revanites included members throughout the upper echelons of both the Republic and the Empire, such as Colonel Rian Darok of the Republic Special Forces Division and Darth Arkous of the Dark Council. Darok and Arkous were tasked with creating an "Infinite Army" using Rakatan technology—having stolen Rakatan artifacts from the Jedi Temple and Sith Academy, the pair hired a Selkath scientist named Gorima to develop a way of fusing the Rakatan technology with living beings.[12]

Revan hologram

The "reborn" Revan announces his return on Rakata Prime.

On Lehon, the Revanites embedded fragments of the destroyed Star Forge in the bodies of their recruits, creating soldiers who could heal rapidly and possessed great strength. However, the Infinite Army project was destroyed by a small alliance of Republic and Imperial individuals who also killed Darok and Arkous. Commanding the Revanite fleet from the deck of a Harrower-class dreadnought, Revan arrived in the Lehon system only minutes after the pair's death; disappointed with the loss of his Infinite Army, he spoke briefly with his opponents via a holographic projection before he bombarded the Temple of the Ancients with his fleet in an unsuccessful attempt to kill his enemies.[12]

Despite the loss of the Infinite Army, Revan moved ahead with his efforts, and recruited the Nova Blades pirate gang on the planet Rishi. At Revan's instructions, the Nova Blades preyed on Republic and Imperial patrols, forcing them to shift their hyperroutes with the intention of forcing a naval confrontation between the Republic and the Empire.[67] The Revanites gathered a fleet of warships that they stationed on Rishi, where the battle would occur; the ships would enter the battle and wreak havoc along with Revanite saboteurs aboard the two opposing fleets.[68]

Revan on Rishi

Revan talks to the intruder at the Sky Ridge Island stronghold.

The Revanites also constructed a signal jammer on Razorback Island to prevent the fleets from warning or contacting each other.[68] Revan's alliance with Shae Vizla's Mandalorian clan did not last long,[69] and when the Nova Blades came under attack by a mysterious pirate group, Revan ended his agreement with the pirates as they had served their purpose.[67] That mysterious group was soon discovered to be the same individuals responsible for the Lehon incident, including Revan's own descendant Theron Shan, who was captured investigating a Revanite outpost.[68]

Shan was brought to the Revanite stronghold on Sky Ridge Island, where Revan himself spent quite some time interrogating his descendant and attempting to convince Shan to join Revan's cause. Some time after Revan departed, a rescue team infiltrated the stronghold, and Revan spoke to them briefly via holocomm before the group escaped with Shan.[68] To Revan's displeasure, that same group of allied Imperial and Republic operatives successfully disabled the Revanites' jamming tower just as Revan's trap was sprung; the Republic and Imperial fleets were warned of the situation and alerted to the presence of the Revanite saboteurs before too much damage had been done.[70]

Revan on Yavin 4

Revan on Yavin 4

His involvement exposed to the galaxy, Revan advanced his plans and invaded Yavin 4 in force; his Revanites overwhelmed the small number of Imperial Guardsmen who were stationed at the Imperial Guard Academy on the moon, and secured the Temple of Sacrifice. The Temple contained the mechanism required for a Sith ritual that would restore the Emperor's strength by consuming all life on Yavin 4. However, he was pursued by a coalition of Imperial and Republic forces that had joined together in the threat of a returned Emperor, and the coalition forces attacked the Revanites in order to prevent Revan from achieving his goal, as they believed he would be unable to defeat the Emperor.[71]

By that time, Revan had reacquired his longtime companion HK-47, who had been rebuilt after being destroyed in the service of the Sith Lord Darth Malgus.[6] Unbeknownst to the dark Revan, his other half was able to manifest as a Force spirit, and warned the coalition forces that their enemy was not the true Revan.[4] In the battle that followed, the coalition forces stormed the temple, and Revan was interrupted in his attempt to complete the ritual. With the Temple machinery destroyed,[6] Revan fled the Temple and retreated to a temple deeper in the jungle—the Emperor's final sanctuary, and the site where his spirit was hidden.[65]

Revan reforms

Revan's two halves finally merge.

However, he was pursued by a number of the coalition's greatest heroes, including his own descendants: Theron and his mother Satele Shan, the Jedi Grand Master. Determined to confront the Emperor in spite of the disruption of his plans, Revan engaged in battle with the coalition forces, holding his own against a large number of enemies, but he was ultimately defeated—and he was horrified to hear the mocking laugh of the Emperor only moments later. His strength restored by feeding off of the deaths and chaos caused by the battle on the moon, the Emperor declared his intention to retake the galaxy as his own, and his spirit then vanished from Yavin 4 without taking a body. Devastated at his failure, the dark Revan was enraged to be visited by his spectral half, but the spirit convinced his other half to release his hold on their physical form and merge once more, making Revan whole. His mind restored, Revan warned the coalition to remain vigilant in the wake of the Emperor's return, and Revan's physical body vanished as he merged with the Force, leaving only his scarred mask and his lightsaber.[65]

Thwarting resurrection

"The Force seeks balance. Always."
―Revan speaks to Tenebrae in Satele Shan's mind[72]

In 3626 BBY,[7] during the third Galactic War, Revan appeared as a spirit to guide the commander of the Eternal Alliance, the Jedi Kira Carsen, and his former ally Scourge throughout the ship containing the unconscious bodies of Satele Shan and her students, who had been afflicted with a curse. His spirit also guided Carsen and Scourge to the location of Tenebrae's original body, for as long as Tenebrae lived in any shape or form, physical or spiritual, Revan would not rest until the Sith Emperor was destroyed utterly and completely.[72]

Revan in Echoes of Oblivion

Revan joins others in the final defeat of Tenebrae

Later, inside Satele Shan's mind, Revan aided the Alliance Commander in fighting off the three faces of Tenebrae, who was attempting to resurrect himself. When the Alliance Commander was finally able to confront Tenebrae, Revan and all the people that had been manipulated and murdered by Tenebrae over the centuries, such as Meetra Surik, manifested behind the Commander to help in the ensuing battle. Ultimately, Tenebrae was defeated once and for all, and Revan finally became one with the Force.[72]


A legend in his time and beyond

"Revan and the Jedi Exile are legends. What were they like?"
"It should not have surprised anyone that Revan turned Sith. He knew you cannot fight the dark side without understanding it. The Exile was harder to read. Even with all she had done, she never trusted herself. With Revan, she was his student again."
―The Hero of Tython and Scourge[73]

Revan's victory over Darth Malak, and his influence over the Sith Emperor, ensured that the Republic received almost three hundred years of peace. Revan's son Vaner continued the Shan family line,[9] a line that produced many Jedi, including the Jedi Knight Tasiele Shan and her daughter Satele—a woman who went on to become the youngest Grand Master of the Jedi Order in history. However, Revan's unorthodoxy and the power of his bloodline led the Republic to demand that the Jedi Order exile Tasiele Shan when she began to call for the Order to loosen their restrictions on marriage.[32]

Revan Force Ghost

Revan as a Force Spirit

Even after both of his disappearances, Revan's skills, both Forceful and otherwise, were of great renown among the galaxy's inhabitants.[74] The Jedi Ilia Orpin, who became the gatekeeper of a Jedi holocron, provided an extensive account of Jedi history through the "Revan Mythologies"—a series of fables and myths that recounted the Order's history. Some scholars considered Orpin's works to be derivatives of the Qel-Droma Epics, a similar set of mythical stories that spoke of the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Sith War. Many of the Mythologies featured the Rakata, and spoke of Jedi heroes who found Rakatan devices and were forced to choose between destroying them or being corrupted by their power.[75] Revan and his exploits were detailed in historical texts by Jedi of many later generations, such as The Jedi Path guidebook,[76] Jedi Master Tionne Solusar's Jedi vs. Sith compendium,[15] and Jedi Master Gnost-Dural's journal of his historical research.[77]

Revan also had a powerful influence on the Republic Military: his near-destruction of the Republic during his time as a Sith was stopped when he was redeemed, but the military's failures became evident to the Republic leadership and it was clear that the military needed to evolve in order to survive. The Republic Military underwent significant changes, developing into a far more capable fighting force.[32] Until Revan's appointment as Supreme Commander, no single field marshal commanded all of the Republic's ground forces; the Ministry of Defense on Coruscant directed all generals and admirals, and the Republic Navy ended up in actual command.[8] Military historians taught about Revan's influences, such as Vilnau Teupt, who covered the Mandalorian Wars' effect on the Mandalorian culture in a speech entitled "Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul" at the 412th Proceedings of Galactic Anthropology and History at Brentaal Academy in 24 ABY.[27] The Historical Council of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances also covered Revan's exploits in their extensive chronicle of galactic history published in 36 ABY.[28]

Revan's Cross of Glory was eventually placed in the Republic Foundation Museum, a museum in Corellia's capital Coronet City.[78] Within the Leisure Garden section of the city's Axial Park, the holostatues of Revan and his companions during the quest for Star Forge were erected in memory of their deeds.[79] Revan's mask was recovered from the Imperial Citadel, and it was passed to a number of different Sith Lords throughout the next three centuries until the Sith Lord Grathan acquired the mask as a trophy.[80] Revan was credited with having driven the warring Sith from Korriban in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War, and the Jedi Deesra Luur Jada focused on Revan while writing an account of the Jedi Civil War. Jada believed that the fact that the blank-slate Revan chose not to return to the dark side said far more about Revan than any of his other actions, and Jada often found himself correcting younger Jedi who said that "the Sith Lords Revan and Malak" were the ones who destroyed Dantooine in the years after the Jedi Civil War.[15]

A legend to the Sith

"I am Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane[61]

Despite Revan's redemption and the destruction of the Sith at his hands, Sith of both the reconstituted Sith Empire[78] and later Sith such as Darth Bane held Revan in high regard.[61] Though he sacrificed Revan to the Emperor so that he could survive, Scourge remained loyal to his and the Jedi's cause of defeating the Emperor, and he served the Sith ruler as his personal executioner for three hundred years before he allied himself with the Hero of Tython—the Knight whom Scourge had foreseen would complete Revan's mission.[9] Like the slaves that Revan left on Nar Shaddaa, the Rakata of Lehon worshiped "the Revan" as a god-like figure, believing him to be both savior and destroyer, and believing that he would one day come to their world for a third time.[12]

Six Sith Lords

Darths Andeddu, Revan, Malak, Malgus, Ruin, and Bane

Over two thousand years after Revan's final disappearance, a Zelosian male during the time of the New Sith Wars came across a Sith manuscript that discussed Darth Revan and the Jedi Civil War, and he decided to adopt Revan's Sith title as his own. However, the manuscript was corrupted, incorrectly identifying Revan as "Darth Rivan," and the Zelosian accordingly adopted the title of Darth Rivan.[15] In 1000 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Bane discovered The Rakata and the Unknown World, one of Darth Revan's writings from his time as a Sith, in the archives of the Sith Academy on Korriban, and his disgust with the current Sith philosophy of sharing power led him to investigate Darth Revan further.[61]

Traveling to Lehon, Bane entered the Temple of the Ancients and recovered Revan's Holocron, and Bane spent a great deal of time plumbing the secrets of the device, such as the thought bomb. However, because the crystal Revan had used to create the device was flawed, the artifact eventually began to fail and finally shut down permanently. Using Revan's knowledge and teachings, Bane decided to rebuild the Sith Order based on Revan's belief that a Sith Master should never train more than one apprentice. Building upon Revan's philosophy, Bane developed the Rule of Two, a doctrine that dictated there could only be two in Bane's Order of the Sith Lords—a master, and an apprentice.[61] Revan was also mentioned in the Book of Sith, a collection of Sith writings compiled by Darth Sidious, almost 4,000 years after the Mandalorian Wars.[81]

Personality and traits

Appearance and early life

"Who I am is not important, my message is."

Revan was a Human male with light skin and brown eyes, and he wore his dark brown hair at shoulder-length for much of his life. In Revan's own opinion, his features were unremarkable and average. Revan grew a beard during the search for the Star Forge, though when he shaved it off shortly after the Battle of Rakata Prime, he was able to pass unrecognized through the throngs of people on Coruscant.[9] When under the influence of the dark side, Revan's eyes turned yellow.[10] Even as a young apprentice, Revan was known for his remarkable intelligence and exceptional charisma, as well as an insatiable desire for knowledge. A military genius, Revan was renowned for his tactical thinking and decisive leadership even as a Jedi Knight.[10] In his youth, Revan was outraged by the Jedi Council's indecision and refusal to act against the Mandalorians, and his desire to defend the Republic led him to argue vociferously for his cause. His determination and charisma gained him a following of like-minded Jedi, though his strength and leadership led the others to accept him as their leader without question.[16]

Warrior and Sith

"The Sith must be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak, another must rise to seize the mantle. The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve. This is the way it must be."
―Darth Revan's holocron[61]

Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith

When he finally joined the Republic Military in the war against the Mandalorians, Revan began to change. Over the course of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan became more and more cold and calculating, adopting the militant mindset of his enemies in order to win his battles. By the end of the war, Revan was more than willing to sacrifice allies and his citizens in order to gain or preserve an advantage over his opponent.[9] Exposed to the teachings of the Sith, Revan and Malak utilized an untested weapon like the mass-shadow generator even with the possibility that the weapon might harm their own fleet.[13] Before each battle, Revan would stare at his reflection in a mirror while wearing his mask and recited the Jedi Code repeatedly until the words seemed to blur together.[9]

The devastation at Malachor disgusted Revan, and he decided that he would never again use such tactics to destroy his enemy, so he constructed HK-47 so that he could use a more surgical approach toward eliminating his enemies.[10] Revan understood the powerful cultural influence that the mask of Mandalore had on the Mandalorians, and therefore he decided to hide the mask in order to strike a powerful blow to the defeated Mandalorians. While they were influenced by the dark side, Revan and Malak were still determined to protect the Republic against the mysterious Sith threat that the dying Mandalore revealed to Revan, but the two Jedi were arrogant and overconfident in their power when they infiltrated Dromund Kaas. As a result, their minds were twisted by the Sith Emperor and they were made into his servants, and their fall to the dark side was completed.[9]

However, the Emperor underestimated the strength of Revan and Malak's wills—the two were the first ever to break free of the Sith Emperor's mental control, and their instructions were twisted so that they believed it was their own desires that drove them to conquer the Republic.[9] As a Sith Lord, Revan embraced the Sith philosophy, developing his own methodology that was based on the rule of the strong,[61] and became regarded as a conqueror.[82] Revan believed that the power of the dark side was to be craved, and that power must be sought above all else. Abandoning the emotions of mercy and compassion, as he believed that they were weaknesses, Revan also came to the conclusion that loyalty was a similar weakness—to trust in allies was to introduce the possibility of betrayal and therefore weakness.[61]

The dark side invited strife and rivalry, as it culled the weak, but Revan recognized that that same strife was also a weakness. He believed that the strong needed to be cautious in case that their lessers banded together to overcome them, and as a result Revan was of the opinion that a Sith Master should have but one student—and the same was true of the title of Dark Lord: there should only be two.[61] Revan also understood the power that manipulation could have, and he believed that the corruption and conversion of Jedi was one of the keys to winning the Jedi Civil War. His strategy in the war against the Republic was aimed at preserving the Republic's infrastructure, and he made strategic strikes that weakened his enemy's military power while preserving the economy and government by sparing specific worlds that were essential to the Republic infrastructure.[10]


"I'm not doing this for the Republic. I'm not doing it for you. I'm not even doing it for me. I'm doing it for our child. And our child's children. We might never live to see the horrors that are coming, but they will. We have to protect the Republic for them. We have to risk our chance at happiness so they can have a life we might never know."
Jedi Revan

Revan, a Jedi once more

When the Jedi Council erased Revan's mind, they wiped away his memories and left him a blank slate onto which they added an artificial persona. His new identity as a soldier was fiercely loyal to the Republic and fought to end the threat of the Sith, and he adhered to the ideals and teachings of the Jedi Order when he was retrained as a Jedi.[10] However, his former master Kreia believed that the Jedi Council had not actually changed Revan's personality but had simply erased the effects of the Mandalorian Wars and the dark side on Revan's psyche, allowing his original persona to reemerge—a person who was willing to go to war to protect others.[13] Revan's droid HK-47 suspected that Revan's newfound concern for life and willingness to protect others was in fact an inherent trait rather than the result of the mindwipe, and Revan earned Canderous Ordo's respect once more by proving his prowess as both a warrior and a leader.[10]

The Rakatan computer on Kashyyyk conducted a test of Revan's personality when he was seeking the Star Map, and it failed the Jedi when it concluded that he was not the same individual who accessed the Star Map years earlier. However, during Revan's fight with the defense droids, the computer scanned his neural patterns and confirmed that Revan was in fact the same person as before. Unlike the Sith Lord Darth Revan, the Jedi Revan trusted his allies, and his natural charisma gained him a number of loyal followers just as it had during the Mandalorian Wars.[10] As his relationship with Bastila Shan developed during his travels, Revan came to draw on his emotions as a source of strength, finding that he could better connect to the light side of the Force by using positive emotions such as love and happiness.[9]

Revan maintained his sense of humor as both a Sith and a Jedi, such as how he reprogrammed HK-47 to designate organics as "meatbags,"[10] and he sometimes used sarcasm as a shield to hide his own emotions. Even after the Jedi Civil War, Revan was determined to save the Republic from its enemies, and his nightmares of a storm-covered world and a darkness in the Unknown Regions drove him to seek out the unknown threat in order to protect his family's future even at the cost of his own life. When he confronted the Sith Emperor for a second time, Revan understood the possibility that he would not survive, and he trusted in the Force to ensure that the darkness would one day be countered by the light. Revan's strength of will was such that he was able to withstand torture for years, and he survived centuries as the prisoner of the Emperor while also resisting the Sith's attempts to steal his knowledge.[9]

Light and dark

"So many centuries. The Emperor and his Dread Masters, trying to wrench me apart, to unleash my anger and hatred… I detached myself from the pain. Focused on the Force."
"You hid behind Jedi platitudes! You weren't strong enough to survive the torture, or the battle in the Foundry. I faced them! I survived them!"
"You carried on, dragging the remains of a body that should have long since faded to dust."
―The two halves of Revan[65]

The dark Revan

The difficult battles Revan faced throughout his life molded him into a new person.[82] Indeed, his long imprisonment had an adverse effect on Revan. Because of his link to the Emperor's mind, he was able to temper the Sith ruler's hatred and desire for war,[14] but Revan was influenced in turn, and he underwent centuries of torture at the hands of the Emperor and the Dread Masters. The Sith sought to twist Revan to the dark side once more, and though he was able to resist their efforts, he was forced to separate himself from the pain and focus solely on the Force. This had the effect of splintering Revan's mind between its light and dark halves, though the effect was not evident at first.[6] By the time he was released, he had come to view the Empire and the Emperor as a scourge on the galaxy that he would sacrifice his moral principles to destroy. Using the Foundry, Revan intended to unleash an army of extermination droids upon the people of the Empire, and he was once again willing to sacrifice innocents in order to advance his cause.[3]

When Revan was defeated in the Foundry, he died and attempted to became one with the Force. However, his darker half—the part driven by hatred and anger—resisted and retained control over Revan's body, while the rest merged with the Force and became a spirit. The new "dark" Revan became obsessed with destroying the Emperor permanently, and he readily accepted leadership of the fanatical Order of Revan. He viewed both the Empire and the Republic as obstacles to his plans and so sought to remove them, and believed that he was strong enough to defeat the Emperor despite having failed before. While the light Revan possessed the original's wisdom and compassion, the dark half possessed the Revan's strength and focus but clouded by hatred. It was not until the dark Revan's defeat on Yavin that the two halves joined together once again, and the newly whole Revan was able to fade away and become one with the Force.[6] After being freed from the Maelstrom Prison, Revan's face was permanently scarred with circular marks and lines,[3] and his death in the Foundry left his face even more scarred.[6] In the end, despite his time as a Sith Lord, Revan became worthy of the title Jedi Knight and the purple lightsaber he wielded as a hero of the light side of the Force.[82]



Revan was a naturally charismatic leader, and he gathered a strong following in the Jedi Order during the Mandalorian Wars, though several Jedi in particular became his trusted lieutenants. Similarly, during the Jedi Civil War, the reprogrammed Revan gained a number of loyal companions and followers who fought alongside him and became some of his greatest friends.[10]

Bastila Shan

"I love you too, with all my heart."
"You aren't afraid to love anymore?"
"After this? No. Nothing could make me feel safer than to be loved by you."
―Bastila and Revan[10]

Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan was sent to capture the Sith Lord Darth Revan and was the only survivor of her strike team, though she chose to rescue a comatose and heavily injured Revan from the Sith flagship. Shan healed him with the Force, but doing so created a Force bond between the two that linked their emotions and thoughts together. As a result, Shan was chosen to be the mind-wiped Revan's "chaperone" and to help discover the Star Forge. When Revan finally succeeded in rescuing the Jedi on Taris, Shan was initially rather arrogant and brash, believing herself to be superior to Onasi and Revan because of her powers. However, she became more friendly with Revan as time went on, and the two spent a great deal of time together when Revan was retraining as a Jedi, as he was encouraged to rely on their bond as a means of support and strength.[10]

When the group was dispatched on their mission to discover the Star Forge, Shan at first believed that it was her responsibility to guide Revan as a test to see whether she was ready for Mastership, but as she became more experienced, Shan came to realize her self-righteousness and arrogance. As Revan continued to remain true to the Jedi way, Shan came to resent him to a degree, but Revan offered his own support in her struggle with the dark side when she confided in him about her inner desires to destroy Darth Malak and save the galaxy on her own. Shan respected how Revan viewed their mission as serious, but as she opened up to him, the two began to develop feelings for each other.[10]

Revan and Bastila

Revan and Bastila during their travels

Shan feared these feelings, pushing them away out of fear and also out of recognition of the fact that Revan was still the former Sith Lord. Bastila's encounter with her mother Helena disrupted her attempts to control her emotions, though she continued to struggle to remain true to the light, and shortly before the group discovered their fourth Star Map, Shan succumbed to her feelings for Revan. The two kissed briefly on the Ebon Hawk, but Shan withdrew out of fear and, believing that she had betrayed the Jedi, fled from Revan. The two did not speak again until they were captured by the Leviathan, where Revan was forced to watch Shan be tortured but refused to give information to Admiral Karath. Shan sacrificed herself to save Revan from Darth Malak, though Revan learned of his true identity in the process, and despite his feelings for her Revan honored her sacrifice and continued their mission.[10]

When Revan next encountered Shan, she was Malak's apprentice, and the two battled each other atop the Temple of the Ancients. Revan refused Shan's offer of joining her and promised to save her from the dark side, and he engaged her again on the Star Forge determined to do just that. Ultimately, Revan's love for Shan and her love for him brought Shan back from the dark, and the two admitted their love for each other after Revan refused to kill Shan after defeating her in battle.[10] After the end of the war, Revan and Shan defied Jedi tradition and were married, and Shan was outraged at the Jedi Council's treatment of Revan when he approached them with his philosophy of emotional strength. Shan came to deeply regret the role in Revan's mindwipe, but her husband was grateful because it led to their being together.[9]

Shan was frustrated with Revan's desire to sacrifice himself for the sake of the galaxy, but she found herself unable to counter Revan's argument that he was doing it for the sake of their son. To honor her husband after his disappearance, she named their son Vaner, and after Revan departed for the Unknown Regions, every night Shan dreamed of Revan. Shan had in fact kept Revan's mask, but she hid it from her husband in fear that it would bring back the darkness of his former self. While held captive by the Emperor, Revan drew strength from the knowledge that he was protecting Shan and his son, and his love for them enabled him to withstand the Emperor's mental probing for three centuries.[9]

Darth Malak

"I am sorry I started you on this path. But you chose to continue down it."
"I suppose… I suppose you speak the truth. I alone must accept responsibility for my fate. I wanted to be Master of the Sith and ruler of the galaxy. But that destiny was not mine, Revan. [cough] It might have been yours, perhaps… but never mine."
―Revan and Malak's final conversation[10]

Darth Malak, once Revan's greatest friend

Revan and Alek first became friends in their youth while still Jedi Padawans, and Revan soon assumed the leadership role in their friendship—it was the common belief of others in the Order that Revan was the stronger of the pair, and Alek loyally followed Revan on his crusade for Jedi intervention in the Mandalorian Wars.[10] By the time they were both Jedi Knights, Alek considered Revan to be his honorary master,[20] and he served ably as Revan's lieutenant in the Mandalorian Wars.[10] However, Revan introduced his best friend to Sith teachings after discovering them on Malachor,[8] and the two's overconfidence led to their corruption at the hands of the Sith Emperor.[9] As a Sith, Revan assumed the role of Master while Malak became his apprentice, and Malak came to resent Revan and thought him weak.[10]

Their friendship dissolved, leaving only tension and mistrust that sparked a fierce duel where Revan removed Malak's jaw with a lightsaber strike,[8] and Malak took the opportunity to unseat his Master when the Jedi tried to capture Revan. From that point on, Malak believed himself to be the stronger of the pair, even after he learned of Revan's survival, and he took pleasure in revealing his former Master's true identity to Revan aboard the Leviathan. In his final moments, Malak admitted that a small part of him regretted attacking Revan from afar when he unseated him, and Malak believed that he would have been unable to stay true to the light as Revan did when the Jedi erased his memories. Revan apologized to his former student for starting him on the path of the Sith, but reminded his friend that Malak had chosen to continue down it, and that he was ultimately responsible for his own fate.[10]

Meetra Surik

"She was a great Jedi. My most trusted ally. History remembers her as the Exile. To me, she was… more."

Meetra Surik. the lost lieutenant

Meetra Surik, the Jedi later known as the Jedi Exile, had been one of the first to join the Revanchists, and she was one of Revan's most trusted lieutenants during the Mandalorian Wars. Recognizing Surik's potential as a tactician and military leader, Revan made her a general and granted her control over nearly half of the Jedi and Republic troops that were under his command,[9] and he had given Surik the responsibility of activating the mass-shadow generator. However, Surik's exposure to the weapon when it activated left her without a connection to the Force, leading Revan to refuse Malak's request to kill her after Malachor, as Revan claimed she was "already dead."[13] Revan was dismayed to learn of her condition and the fact that the Order had exiled her after the Mandalorian Wars when he researched her fate in the years after the Jedi Civil War. The two had developed a special bond during the war, as Surik had a powerful ability to form Force bonds with her allies and friends, and before her loss of the Force he was able to reach out and sense her presence even across the galaxy.[9]

Upon learning of her fate, Revan felt responsible for what had happened to Surik, and he was deeply saddened to learn that one of his closest friends had suffered so much. Revan's wife Bastila Shan could not help but feel jealous of Surik's close relationship with Revan, though she knew that the two had actually shared a bond of great respect similar to that of a Padawan and Master rather than a romantic relationship. Revan's droid T3-M4 knew of their history and chose to contact Surik as the next-best thing when he was unable to contact Shan after Revan's disappearance, and Surik was willing to risk her life to save her mentor from the Sith. Their friendship was so strong that Revan was willing to allow Surik to watch a personal message from Revan's wife with him, and Surik's loyalty lived on even after death—she remained by Revan's side as a Force ghost for three hundred years, lending him strength[9] and finally reaching out to the Jedi in order to ensure Revan's freedom.[14]

Canderous Ordo

"I had a feeling you were going to get mixed up in something interesting, and I wanted to be around for the fun. Guess this is it."
"I knew I could count on you, Canderous."
―Canderous Ordo and Revan[9]

Canderous Ordo, the Mandalorian mercenary

The Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo respected Revan immensely during the Mandalorian Wars, for Revan's strategies and the way he defeated the Mandalorians impressed Ordo. The mercenary saw Revan as the greatest warrior of the time, and though he initially teamed up with the mind-wiped Revan so that he could escape Taris, he came to respect the Jedi's prowess as a warrior as well. As Ordo told Revan more of his old war stories, Ordo became increasingly dissatisfied with his current status as a mercenary, and Jagi's suicide on Tatooine greatly affected Ordo. When Revan's true identity was revealed, Ordo pledged his loyalty to his friend in respect.[10]

When Revan was plagued by nightmares and asked Ordo to investigate Mandalore the Ultimate, the trust between the two friends was strong enough that Ordo was willing to reveal that the Mandalorians were seeking Mandalore's mask, and Ordo overcame his reluctance toward encountering other Mandalorians in order to go with Revan to Rekkiad. Even more than that, Ordo sided with Revan against his own wife and clan when Veela Ordo tried to kill Revan, and Revan trusted Ordo enough to entrust him with the mask of Mandalore—he asked Ordo to reclaim the title of Mandalore and to rebuild the Mandalorians into a force that could protect the Republic.[9]

Carth Onasi

"I'm not a warrior, I'm a soldier. There's a difference. Warriors attack and conquer, they prey on the weak. Soldiers defend and protect the innocent—usually from warriors."
―Carth Onasi, to Canderous Ordo[10]

Carth Onasi, the haunted soldier

Carth Onasi's life during the Jedi Civil War was filled with betrayal and loss, and as a result he was slow to trust Revan when they started working together to find Shan on Taris. Admiral Karath's betrayal made Onasi paranoid and caused him to believe that those he trusted would eventually betray him, so he resigned himself to watching Revan closely. The Jedi Council's mission struck Onasi as highly suspicious, and his suspicions sparked friction between him and Revan during their travels, though he eventually began to trust the Jedi despite his instincts otherwise. When Karath revealed the truth of Revan's identity to Onasi in his dying moments, the soldier was overcome with anger and dismay, as it seemed his suspicions had been proven right and his trust had been broken once again. However, Revan promised his friend that he was not the same person, and he understood that the only way to prove it was through his actions. Revan's loyalty to his comrades and the Republic eventually endeared himself with Onasi, who came to realize that he could not hate Revan for who he used to be—Malak was the one who was responsible for the bombing of Onasi's homeworld Telos, and Revan had proven to Onasi that he had truly changed.[10] Onasi remained a loyal friend of Revan throughout the rest of the war and in the years afterward, and after Revan's disappearance Onasi and Shan continued to search for any sign of their missing friend.[13]

Jolee Bindo

"Love doesn't lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled… but passion is not the same thing as love. Controlling your passions while being in love… that's what they should teach you to beware. But love itself will save you… not condemn you."
―Jolee Bindo, to Revan[10]

Jolee Bindo, the hermit Jedi

Jolee Bindo was an eccentric hermit living in the Shadowlands when Revan first met him, but Bindo's cryptic words and crotchety attitude hid his wisdom and sadness. Bindo was aware of Revan's true identity from the very start, and the Grey Jedi's philosophy of drawing strength from positive emotions inspired Revan's own philosophy of the Force. Bindo made it clear to the younger Jedi that he could sense a powerful destiny in Revan's future, and even after Revan's identity was revealed, Bindo did not waver in his decision to follow Revan and aid the younger Jedi. Throughout their travels, Revan learned of Bindo's colorful past as a Jedi, smuggler, pilot, thief, and more, and the two became friends by the end of the war,[10] though Revan did not want to involve Bindo in his mission to Rekkiad in case it jeopardized Bindo's standing with the Order.[9]


"I feel I could count on any one of you, but it is you who saved me from the dark side. It is you who I feel a debt to. And I shall make it up to you."
―Juhani, to Revan[10]

Juhani, the troubled Padawan

Revan first encountered the Cathar Juhani when she was a slave on the planet Taris, and after being was freed by the Revanchists, Juhani was in awe of the Jedi and their leader in particular. It was years later that they encountered each other once again—when she was in the grips of the dark side on Dantooine, as she believed she had killed her own master Quatra in a training duel. Despite Juhani's rage and despair, Revan was able to bring Juhani back to the light side by convincing her to abandon her anger, and Juhani later requested that she accompany Revan on his journey to find the Star Maps. When her request was granted, Revan continued to serve as a supportive friend for Juhani, allowing her to continue to walk the path of the light side. Throughout their travels, Revan spoke with Juhani further about her past, only to learn that his Cathar companion was from Taris and that she blamed Revan and Shan for her homeworld's destruction, despite the fact that she had despised the city-world and its humanocentric society.[10]

Revan also learned of how her father had been killed and her mother had died after accumulating enormous debts, and Juhani told her friend of how she had been freed from Taris's slave markets by a group of Jedi.[10] During their travels, Revan and Juhani encountered the Twi'lek slaver Xor, whom Juhani recognized as the slaver who had killed her father and also tried to sell her as a slave. Overcome by rage, Juhani was ready to attack Xor right then and there, but Revan reminded her of the Jedi Code and she was able to calm herself. However, Xor later confronted Juhani and Revan with two thugs and tried to kill the Jedi, forcing Revan, Juhani, and one of their companions to fight and kill the slaver and his thugs.[8] By the end of their journeys, Juhani was steadfast in her devotion to the light side and extremely grateful for Revan's aid.[83]

Mission Vao

"Hey, don't treat me like I'm a little girl. I ain't no kid—I'm fourteen years old."
―Mission Vao — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

Mission Vao, the spirited orphan

Revan first met Mission Vao on Taris, where he and Carth Onasi helped rescue her friend Zaalbar from Gamorrean slavers. Despite her youth, Vao did not consider herself a child, and she became fast friends with Revan during their travels. When Revan's true identity was revealed, Vao's first concern was whether her friend had felt any of his old persona resurfacing, and when Revan indicated otherwise, Vao accepted his word without any doubt. To Vao, Revan was not a terrifying Sith Lord, but the friend who had been there for Vao and the others throughout all of their time together since Taris, and she could not understand Onasi's anger and distrust of Revan when his identity was revealed. Mission was grateful for Revan's help in rescuing her brother Griff from the Sand People, though she was dismayed to learn that Griff had left her behind on Taris,[10] and she remained good friends with Revan after the Jedi Civil War ended.[9]


"Unless you want someone threatened or a door bashed in, you should ask someone else."
―Zaalbar to Revan, on his abilities[10]
Zaalbar profile

Zaalbar, the fierce warrior

The Wookiee Zaalbar swore a life-debt to Revan when he rescued Zaalbar from Gamorrean slavers, and Zaalbar honored that pledge by serving as one of Revan's companions during the search for the Star Forge. However, Zaalbar was rather private about his life before he met up with Mission Vao, and it was not until Revan's journey to Kashyyyk that he learned more about the Wookiee warrior. With Revan's help, Zaalbar overcame the shame that his brother Chuundar had placed upon Zaalbar's shoulders, and the Jedi rescued Zaalbar's father, Freyyr, and helped both Freyyr and Zaalbar overthrow Chuundar. Despite the promise of home, Zaalbar chose to remain with Revan and honor his life-debt, and Zaalbar stayed true to his loyalty to the Jedi even after the truth of Revan's identity was revealed.[10]


"You don't talk much, do you?"

T3-M4, the loyal astromech

T3-M4 was a Duwani Mechanical Products T3-series utility droid constructed by Janice Nall on Taris. T3-M4 was originally built for Davik Kang as a slicer droid, but Revan and his companions purchased the droid instead and used his skills to break into the Taris military base. T3-M4 joined the soldier's crew in the aftermath of the mission, and traveled with Revan and his crew aboard the Ebon Hawk as the former Jedi rediscovered his powers and searched for the Star Maps.[10] Revan and Bastila Shan kept T3-M4 and HK-47 as companions in the years after Malak's defeat. Spirited and independent, T3-M4 was deeply loyal to Revan, and served as his copilot on the mission to Rekkiad. The droid was the only companion that Revan brought to Nathema, and when the Ebon Hawk crashed on the planet, T3-M4 spent the next three years rebuilding the damaged ship alone, and he sought out Meetra Surik on Revan's orders once he had repaired the Hawk. When T3-M4 and Surik finally rescued Revan from imprisonment a year later, T3-M4 delivered Shan's final message to her husband, and the droid accompanied his friends in their attack on the Emperor—but to Revan's horror, his droid friend sacrificed his life to save the Jedi, attacking the Sith Emperor with his flamethrower in defense of a wounded Revan. The Emperor annihilated the droid, exploding T3-M4 into millions of pieces of shrapnel.[9]


"I am HK-47, the master's most faithful ally."

HK-47, the master assassin

The assassin droid HK-47 was built by Revan shortly after the Mandalorian Wars, and he employed the droid against high-ranking political targets in hopes of achieving goals without the kind of devastation that occurred at Malachor V. Revan programmed HK-47 to be loyal and obedient to him, but the droid considered all other life-forms to be "meatbags" and possessed a significant liking for violence and combat; after hearing HK-47 refer to Malak as a meatbag, Revan programmed the droid to refer to all organics as meatbags. As the two became Sith Lords, Revan continued to employ HK-47 to assassinate Republic political figures, but when Revan was betrayed by Malak, HK-47 fell into the hands of a string of various owners—many of whom ended up dead. When Revan finally rediscovered the droid on Tatooine, HK-47's master was a different man, and because of a damaged memory core, the droid did not recognize Revan as his creator. However, when Revan's identity was revealed by Malak, HK-47's programming unlocked his hidden memories, and he recognized Revan as his maker. When asked by Revan, HK-47 considered the Jedi's new personality to be different in some ways but largely the same as before Revan's mindwipe, and the droid believed that Revan's concern for life and willingness to protect other beings was in fact an inherent trait that Revan had possessed all along.[10] HK-47 remained steadfastly loyal to Revan even after the Jedi Civil War, and he set out on his own to locate his missing creator when Revan disappeared in[9] 3954 BBY[62]—and after traveling with Meetra Surik during the rise of the Sith Triumvirate, HK-47 once again left his new companions and went in search of Revan. HK-47 searched for years until he finally deactivated, but three centuries after his initial disappearance, Revan found HK-47 and reactivated him, tasking his faithful ally with the defense of the Foundry—and Revan was dismayed to witness the droid's destruction at the hands of Sith attackers.[3] Revan later reacquired a rebuilt HK-47 while leading the Revanites, and the droid fought alongside Revan's forces on Yavin.[6]

Powers and abilities

Combat skills

"You, Revan, are the single greatest warrior of this age, and any battle we fight will bring me honor."
―Canderous Ordo[10]
Revan fights Sith

A redeemed Revan battles Sith troopers.

Revan was a highly skilled combatant, particularly with a lightsaber. He was skilled at deflecting and redirecting enemy fire with his lightsaber,[9] and his abilities were bolstered by his gift of precognition.[13] He often made use of acrobatic maneuvers in combat, bolstering his body's natural abilities with the Force in order to increase his effectiveness.[10] Among Revan's greatest victories was his defeat of Mandalore the Ultimate, the leader of the Mandalorian warrior culture and a feared warrior in his own right, in one-on-one combat.[9]

On Korriban, Revan single-handedly defeated a pair of massive terentateks, and he defeated dozens of Dark Jedi and Sith during the Jedi Civil War, along with his own former student Darth Malak. While he normally wielded a lightsaber, Revan was also proficient in the use of firearms as he made use of blaster weaponry during his time as a Republic soldier and while fighting in the Taris dueling ring.[10] He also retained these skills later in his life, making use of a blaster while posing as "Avner" on Rekkiad.[9]

Force powers

"Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force."

Revan was extraordinarily powerful in the Force,[9] even as a young Jedi Knight. After becoming a Sith Lord, Revan's power grew as he studied the dark side of the Force, and after his forced redemption, the man quickly retrained himself in the ways of the light side at a rate beyond that of a normal Padawan.[10] At the height of his powers after he had recovered his lost memories, Revan was able to channel both the light and dark sides simultaneously, and as a result Revan could unleash the Force in its purest form by opening himself to both sides of the Force in battle. By drawing on the Force, Revan could bolster his natural physical abilities, increasing his speed and strength and allowing him to perform acrobatic feats impossible for normal Humans.[9]

Revan chokes officer

Revan chokes an officer with the Force.

Revan was a master at telekinesis, utilizing the Force to manipulate the environment and his opponents by pushing or gripping objects or beings with the Force. His skill with telekinesis was such that he could hurl a heavy stone object at a moment's notice, and on Dromund Kaas the Jedi Master destroyed a large stone archway from a great distance with just the power of the Force.[9] As a Sith Lord, Revan also utilized the Force to choke opponents, as well as the ability to violently crush their internal organs or bodies with the dark side.[8] In battle, Revan often threw his lightsaber and guided its path with telekinesis.[9] During the fighting on Yavin 4, the dark Revan proved capable of wielding two additional lightsabers telekinetically, sending them spinning around the battlefield.[6] Revan's strong will[9] allowed him to mentally influence the minds of others with the Force, force his will upon them,[10] and even steal their knowledge. Despite the immense strength of the Sith Emperor's will, Revan and Malak's own mental strength enabled them to partially free themselves from his mental control, and Revan spent several centuries influencing the Emperor and pacifying his desire to attack the Republic.[9]

One of Revan's greatest strengths was his skill with Force sense—the ability to sense other beings, their feelings, impending danger, or even the future.[9] By 3954 BBY,[62] Revan believed that he should have been able to sense the presence of Meetra Surik, one of his most trusted generals, from even across the galaxy, though Surik's severed connection to the Force prevented this. Farsight and Force visions were a common occurrence for Revan, and even in a heavily drugged state, the Jedi was able to glimpse the future and see that Surik was coming to rescue him from imprisonment. Revan was proficient at using the Force to directly heal his wounds without seeking medical attention.[9] He also possessed the ability to use the Force to resist the effects of poisons and drugs,[61] though he was not always able to overcome their effects completely.[9] Some of Revan's additional talents included the ability to use the Force to slow the minds and bodies of his targets, and replenish his energies by feeding on them.[8]

After becoming a Sith Lord, Revan became a practitioner of Force lightning,[8] and he continued to be proficient in its use throughout the rest of his life, using it against his opponents in his final battle aboard the Foundry.[3] His skill with the destructive applications of the dark side was such that he could summon Force storms,[8] and Revan also became proficient in the use of defensive techniques in order to counter both physical attacks and the Force powers of his opponents. Revan was capable of absorbing and redirecting energy, as he did when he absorbed Darth Nyriss's storm of Force lightning with his bare hands and channeled it through his own body before redirecting it against her and burning her to ash.[9] Revan's mastery of both sides of the Force aided in the mental fracture that he experienced in the Foundry; one half became one with the Force, but the other embraced the dark side and was fueled solely by hatred. His strength of will was so powerful that he held himself back from death, and the dark Revan retained control over a body that was centuries old. Once the two halves merged and Revan fully became one with the Force, his physical form vanished, leaving behind his mask, lightsaber, and robes. The dark Revan was also capable of telekinetically incapacitating almost a dozen separate combatants with the light and dark sides of the Force, and could hold his own against a large number of skilled opponents simultaneously.[6]

Other abilities

"You've got the skills of an elite commando, and you've saved my butt more than once. Between that and your facility with languages, I'm lucky you're here."
―Carth Onasi[10]
Unmasked Revan

Revan was a tactical and military genius.

Revan was an exceptionally capable strategist and tactician, and some believed that he was single-handedly responsible for the Republic's victory during the Mandalorian Wars. Revan's skill as a battlefield commander earned him the undying respect of both the Mandalorian and Echani warrior cultures; the Mandalorians saw him as a supremely worthy foe—one that both embodied their philosophies and showed them their weaknesses.[10] The Echani, on the other hand, believed that Revan represented the epitome of what one could achieve in the arts of war and that his skill was born out of a highly advanced battle precognition.[13]

Revan spoke and comprehended a variety of languages beyond his native Basic:[10] Mando'a,[84] Binary, Huttese,[8] Shyriiwook, and the languages of the Selkath[10] and the ancient Sith.[84] Revan also tore the Rakatan language from the minds of the Black Rakata, allowing him to comprehend their speech.[10]

Revan was a skilled mechanic, exhibiting a natural talent and interest in machinery and droids as a young Padawan. Revan's preference for droids confounded his teacher Kreia, who came to believe that it was a result of Revan's desire for subordinates who followed orders unquestioningly.[13] Revan constructed the sophisticated assassin droid HK-47 on his own after the Mandalorian Wars, and even after losing his memories, he was able to repair the droid and restore HK-47's access to most of his memories and combat protocols.[10] A skilled pilot, Revan could draw on the Force to aid his situational awareness,[9] and he proved adept at racing swoop bikes after defeating the veteran racer Redros on Taris. He later won both the Arkanis sector and Manaan swoop championships during the search for the Star Forge.[10]


"Revan wore the mask during the Mandalorian Wars, and during his time as Darth Revan. To me, it symbolizes his dark past—a relic from a time before he became the man I loved. I was afraid that if I showed it to him, it might trigger something inside his mind. It might awaken some dormant evil, rekindle the spark of the dark side."
―Bastila Shan[9]
Revan remains

Revan's mask and lightsaber, left behind after his death at Yavin IV

Through both the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, Revan wore his trademark mask and robes; only Malak, Shan, and the Jedi Council were able to recognize Revan without the mask after he was defeated and redeemed by the Jedi.[10] Revan utilized a variety of lightsabers during his lifetime; when he first adopted the name of Revan, he carried a saber with a violet blade,[21] but he utilized a cyan-colored lightsaber during most of the Mandalorian Wars.[85] As a Sith Lord, Revan wielded a red-bladed lightsaber[84] powered by a red crystal[82] that he crafted himself and also utilized a set of robes that had been created by the Star Forge and provided more protection than standard armor.[84] The redeemed Revan made use of a blue lightsaber once again in his battle against Darth Malak and the Sith, though he had changed either the crystal or the entire lightsaber[9] by the year 3954 BBY[62] so that the blade was green.[9]

After being freed from stasis, Revan once again utilized the same lightsaber, only with a violet crystal, until the time of his disappearance at the Foundry.[3] That Revan once used a red lightsaber blade but later shifted to purple blade reflected his transition from Sith Lord to someone worthy of the title Jedi Knight.[82] The battle in the Foundry damaged his mask, leaving a vertical scar across its left half, and the dark Revan continued to wear the tattered remains of the same robes he had worn for centuries. He also acquired a second lightsaber with a red blade that he wielded in addition to his violet-bladed weapon and could summon two additional lightsabers that he controlled through telekinesis.[6] Revan's lightsaber, mask, and robes were left behind when his body vanished after becoming one with the Force.[65]

Behind the scenes


Mullet Guy

The available male options for Revan's appearance with the canonical model highlighted

"Revan. It isn't my real name—never was—but it will do."

Revan was first introduced in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which was released by BioWare in 2003. As the player character, Revan's gender and physical appearance are customizable, and the game reveals that the player-chosen name is part of the cover identity established by the Jedi Council. While none of the player's dialogue features voice-overs other than some instances of using the security skill, the male player character's cries of pain and shouts during combat are voiced.[10] Revan's canonical gender was established by The New Essential Chronology and the Chronicles of the Old Republic as male.[28][86] However, the player in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords can choose Revan's gender and alignment.[13]

According to the BioWare history book BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development, it was not until late in Knights of the Old Republic's production that the game's writers realized that they needed to have a scene revealing Darth Revan's true identity as the player, and so they asked the team's lead character artist, Mike Spalding, to create the character model. When Spalding asked them for the concept, the team realized they had yet to create one, so Spalding sketched the design on a piece of paper next to his keyboard and used that to model the character. However, the original artwork has since been lost, as has a number of concept artwork pieces for many of BioWare's early video games, due to the company's concept artists' habit of drawing their designs on easily destroyed paper.[87]

Revan concept

John Gallagher's concept art of Revan

However, concept artist John Gallagher presented a different origin story for the character's design in a 2023 interview with the entertainment website io9, stating instead that he was responsible for designing the character's look after James Ohlen's team created the character. According to Gallagher, Ohlen provided a three-line description of the character, including that they should be "mysterious"—hard to tell whether the character was male or female, with an inscrutable mask similar to Mandalorian masks but with a more "tribal" feel. Gallagher took inspiration from mid-African tribes of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and did one sketch, followed by a marker sketch and a color adjustment, before finalizing his concept design.[88] While creating the initial story of Revan, BioWare's game designers realized they needed a good antagonist, and they developed the character of Darth Malak to explain how and why Revan lost his powers and memories.[89]

Revan appears in the 2011 BioWare video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, where he was voiced by Jeff Bennett.[90] He is also the protagonist of The Old Republic: Revan, a tie-in novel to The Old Republic by Drew Karpyshyn which explains what happened to Revan and the Exile after the events of the two games.[9] With the release of The Old Republic, Lucasfilm Ltd. executive Leland Chee confirmed at Celebration VI that Revan's appearance in The Old Republic established the character's canonical appearance in Knights of the Old Republic as the character model with a mullet hairstyle.[91] Revan is the focus of a series of four interconnected Flashpoints, or group raids, that end with Revan disappearing in a flash of violet light.[3] Revan's survival was finally confirmed in the "Legacy of the Rakata" Flashpoint that was released in The Old Republic's Game Update 2.9, and he appears as the primary antagonist of the Digital Expansion Shadow of Revan,[92] where he is voiced by Spencer Garrett[93] and serves as the final boss of the Yavin storyline and the Temple of Sacrifice Operation.[6] Revan's spirit also speaks during the "Echoes of Vengeance" patch of the Onslaught expansion, though his voice actor is uncredited.[72]

Establishing continuity and other appearances

"I worked hard to make sure that the KOTOR comics honored player's choices for Revan — probably going above and beyond what we needed to."
―John Jackson Miller[94]

With the variable nature of Knights of the Old Republic, the canonical storyline of the game was originally unknown. The New Essential Chronology, which established Revan as male, was what established that the light-side ending of the game and the destruction of the Star Forge was canon.[28] All the same, in crafting the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series, writer John Jackson Miller hoped to honor player choices and thus kept details about Revan, such as the character's gender or face, hidden. He later reflected that he and his team probably went "above and beyond,"[94] but he was happy they had managed to make it work well. Part of the reason for Miller's choice was a conscious decision on his team's part to not establish many details about Revan, should any other writers want to elaborate on the character. By keeping Revan more anonymous in the comic series, later writers were able to craft their own backstories and details for the character, just as Miller had hoped.[95] For the comic itself, Miller and his team also knew that, by not focusing on Revan, they had more of a chance to elaborate on their original cast.[96]

Various other sources have established parts of the game to be canon, such as the comic "Shadows and Light," the Galactic Timeline, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. This article incorporates all source material that relates to the game, while those events and missions that have not yet been confirmed in canon are assumed to have been fulfilled to their fullest extent and with the maximum light-side alignment options. This article follows the order set forth in the Knights of the Old Republic: Prima's Official Strategy Guide for the order in which the four planets with Star Maps are visited. The StarWars.com blog entry So Uncivilized: Great Gunslingers in Star Wars, published on September 9, 2013, confirmed that Calo Nord was killed by Revan on Tatooine, meaning that Revan did in fact visit Tatooine second.[97]

Darth Revan Clone Wars

Revan, as he would have appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

As second place runner-up in the ToyFare magazine Fan's Choice Figure Poll, an action figure of Darth Revan was released in the third quarter of 2007 in the 30th Anniversary Collection: Expanded Universe Wave 5.[98] To celebrate May the Fourth in 2014, a promotional LEGO minifigure of Darth Revan was released as an exclusive with purchases of $75 or more on products in the Star Wars LEGO line.[99] In the lead-up to San Diego Comic-Con in July 2015, Hasbro Inc. ran a fan poll to decide which character would be the next entry in the Star Wars: The Black Series line of 6-inch action figures. Darth Revan was announced as the winner of the poll at Comic-Con on July 10, and was made into the next Black Series figure.[100]

In 2011, Revan was slated to appear in "Ghosts of Mortis," an episode of the third season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Revan would have appeared as a Sith Lord alongside Darth Bane as advisors to the Son, but they were cut from the episode in late production. The show's director, Dave Filoni, was apprehensive of using the scene, and the scene was removed at George Lucas's request because it conflicted with Lucas's view on the Force. The scene made it to the animatics stage and could be viewed in the bonus content on the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season Three. The scene is set in the Well of the Dark Side on the planet Mortis, where the powerful Force wielder known as the Son confronts dark side spirits about the recent death of his sister, the Daughter, at his hands. The spirit voices tell the Son to embrace his pain and resentment, and when he questions their identities, giant apparitions of Darth Bane and Darth Revan appear to the Son, proclaiming their intent to ensure the dark side's supremacy. Speaking of another's existence who will control the galaxy, Revan and Bane warn the Son that control over Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, is the key to the Son's success.[101]

Continuity issues

"When Malak fired on the ship you were badly injured. We thought you were dead. Your mind was destroyed."
―Bastila Shan's recollection of Revan's memory loss; one of several continuity issues surrounding Revan[10]

Because of the interactive nature of Knights of the Old Republic, Revan's canonical biography often conflicts with player choice, such as the order in which the Star Maps are found, whether the character pursues a romance, or their appearance and weapons. Revan's choice of lightsaber has varied between sources; in the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, Revan wields a purple lightsaber,[21] while the Galactic Timeline videos depict Revan as utilizing a blue lightsaber during the Mandalorian Wars, a traditional red saber as a Sith Lord, and a blue saber once again as a redeemed Jedi.[102] In The Old Republic: Revan, he utilizes a green lightsaber,[9] but in The Old Republic, Revan makes use of a violet-colored blade.[3] The Galactic Timeline series also depicts Revan as being the same height as or slightly taller than Malak, which conflicts with all other sources.[102]

Revans sides merge

Revan becoming whole appears differently for light side and dark side players.

Revan's fall to the dark side has been a point of contention between various sources. In Knights of the Old Republic, the Enclave Council and Bastila Shan claim that Revan and Malak began their fall when they started exploring the ruins on Dantooine, and Vrook Lamar believes the pair fell even before the Mandalorian Wars.[10] Chronicles of the Old Republic claims that Revan was heavily influenced by the dark side during the Mandalorian Wars and put in motion his plans to become Sith even then, though the Chronicles are plagued with a number of continuity errors and have been largely overridden by later sources.[86] Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, a reference guide released in 2007, stated that Revan became Dark Lord of the Sith in 3961 BBY,[15] though the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide stated that Revan assumed the title of Dark Lord in 3960 BBY after discovering the Star Forge.[8] The Old Republic: Revan and The Old Republic clarify much of Revan's history, as the novel reveals that Revan and Malak were corrupted by the Sith Emperor and sent back as advance agents. In The Old Republic, Revan himself states that he was close to the dark side during the Mandalorian Wars, having explored Malachor and Korriban, and The Old Republic: Revan establishes that the two were searching for the Star Forge on the Emperor's behalf but broke free of his control and set out on their own.[9] However, in The Old Republic, Revan claims that the Emperor had reached out to the two Jedi and summoned them to his Empire, a story that conflicts with all other sources.[3]

Another issue surrounding Revan has been whether or not "Revan" is in fact the character's birth name. Star Wars author Abel G. Peña stated his belief that Revan and Malak used their real names, thus making them the first Sith to take on the Darth title without adopting a Sith moniker. However, Jedi vs. Sith established that the character of Alek Squinquargesimus from the Knights of the Old Republic comic series was in fact Darth Malak, and the guide also linked the character of "the Revanchist" with Revan.[15] As writer of the Knights of the Old Republic comic, Miller hinted that "Revan" was not the character's original name, and the forty-second issue of the comic established that he took up the name of Revan and donned his signature mask on Cathar in 3963 BBY.[21] In The Old Republic, Revan himself settles the issue once and for all, stating that Revan was not his real name.[14] In Knights of the Old Republic, Bastila claims that the explosions aboard Revan's flagship resulted in his memory loss, though all other sources—including other characters in the game itself—state that Revan was mind-wiped by the Council. The game's introduction also refers to Malak as Revan's last surviving apprentice, though all subsequent sources state that Malak was Revan's only apprentice.[10]

Alternate storylines

As Knights of the Old Republic is an RPG with a great deal of variability when it comes to player decisions, there are a number of alternate storylines and endings available.[10]

Dark side ending

"Malak is dead—all hail the return of Darth Revan, the true Lord of the Sith!"
―Bastila Shan[10]

Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith

Should the player make the dark side decision to accept Bastila Shan's offer atop the Temple of the Ancients, Revan proceeds to kill his Jedi companions and returns to the Ebon Hawk, where he reveals his companions' fates to the remaining members of his party. Shocked by Revan's return to the dark side, Carth Onasi tells Mission Vao to run as he flees into the wilds of Lehon. Vao, however, does not flee, and Revan either kills Mission Vao himself or uses the Force to compel Zaalbar to kill her. Canderous Ordo and the droids follow Revan regardless of sides. Flying to the Star Forge, Shan uses her battle meditation to thwart the Republic fleet, allowing Revan to storm the station and reach Darth Malak for a confrontation in which he emerges victorious. With Shan at his side, Revan is proclaimed the Dark Lord of the Sith from atop the Temple of the Ancients as he surveys his army.[10] Using the Star Forge, Revan creates an infinite fleet with which he crushes the Republic, though he mysteriously disappears not long afterward, leaving Shan on Korriban and telling her to wait for him. Bereft of Revan's guidance, the Sith are consumed by unrest, and their attempts to control the Star Forge are repeatedly met with failure. Shan comes to believe that Revan intended for no one else to control the Star Forge, as it would mean the end of the galaxy.[13]

Other alternate endings

"No, it's too late for that. And it's too late for you to turn back… but you can end this here. There's still time for one final act of redemption."
―Carth Onasi[10]

The cut alternate ending

Should the player be a female dark sider who has completed the romance sub-plot with Carth Onasi, Onasi will flee if Revan chooses to accept Shan's offer on Lehon. However, he declares that he will not give up on Revan and that she could still be saved, and he confronts Revan and Shan after Revan defeats Darth Malak. The player must then choose to either kill him or allow Shan to kill him.[10] Five years later, Meetra Surik would discover a message from Onasi within T3-M4, where Onasi has a backup plan in case the increasingly dark-sided Revan betrayed him and the crew.[13] Though it was eventually cut from the final game, the dialogue files for an alternate ending to the female Revan's story can be found in which they can choose to betray Shan after defeating Darth Malak, siding with Onasi and then dying as the Star Forge is destroyed by the Republic.[10]

Non-canon romances

"I love you. Even now. Even after… after… after all you have done. I love you like I haven't loved anyone or anything since my wife died. And I didn't even think that was possible."
―Carth Onasi — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

Although not considered canon, if the player chooses to make a female Revan, she and Carth Onasi could flirt and tease each other through the entire game. Because of Onasi's growing affection for Revan, he began to think less about the death of his wife and his desire to kill Saul Karath, the man responsible for her death. Onasi eventually promised to protect Revan from what was to come. When he discovered that the woman he is falling in love with was Darth Revan, he remained isolated from her, unsure what to do with this information since he believed that Revan's betrayal of the Republic destroyed his life. Onasi eventually came around and confessed that he couldn't hate her no matter how hard he tried. When Revan declined Shan's request to join the dark side, Onasi confessed that he loved Revan in front of the rest of the party members on the beach of Lehon.[10]


Onasi and Revan aboard the Ebon Hawk

Onasi and Revan remained together as he advanced through the Republic military up to the rank of admiral. But Revan began to remember things she had done as the Dark Lord and used it as a wall between them. She eventually told him that she had to go beyond the Outer Rim to find the other threat beyond the Mandalorians, the True Sith and their empire, though she did not specify exactly what the threat was to Onasi and she left without warning. However, he had anticipated this, at least to some extent, and left hidden programming in T3-M4. Onasi was desperate to find some sign of her, and eventually met up with Meetra Surik and hoped to hear some word of Revan. Unfortunately for him, Surik had no news to offer him, but he asked Surik that if she ever found Revan, to tell her that he was still waiting for her.[13]

A second non-canon romance was available to female players. If a female Revan turned Juhani back to the light side and continued to build her trust and friendship along their journey, Juhani slowly developed feelings toward Revan. After Revan rejects the dark side and former identity on the Rakatan temple, Juhani will shyly admit her feelings.[10]


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