"Revenge / Justice" is the second episode of The Acolyte. The episode was written by Jason Micallef and Charmaine DeGraté.[1]

Official description[]

An assassin strikes again, but this time the Jedi are here to attempt a capture.

Plot summary[]

The assassination attempt[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of a port on the planet Olega. At the Olega Jedi temple, an alien vendor pulls a cart. A brown-skinned human girl hurls a fruit at the temple's door. A gatekeeper droid tells the street urchin to stop playing pranks and to leave. While the girl distracts the droid, a veiled Mae Aniseya plants a slicer device on the gatekeeper droid which hijacks the droid, causing the gate to open. Mae gives the urchin a token before entering the Olega temple.

She walks through the temple's corridors until she reaches a chamber where a bearded Jedi sits in silent meditation. Mae introduces herself to the meditating Master Torbin, saying that they have unfinished business. She dares the Jedi to attack her with all his strength but finds that he is unresponsive. She finds that he is protected by an invisible force field that she cannot penetrate. Mae finds that her knives cannot penetrate Torbin's Force field. Mae hides when a Jedi enters the room, responding to an intruder alert.

Departing Carlac[]

On Carlac, Osha Aniseya awakes to find Padawan Jecki Lon struggling to restart the ship. She advises Lon to repolarize the power couplings. Lon listens to her advice and the power couplings begin repolarizing. When Lon asks if Osha is a pilot, she responds that she is a Meknek. Lon says that being a MekNek must be dangerous work and thought that only astromech droids work outside. Osha remarks that she is better company and more flexible than a droid. When the PIP droid expresses its disagreement in Binary, Osha adds that Pip is also very flexible.

Master Sol enters the engine room. When Jedi Knight Yord Fandar protests against not restraining Osha, Sol questions if he still believes that Osha killed Master Indara. Fandar is open to Osha's claim that Mae killed Master Indara but assumes she is untrained. Sol counters that Osha has not trained in six years. Fandar is open to considering the "twin theory" but speculates that Osha and Mae are working togther. Sol counsels Yord not to let fear affect his judgement.

Sol then enters the cockpit to update Master Vernestra Rwoh via holoprojector about the situation. He tells Rwoh that he believes Osha's sister Mae has resurfaced after 16 years and is responsible for the murder of Master Indara. Rwoh is open to the twins theory. She informs Sol that a suspect matching Osha's description broke into the Olega Jedi temple. Since Osha is in Sol's custody, Rwoh reasons that the suspect is Mae. When Sol asks if she would like him to investigate or to return to Coruscant, Rwoh tells Sol to investigate the Olega break-in and to bring Osha with him since she could be an asset.

Sol orders the other Jedi to set a course for Olega. When Fandar protests, Sol reiterates his authority and says that Osha is coming with them, believing she can help. Fandar disagrees but Sol responds that the Jedi agree with him. Fandar reluctantly complies with Master Sol's orders and the Jedi shuttle takes off, leaving behind the snowy world of Carlac.

The poison plot[]

On Olega, Mae enters a shop and meets with a man named Qimir. Qimir asks where she was last night. Mae replies that she was out there risking her life. Qimir tells Mae that he killed the man who owns the shop and that he is blending in. Mae tells Qimir not to sample the merchandise. When Qimir asks if she managed to kill the target, Mae says that she tried but could not lend a single blow. Qimir suggests searching for his weakness but Mae says that she could not land a single blow, describing Torbin as impenetrable.

When Mae asks Qimir to make her a poison using bunta, Qimir is reluctant. When Mae argues she is running out of time, Qimir counters that she is running out of Jedi. He adds that if she thinks a sleeping monk is tough, it will be tougher defeating a Wookiee. Mae says that she has two more Jedi to kill and that she will kill one of them without a weapon and please "The Master." She adds that she will need to do it her way. Qimir says that he needs a drink but agrees to help.

While concocting a drink, Qimir says that everyone has a weakness. The Jedi justify their galactic dominance through peace. Mae finishes off by saying that "peace is a lie." Mae says that Torbin thinks he has found peace and suggests that Mae gives him "absolution." He drops some bunta into a vial of yellow liquid, which turns green. Before leaving, Mae warns Qimir that it would not bode well for them if she told the Master about their conversation. Qimir agrees.


Aboard the Jedi starship, Osha introduces her PIP droid to Master Sol. When Sol asks what is the droid, Osha attempts to explain that she was trying to sync the droid to his ship in order to gauge the vessel's fuel levels. Sol however is asking about her tattoo. Osha explains that she got in in CorpSec during a crazy night with some of her Meknek crew. When Osha remarks that he wouldn't have approved of her tattoo, Sol says it is not his business. He asks Osha if she believes that Mae was behind Indara's murder. Osha thinks this is the only plausible explanation despite both of them seemingly seeing Mae perish.

Osha reassures Sol that what happened that night on Brendok was not his fault. Sol replies that he has also made peace with the tragic events on Brendok. Osha accepts that Sol had been trying to teach her to make peace with the past but that she was not a very good student. Sol responds that perhaps he was not a very good teacher. Over the intercom, Fandar tells them that the are approaching Olega.

Torbin's death[]

Outside the Olega Jedi temple, Master Sol informs the local Jedi Master that he is investigating whether the recent break-in is linked to another investigation. Sol is accompanied by Lon, Fandar and Osha. The Olega Jedi Master explains that someone spotted a hooded intruder and alerted him. They search the temple but found nothing. Just then, the Olega Jedi Padawan approaches with the female street urchin from last night. He explains that the gatekeeper droids caught the child loitering around their portcullis.

Lon speaks with the child and asks if she activated the security droid. The child nods and explains that someone paid her to do it. When Lon asks who it was, the child mistakes Osha for the intruder but says she had a hood on. Pip beeps in Binary. When Sol requests to speak with Master Torbin, the Olega Master says that he has not spoken to anyone for over ten years. Sol responds that Torbin will speak to him because he is a friend.

Inside Master Torbin's chamber, Mae approaches the meditating Jedi with her vial of poison. She tells the meditating Jedi that she knows why he took the Barash Vow, believing that it would give him the peace that he sought. As the Force field warbles, Mae says that his past still haunts him. Mae offers Torbin the choice of confessing his crime to the Jedi Council or receiving the forgiveness he seeks from her. She places the vial of poison on the floor.

As Sol and the others approach Torbin's chamber, Mae tells him to face the past. Torbin exits his meditative state and descends to the floor. He opens his eyes and tells Mae that he has been waiting for her. Before drinking the poison vial, Torbin begs for forgiveness and tells Mae that they thought they were doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Osha sees a manifestation of a younger Mae and separates from the main group. Fandar shadows her. As Sol approaches the chamber, he senses a disturbance in the Force. Shortly later, Osha enters the room only to find Torbin dead.

She gazes up at the open, circular ceiling and believes that Mae escaped through that way. Shortly later, the Olega Jedi Master enters and confronts her with his blue lightsaber. Osha pleads her innocence. When Lon demands that Osha explain herself, Fandar speaks up for Osha, saying that he followed her when she broke off and confirms that Master Torbin was dead when they arrived. Osha thanks Yord for defending her. Lon and Sol deduce that Master Torbin drank the poison willingly. Osha recognizes the poisonous substance as bunta from her homeworld of Brendok.

Investigating Qimir[]

The Jedi set up a surveillance of Qimir. Watching from a balcony, Fandar proposes that Lon serve as lookout while he enters the shop and confronts Qimir. He also suggests stunning Qimir and bringing him in for questioning. Lon instead proposes that they send Osha to impersonate Mae and speak with Qimir. They propose recording the conversation in order to get a confession from Qimir. Master Sol commends Lon for her plan. When Sol hands Osha a blaster, Fandar protests but Sol counters that she used to be a Jedi. Sol asks if Osha is ready. Osha says she is ready and uses her PIP droid as a recording device.

After borrowing a cloak, Osha enters Qimir's shop. Qimir is surprised to see "Mae" back so early and asks if she is alright. He asks if the poison worked and senses that she is acting strange. The Jedi who are listening decide to make a move. When Qimir asks if "Mae" killed Master Torbin without using the poison, Osha confirms that he took the poison and thanks Torbin. Qimir remarks that Osha looks exactly like Mae. Osha then raises her blaster at Qimir. Fandar, Sol and Lon enter the shop, surrounding Qimir.

Lon tells Qimir that they know that he supplied Mae with the poison that killed Master Torbin, and that they have recorded his confession. Qimir attempts to shift blame onto Mae. Sol says that if he cooperates, they will consider letting him go with a warning. Qimir pleads with them not to wipe his mind. Sol asks Qimir about his relationship with Mae. Qimir claims that he is her supplier. He claims that he started off as a gun runner for the Hutts but has become a supplier.

Fandar and Sol asks if Mae has a master and if someone is training her. Qimir says he is ignorant of the matter and that all he knows is that Mae wants revenge on four Jedi. Sol orders Fandar to set up a perimeter and keep an eye out for Mae. He tells Jecki to get to the ship. Sol tells Osha that he is coming with her and that they will return tonight.

Night-time confrontation[]

Later that night, Fandar watches the perimeter, keeping an eye out for Mae. He communicates with Lon via comlink. Fandar is skeptical of the plan but Lon tells him to stick with the plan. Sol waits in an alleyway with Osha. Osha wants to confront Mae but Sol insists on confronting the rogue Force user alone. Osha reminds Sol that he brought her here. Sol says he did not realize that Osha is still angry with Mae. Osha says that Mae killed her family and destroyed her life. Sol advises Osha to let go of her grief.

When Osha says she wants justice, Sol warns her about the danger of revenge. Sol says that he could not save Mae and asks Osha to give him another chance. Osha reminds Sol that Mae wants to kill four Jedi stationed on Brendok 16 years ago. These Jedi were Indara, Torbin, Kelnacca and Sol. Osha warns Sol that Mae wants to kill him. Sol tells Osha to have faith in both Mae and him.

Later that night, Fandar spots Mae and relays the information to both Lon and Sol. Sol confronts Mae outside the shop, saying that she survived and killed Indara and Torbin. Mae hurls a dagger near Sol's feet. She then removes her hood and charges at the Jedi Master, who grabs her foot. Mae advances on Sol with her arms and legs. Sol defends himself and counters her moves. During a break, Sol questions Mae why she is attacking him without a weapon. Mae resumes her attack and unsuccessfully attempts to retrieve Sol's lightsaber.

Sol surprises her from behind and manages to snatch her knives, disarming her. Sol tells Mae that she has misunderstood the Jedi arts and that her Master has failed her. Sol demands to know who trained Mae. Mae responds by launching another attack while Fandar watches. Meanwhile, Osha uses her PIP droid to eavesdrop on Lon and Fandar's conversation. She learns that Sol is trying to find out who trained Mae. Sol uses the Force to levitate Mae a few meters from the ground. Using a Force probe, he remarks that Mae's master has taken great pains to conceal their identity even from her.

Mae tells Sol to get out of her head and relaunches her attack. As Mae reaches for a hidden dagger, Sol tells Mae that he senses her feeling for her sister. Mae responds that her sister is dead but Sol reveals that Osha is alive. Mae thinks Sol is lying and hurls her dagger at him. Fandar uses the Force to catch her blade and backs Sol up, saying that Osha lives. Mae attempts to flee but is cornered by Fandar. Jecki arrives in her starship and hovers over Mae. She tells the rogue Force user that she is under arrest and orders her to surrender.

Despite being cornered, Mae escapes by summoning a sandstorm that blinds her Jedi pursuers. Master Sol orders the Jedi to stop Mae before she reaches the city gates. Osha listens to their conversation. Mae bumps into a speeder. When the driver attempts to help, she knocks him to the ground and commandeers the vehicle. Osha confronts Mae with a gun. Mae recognizes Osha and is surprised to see her sister is alive. Osha fires a stun bolt which misses, allowing Mae to flee. The other Jedi soon arrive.


Following the unsuccessful capture attempt, Master Sol contacts Master Rwo via holoprojector. Master Rwo has convened a meeting of the Jedi Council to discuss the threat of the trained outsider. Sol says that they know where Mae is going next but Rwo responds that they do not make decisions without meaningful discussion. Rwo tells Sol that she expects him back on Coruscant.

The following day, Mae confronts Qimir for selling her out to the Jedi. Qimir says that he can make amends by getting them out of the city to the planet Khofar. He explains that it is the forest retreat where the Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca lives. Mae tells Qimir that Osha is alive. The two then flee just as they are spotted by the local Jedi.

On the forest world of Khofar, two scavengers stumble upon what appears to be a crashed starship. They intend to salvage a hyperdrive. One of them spots a sign in an unfamiliar language but the other doesn't know. The two scavengers are confronted by Kelnacca who uses the Force to seize their blaster and break it apart with his bare arms. The two scavengers flee as the Wookiee approaches his dwelling, which is made from starship parts built into a tree.


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