"Only I understand him, and his death is my responsibility."
Revan referring to his mission to destroy the Sith Emperor[src]

The Revanite crisis was a major conflict that occurred in 3637 BBY in the midst of the Galactic War, in which the Order of Revan attempted to sabotage both Republic and Imperial forces in order to become a dominant player in the galaxy. The war itself was orchestrated by the order's leader, the former Sith Lord Revan, who wished to get the galaxy's two major superpowers out of the way so that he could resurrect the former Sith emperor Vitiate in order to destroy him once and for all without interference.


As the Galactic War continued to rage throughout the galaxy, agents of the Galactic Republic were contacted by Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan and his commander, Colonel Rian Darok regarding a planned assault on the Korriban Sith Academy.[2] Despite stiff resistance, the overall mission proved to be quite successful, although the Sith were soon able to reinforce the fortress after reinforcements arrived, prompting the strike team to retreat.[2][3]

Concurrently, and without SIS' knowledge, Darth Arkous of the Dark Council had orchestrated his own attack on the Jedi homeworld of Tython, attempting to steal vital data from the Jedi Archives while trying to do as much damage as possible.[3]

Using weapons based on the isotope-5 technology acquired at Makeb, the Sith launched their assault. After fighting past Jedi defenders, slaying instructor Liam Dentiri and Jedi Council member Master Oric Traless, they received the information that they had came for, although they were soon repelled by the Republic strike force that had attacked Korriban.[2][3]



Following the battles, the Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Darth Arkous' own pupil, traveled to Manaan to investigate her master, who was reportedly implicated within a wider conspiracy somehow linked to the attacks. There she met Theron Shan, who himself was searching for similar answers, instead linked to Colonel Darok, and the two decided that they would accomplish more if they allied with one-another. While collaborating, the duo discovered that the data thefts themselves were linked to artifacts of the Rakata — a race that ruled the galaxy thousands of years earlier, and that they had been carried out by both Arkous and Darok, who were in league with one-another.[4][5]

Contuing their collaboration on Manaan, which was, in fact, a world once ruled by the Rakata, they recruited the help of an individual who would later become known as "The Commander", a famed veteran of the Galactic War who also took part in both the battles on Korriban and Tython. The Outlander led a stealthy assault on a secret laboratory overseen by Gorima, a Selkath scientist. After freeing the Wookiee smuggler Jakarro and his droid C2-D4, the squad tracked down Gorima, who revealed that he was on the payroll of both Arkous and Darok, who instructed him to construct a new Infinite Army. The Outlander's team destroyed the facility, although the research data was stolen by the two traitors shortly before the confrontation with Gorima.[6]

Revealed to have been high ranking members of the Order of Revan, an Imperial fraternity dedicated to following the teachings of the late Revan, the traitors were pursued to Rakata Prime, once the capital of the Infinite Empire where, three hundred years prior, the final battle of the Jedi Civil War took place, resulting in the destruction of the ancient superweapon known as "the Star Forge", which, although destroyed, left much debris floating around the planet.[7][8][9]

The end of the new Infinite Army

The Outlander was given a small strike force in order to infiltrate the Temple of the Ancients on the surface, where Arkous and Darok established their headquarters. Using Gorima's research, the traitors had managed to breed a small army of Rakata technology-infused soldiers of the ancient Rakatan species in order to bolster their already surprisingly vast ranks.[10]

Upon reaching the temple summit, the Outlander's forces engaged the joint forces of both Arkous and Darok, out of which the strike team emerged triumphant. However, the victory was short lived after a small fleet of warships belonging to classes built by both Republic and Empire emerged from lightspeed, entering into low orbit. There, a man claiming to be Revan projected a large image of himself before the strike team, informing them that the loss of Arkous and Darok was merely a setback, saying that an "infinite army" was not necessary in carrying out his ultimate plans. After cutting transmission, Revan ordered the temple to be bombarded, although the Outlander and their squad managed to escape the structure's demolishion in the knick of time.[10]

Following the disasterous events on Rakata Prime, the small alliance fell apart, its leadership otherwise being strained as a result of the Imperial and Republic governments not having fully understood the gravity of the situation. Lana Beniko, believing to have been directly responsible for the murder of Darth Arkous, one of the highest government officials in the Empire, was given a warrant for her arrest. Shan, on the other hand, for his alleged involvement in Darok's demise was disavowed from the SIS and branded as a traitor by the Republic, prompting him and Beniko to go underground for the time being.[11] The Outlander and the rest of the strike team were not implicated in their own direct involvement and parted ways, despite the growing Revanite threat.

The Rishi Dilemma[]

Months later, those members of the strike team that organized on Rakata Prime, including the Outlander, found that coordinates leading to the mysterious world of Rishi had been entered in on their respective navicomps, and for reasons of their own, all traveled to the planet.[12]

After arriving, they, on their own, discovered that it was Shan and Beniko who had entered in the coordinates, prompting them to set out and find where they might have been located on Rishi. Little did they know, but the Revanites too had established a presence on the world and had hired the local Nova Blade pirates to harass shipping in the region. This strange action greatly altered shipping patterns that had previously existed in the region.[13]

With few options available, the Outlander and their allies decided to enlist the local clan of Mandalorians, also having struggled to combat the Revanites on-world. Although initially warry of the operatives' intentions, the Mandalorian leader Shae Vizla, who went by the name "Torch", agreed to help the heroes in fighting the Revanites, giving additional information that the group had secretly amassed its own forces on the surface of the planet.[14]

While infiltrating the Revanite hideout, Theron Shan was captured and tortured by Revan, who also happened to be his direct ancestor. The Outlander succeeded in rescuing the agent, who then revealed that he had learned that the Revanites were trying to lure both the Imperial and Republic fleets to the planet in order to gather them all into a single place. With the fleets locked into a massive battle in the skies above Rishi, Revan placed saboteurs on each and every vessel, with the intent of having both fleets annihilate one-another, which would ultimately weaken the military might of both factions, in order to 'clear the board' so that neither Republic nor Empire could oppose him in his plans to bring back the Sith Emperor to destroy him once and for all in his physical form.[15]

The Battle of Rishi begins.

Although Revan initially viewed it as being a longshot, the Revanite plot nearly succeeded, but due to Shan's intel the operatives were able to identify the traitors in both fleets. A strike force quickly set out to destroy the signal jammer that prevented any communications to and from the planet and between Republic and Imperial forces. This proved to be a victory, and, despite heavy losses, a ceasefire was called between Republic commander Satele Shan and the Empire's new leader Darth Marr, both of whom who had personally gone to oversee what would have been one of the largest, albeit bloodiest, turning points in the war.[16] After both leaders agreed to meet on the planet's surface, Darth Marr and Satele Shan concluded that they would consort with the anti-Revanite group, now led jointly by Beniko, Shan, and the Outlander.[16]

Calling for a summit, the commanders concluded that the Revanites were a far larger threat than previously thought, and that Revan's manipulation nearly led to the destruction of both the Republic and Empire. Furthermore, it was finally brought to Marr's attention that Emperor Vitiate, believed to have been killed four years later by a Jedi Knight, was in fact still alive, albeit in a weakened incorporeal form.[17]

Facing the horrific inevitability of a revived Emperor returning to consume the galaxy, both the Republic and Empire agreed to form a joint coalition to combat the deranged former Jedi in an attempt to put a stop to his plans.[17]

Showdown on Yavin[]

Tracking Revan to the moon of Yavin 4, the coalition set up a small base camp not far from the Order of Revan's position. From there Satele Shan, Darth Marr, Theron Shan, and Lana Beniko could coordinate the allied forces in a series of attacks against the Revanites, while the individual known as the Outlander led the troops out on the field.[18]

The initial alliance was shaky, as soldiers from both the Empire and Republic were not trustful of the other side.[18] This distrust resulted in both sides conducting espionage against one-another, which led to further hostility, taking away from the time that they could have spent facing the growing Revanites.[19]

Imperial and Republic platoons came face to face with one another on the field, coming close to engaging in an all-out battle, but after a former Imperial Guard, Commandant Iven, who was pledged to the Revanites, was found in the area, both factions agreed to capture and and return him to the alliance camp for interrogation. Iven then revealed that the Revanites were using an ancient facility known as the Temple of Sacrifice as a base and that Revan was in control of an ancient artifact that could bring back the Sith Emperor.[19]

In spite of the increasing conflict between the Revanites and the Coalition, both Satele Shan and Darth Marr could both detect a large light side energy on the moon.[18][19] While out engaging Revanite forces, the Outlander came across a Force ghost, which appeared to be that of a serene Revan, who revealed that the events on the Foundry resulted in his self being divided into two halves, each representing his light and dark side energies. His light half was capable of becoming one with the Force, but was unable to do so without his darker counterpart, who still existed in physical form and was the "Revan" responsible for attempting to bring Vitiate back to life.[20] This prompted the Outlander to return to the base camp and organize one final assault against the Revanites along with the strike force, in order to put a stop to Revan's plans once and for all.[21]

Organizing its forces, the coalition prepared to attack the Temple of Sacrifice, where Revan had already begun the ritual. After fighting through wave upon wave of Revanites, the strike team finally reached the former Sith Lord, who engaged them in open combat. Although it took the effort of them all to defeat him, Revan was finally beaten. Although it had appeared that they stopped him in his tracks, the voice of Vitiate echoed from above the temple, taunting Revan that the entire conflict had been a ploy to bring him back to physical form and that he was no more than a pawn in a larger plan before vanishing into the night. Vitiate had once more regained strength, once more threatening the galaxy as a whole.[21]

Disgruntled and saddened by the fact that he had been deceived, the dark half of Revan, after being confronted by his ghostly counterpart, finally agreed to join with him once more in order to become one with the Force. Whole and in perfect balance, the spirit of Revan finally passed on, leaving no worldly remains but his mask.[21]


"Dark days lie ahead. The darkest days. If my error can't be undone, everyone will pay the price. Brace for the worst."
―Revan's spirit[src]

Although victory had been achieved, it was agreed that Vitiate's return was perhaps the most significant concern that the galaxy would face in the coming days. Despite such, however, the Republic and Empire were both still at war with one-another, and it would be difficult to convince both governments to halt hostilities entirely. Still though, Marr and Shan came to a mutual conclusion: that if Vitiate one day were to return and attack, they would be ready and prepared to reconstitute their alliance, but, for the time being, mutually agreed to dissolve the coalition. Small pockets of Revanites still remained, prompting both factions to leave small garrisons of their own on the moon to monitor their activities.[21] The Revanite threat having been neutralized, the Imperial and Republic fleets departed the system, ready to return to war.


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