The Revanite Valley Stronghold was the base of operations of the Order of Revan on the planet Rishi. It served as Revan's hideout until he moved to Yavin 4 to proceed with his plans. Far in the distance, the Signal Jammer could be seen, a giant construction which the Revanites used to underminde transmissions from Imperial and Republic troops and ships. A grand statue of Revan has been built near the Signal Jammer, honoring Revan and his cause. Since the Order of Revan consisted of Imperial soldiers, Sith, Jedi and Republic personnel, they had access to various weapons and technology. Before the Battle of Rishi, the Stronghold held various vessels, including Wanderer-class cruisers and an Imperial transport ship.

While the stronghold itself wasn't heavily fortified, it was still heavily guarded. Elite Revanite soldiers, Sith and Jedi guarded the surrounding area, reacting to possible threats with deadly force. The inner chambers of the base were used for prisoner interrogation and scheduling the Order's campaigns. The war room in the heart of the fortress had a statue of Revan standing in front of a holotable, which occasionally was used by Revan to give commands to his followers, in case he wasn't present in person.

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