The Reverie was a massive luxury liner that catered to the richest beings in the galaxy.


The Reverie was built around 398 BBY in an undertaking that was said to have bankrupted six of the planets involved in the production. The vessel was used by rich patrons and was inordinately decorated. Although much was expended on its appearance, the vessel had poor shielding and other safety measures were lacking. During a voyage where it hosted the Arachedron sculpture, the vessel was struck by an object in deep space and severely damaged.

It was sold off and the new owners struggled to make money off of the vessel. They eventually scuttled her on a ship graveyard on the edge of the galaxy, where she was long sought by fortune seekers wanting the Arachedron sculpture. Boba Fett and the two brothers Edo and Rolu Strom were among those seeking the artifact. The group infiltrated the vessel, which had become filled by Arachedrons that guarded the relic and killed anyone trying to steal it.

The Strom brothers were seemingly killed when the ship was torn apart by junkers on the outside, while Fett cut his losses and left the vessel and the lost sculpture to be ground into recycled metal by the scavengers.


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